All Saints Church Greater Hall – targeted yet again by lead thieves

Penarth’s famous Coates Carter-designed All Saints Greater Church Hall has yet again been targeted by criminals who have stripped much of the the lead flashing from the roof. 

All Saints Church and the greater and lesser church halls at Victoria Square are coming under under constant attack by anti-social vandals and robbers .

Thieves attempting to strip off lead from the Eastern side of the building may have been disturbed whilst they were attempting to rip the metal sheets off the roof

Local people say they never see a policeman in the area   and the damage done to the property – often during the night – does become apparent until daylight the following day .

It’s understood there was no evening service at All Saints last Sunday and it’s thought the thieves moved in after dark that night.

An appalling trail of damage was in evidence when it became clear that thieves had torn sheets of lead from key roof-joins and rain channels – metal which is then probably  sold on for scrap.

These lead sheets have been bent upwards by criminals trying to tear them off the building. The lead sheets should be in close contact with the roof tiles to keep rainwater out. Because much of the lead has been stoklen and the remainder ripped from the roof All Saints Church Hall is no longer watertight

The cost of carrying out repairs is reckoned to be substantial.

It’s by no means the first time such thefts have occurred. One parishioner said this sort of raid has taken place several times over the years but Sunday’s raid is one of the worst.

The Greater Hall is still open and local organisations and groups are still having their bookings fulfilled – but the roof will need to be repaired as a matter of urgency before the winter rains come.



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  1. Esarjay says:

    Penarth seems to be a crime hotspot. Alan Michael give a damn I ask?

  2. Mr. Loving Diff says:

    Disgraceful don’t know how they can sleep at night causing such terrible damage to such a beautiful building
    Didn’t anyone of the neighbours hear anything

  3. GWR says:

    What more evidence does Alun Michael and the Police need to recognise that Crime in Pensrth is totally out of control ! We really do need a public meeting to make them accountable !

    • PB says:

      No, too late. Vote him out so his successor knows he has to deliver results. His “work” in the public sector previously means that he never has had to worry about losing his job, time all our public servants realised that they have to deliver what they promise or find themselves and their hangers on out of a job. Michaels can’t reduce crime it seems, so what is the point of paying him. Get someone who might actually do something except increase what we are forced to pay him through taxation.

      • Drew says:

        85K a year eh? That’s the equivelent of 3 extra bobbies on the beatr. I know what most people would rather. Time to ditch all these paper shufflers out. They’re not needed.

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    GWR you could have 50 meetings it wouldn’t change anything , when you have totally lacklustre Police force who not only have lost the plot but are lead by a failed ex MP what can you expect they have been telling porkies about the CCTVs for the past few years but the criminals have seen through this and are now taking advantage . Whilst the Police are down in the Marina area trying to stop thieves pinching from parked cars and trying to assure the wealthy boat owners that they have a grip on the problem and going around ‘posting leaflets’!!?? The crooks are taking advantage of their failure to get to grips on wrongdoing and where it will happen next. Headless Chickens comes to mind at present . They need to get back on regular beats ,fix the CCTV cameras or replace them and have a Police Station open to the public , oh and replace the guy in charge of the whole fiasco.

  5. AK says:

    What does a Police and Crime Commissioner do anyway ?

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