Bags found to be over the two-bag limit will be ticketed from September

Under the new refuse collection arrangements which come into force on September 2 any householder who puts out more than 2 black bags per fortnight will have a parking-ticket-style notice stuck to the excess bags – explaining why they have not been collected.

Rogue householders who persist in exceeding the two-bag limit can also expect a visit from Vale of Glamorgan “Waste Wardens” who will offer “support” to residents who have trouble remaining under the two-bag limit .

Vale of Glamorgan refuse lorry crews taking a black bag breather in Penarth’s cliff-top car park

The new details have emerged in a meeting of the council’s environmental scrutiny committee at which  operational manager, Colin Smith   re-assured councillors  that there is a “lot of provision for households in need of support” . He told the committee that for the past 10 years (under both Labour and Conservative control) the council had been “trying to educate people to recycle” .

There are new rules too for residents who load black bags in their cars and take them to the council’s waste facility in Barry .

A Vale of Glamorgan refuse truck .

Before being admitted to the recycling facility, they will have to prove they actually live in the Vale of Glamorgan [ similar restrictions for Cardiff residents apply at the Cardiff Council recycling facility ] . Operatives at Barry are authorised to open the black bags to check that they don’t contain material which could have been recycled – but wasn’t.

Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour Stanwell)

Councillor Lis Burnett (Labour Stanwell) said that it might be “upsetting” for what she called “responsible people”  to have notices stuck on placed on their excess bin bags.  She asked that the council provided details of someone householders could contact with their “fears and concerns.”

Mr Smith assured her there would be “no question” that support would be available to residents who want to recycle but confirmed that “It will be necessary to have stickers”.

Similar restrictions are being rolled out across the whole of Wales to meet requirements laid down by the Welsh Labour Government and councils which don’t comply can face fines.

As previously reported by PDN the new black bag restrictions come into force on September 2nd this year and a new “kerbside-separated” recycling service is also to be introduced in Penarth  in April  2020 – subject to Welsh Government funding.

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  1. Henry says:

    I recycle everything I possibly can as I’m very conscious about it. I put out 4 bags of recycling ‘rubbish’ every 2 weeks. However, as a family of four we still generate more than 2 bags of black bag rubbish every 2 weeks.

    The rubbish collections were deemed the only thing of any note in terms of what I got out of my exorbitant council tax and now even that’s being diminished as well. Will I get a reduction in tax for a reduced service? Of course not. What a con job.

    • Ford Prefect says:

      So you don’t use the roads at all? Or the police? Or the fire service? Or any social care? Or the parks / trees etc – happy for them just to overgrow and swallow up your house? Happy for the children of the Vale to go without schooling – how do you think that would change your environment?

      • Henry says:

        Police? No sign of them as crooks quite happily smash the town’s shop windows in.
        Fire service? Thankfully not.
        Social Care? Thankfully not.
        Trees, Parks? I have spent my time litter picking because the local council can’t be bothered.
        School? Pre-school in this case and you’ve touched a raw nerve here Ford Perfect. We don’t get anywhere near the same deal as our counterparts in England thatnks to the incompetent WAG. English parents get 30 hrs free and it saves them a fortune as the kids can stay all day and therefore parents don’t have to pay private nursery fees and as such encourages people to go to work. Here in Penarth you get about 12 hrs split over 5 days which is a saving of absolutley zero if both parents work as you still have to send them to a private nursery who will take them to the state nursery for a couple of hours a day before picking them up on your behalf. Consequently there is no benefit to working parents at all who are either left massively out of pocket or discouraged to go back to work after maternity leave.

    • PB says:

      Personally I’m going to take my excess bags down to Cowbridge or Barry and leave them there. I’m willing to bet the same rules won’t apply there so no one will be upset by anyone. Perhaps when the council offices are overrun with nappies they will reconsider. Vote out these clowns.

    • The Tax payer says:

      Sorry but I think I’m missing something. How will they know which bag goes with which house. And what happens if someone leaves a bag out side another property. Will it just be left to rot and blow around in the wind ??
      Think they have totally lost the plot this time 👍😎

  2. sjleworthy says:

    what about those communal bag dumps most streets entertain these days?

    • PB says:

      and where would you put them in Penarth? Someone’s front garden or blocking the pavements?

      • sjleworthy says:

        PB – have you not seen any? They usually pile up all over the place the night before collection times. Usuallu on a street end half on road/pavement. I’m curious how the council would deal with these only i can only see them becoming larger.

