Nasir Adam who has been selected by Plaid Cymru as their prospective candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth

Plaid Cymru has nominated Nasir Adam to challenge incumbent Labour MP Stephen Doughty for the Cardiff South and Penarth Parliamentary Constitutency.

Plaid Cymru says that Mr Adam will be the first Somali Plaid Cymru Candidate in Wales . He is the son of a merchant navy seaman,  was brought up in Butetown and has been an active campaigner in the area for 18 years.

He was “the lead regeneration officer”  for the Loudoun Square Regeneration and successfully gained the “Cultural Inspire Mark” for Butetown in association with the  London 2012 Olympics

Mr Adam is a Plaid Cymru researcher and a member of the party’s support staff . He is also  also  on the Board of Directors for the Sub Sahara Advisory Panel. He also founded the Riverside Home Work Club,  a “free home-work provision that supports young people in deprived communities”.

With a febrile atmosphere in Westminister – which could conceivably lead to a Government collapse and a General Election – Plaid Cymru has become the first party to announce the adoption of a prospective Westminster candidate for the Cardiff South and Penarth constituency.

It will be the second time that a black candidate has fought the seat for Plaid Cymru.

Plaid Cymru candidate Ben Foday’s  forthright criticism of gay marriage legislation at the Cytun hustings in Penarth caused a storm of criticism. Three gay candidates were sharing the same platform at the time .

The party’s candidate in the May 2015 General |Election was  Mr Ben Foday – who  died the following April . In a Penarth election hustings meeting  Mr Foday controversially criticised  same-sex marriage legislation – saying it was “wrong” for it to be enacted  without proper consultation. MPs – he said – should have more respect for democracy. He went on to say that, in terms of being  a Christian country, he had read the comments of a noted legal figure who when considering a “similar topic” who had asked “Who am I to condemn?” . However “personally” – Mr Foday  had said – “I am very against it”. 

 Mr Foday’s  remarks caused widespread controversy and he later retracted his comment. At a later stage of the election campaign Mr Foday had called for the prosecution of the disgraced and now dead Labour peer Lord Janner in respect of 22 offences Janner had allegedly committed against 9 children .

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