    • AK says:

      Bridge Street, Cogan ? Usually a permanent feature by the flats !

  3. Chris Barry says:

    I wonder how the Vale will determine whose is whose rubbish when alot of households “pile” their rubbish outside other peoples houses on the kerb side to “help” the refuse collectors.

    Alot of households in my street pile their rubbish on the grass verge outside my driveway and I have had numerous arguments with the council who seem to like to accuse me of it being all my rubbish.

    Can’t wait to see what happens!!!!

    • 249ers says:

      Are you sure it’s householders that pile up the bags? In my area one or two guys collect all the black bags into a pile long before the lorry arrives. This also happens with the green bag waste. It seems an efficient use of staff. With the new system it would be these workers who would identify how many black bags each household put out.

      • Chris Barry says:

        Oh I am sure, I put my bags outside my front gate so I know which is mine, this is normally done around 8pm and by then I can look at my drive and see around 10 bags already pileing up on the grass verge, by morning, there is over 20!!

  4. Concerned says:

    Is there a sticker we can put somewhere when our (2) bags have not been collected? We put ours out before 6.45 am but they have been left twice recently. Last time, despite 4 calls to the council , 1 bag remained outside for 2 weeks. The other one vanished!! Their rubbish service is indeed rubbish

    • Doug Nicholls says:

      I suppose, if you’re so concerned, you could have taken the one bag back onto your property rather than leave it outside for two weeks.

      • Jp says:

        Or the Council could do what it’s paid to, and take them away. I knew this madness was all about more staff – waste wardens now. – no doubt incentivised to get as many fines as possible. We should fine the Council too then, when the current bunmen ‘miss’ our collections, or throw the green bags and ‘street caddies’ all over the place and leave the contents on the pavement ….

        Next there will be more staff needed to print two secure labels per household.

        It’s not householders who need ‘educating’ about rubbish!!

      • Concerned says:

        Each time I phoned they said they would collect – not going to happen if the bag is in my back garden. You’d be less judgemental of my action if it was your black bags left behind, for the second time in 6 weeks.

    • Doug Nicholls says:

      Concerned Mr or Ms. Not possible to take it to your garden late afternoon and return it to the kerbside next morning? I guess you didn’t ring up every day.

  5. I manage 2 bags every 2 weeks as I have cat litter , so 4 lots of that 2 in each bag, doesn’t leave room for e.g. worn out shoes ect

  6. Sadie says:

    How is it fair that a household of 6 people get the same limit to a person living alone?

    • Old Sea Dog says:

      I believe there is an option for larger households to have more bags.

    • Jp says:

      How is it fair that a single person pays more council tax than a hous hold of six, per person, despite costing the Vale much less?

  7. CC says:

    The vale of Glamorgan Council need to practice what they preach. On Penarth Rsplanade there are separate bins, one for recyclable waste and another for general waste. When the bins are emptied all the waste from both bins is combined and goes to landfill. Should be a change of policy by the council.

  8. Dizzydeb says:

    Will the council be putting stickers on black backs left out on the streets up to two days before collection is due???
    There is usually food in these bags so they get ripped open by seagulls and the streets of Penarth look a complete mess.
    People need educating how to recycle and constant reminders, stickers are one way but let’s hope some explanatory leaflets and visits for those who need it.

  9. Ford Prefect says:

    Seems unworkable – our street tends to put all our bags in a big heap so you have no way of knowing. Also people will just put loads of stuff in one bag – so they will be really heavy for the workers to lift. I think tackling this at source would be a better approach.
    New laws to restrict the use of packaging for product manufacturers. Also delivery firms should be forced to take back empty boxes / wrapping and reuse it.

  10. bobby says:

    If the vale need to cut costs on these services,scrap the garden waste collection.many of the
    houses have little or non,those who can put out many bags should be prepared to compost or
    take this waste to the recycling centre.

    • Jp says:

      The Vale really doesn’t need to save money, it has huge reserves and (I think) 8 of the 10 most highly paid council officers in Wales (for a council with 1/30 of the population!). It needs to manage what it has and remember what mo am authorities are for.

  11. Caress Morell says:

    Seems like an unworkable plan to me.
    Unreasonable for large households.
    And yes, for the streets that pile rubbish in 1 location, how on earth will this policy be applied?

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