Bro Radio is seen as a useful publicity tool by local councillors and politicians

A call is being made for a “public consultation” to be held before the Vale of Glamorgan Council decides whether yet more council-tax-payer’s money should be handed over to the Barry-based community radio station “Bro Radio”.

The Vale Council’s ruling cabinet is due to consider on Monday whether or not to renew the council’s so-called “Deed of Grant” to the radio station ,

Bro Radio’s OB unit welcomes Stephen Doughty – Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth

Bro Radio can’t be heard in Penarth, nor in most of the Vale of Glamorgan, and can only be picked up in Barry: most council tax-payers who are stumping up for the radio station can’t receive it.

On Monday the Vale Council cabinet has to decide whether  to  renew the Deed of Grant to the station for a further 3-year period.

The Vale Council’s officers – who are often accused of coming up with daft money-wasting schemes which they “recommend” to councillors –  are “recommending” that councillors should hand over another 3 year tranche the council-tax payer’s money “to assist in the trading of Vale of Glamorgan Broadcasting CIC and to facilitate the continued broadcasting of the community radio station and commensurate support of the Council’s communications strategies.” .

Outside the “group-think” of the council officers however, many voters are appalled that their money is to be used yet again  to shore-up a radio station which should be standing on its own feet.

The grant would  be for £72,000 – paid to the station in monthly installments. Bro Radio is actually run by a private company called the Vale of Glamorgan Broadcasting Community Interest Company and is controlled by 3 directors.

A PDN commentator called “Disappointed Listener” says Looks like they are trying to gain more tax payers money from the council. As it’s our money, surely we the public should be consulted” . [In fact the new 3 year grant – if authorised- would be for the same amount as paid during the Labour Vale administration – but there are now even greater financial pressures on the Vale Council]

Bro Radio’s studios are said to be of the same standard as bigger national commercial stations.

Vale councillors have been told that “The council receives regular reports detailing the work undertaken by Bro Radio on behalf of the council and the partnership between the two organisations continues to develop”. [ PDN Note: These reports are not made public] 

Vale council officers say the council  “continues to benefit” from :-

  • Public service announcements, for example school closures and road closures;
  • Promotion of news and information about council services;
  • Promotion of the council’s website and other corporate communications channels;
  • Promotion of various council-led campaigns via both advertising and studio   features;
  • Election coverage; and
  • Promotion and broadcasting coverage of council events

An internal council reports says “Bro Radio provides other, less tangible benefits in terms of community development”.

Unlike most mainstream broadcasters, community radio stations have no obligation to be impartial in their reportage of news or in any of their output.


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  1. Chris David says:

    Sounds a tad dodgy- especially as the reports are not being made public. Ombudsman should have a proper-ganda at this !

    • Philip Rapier says:

      OK then let’s destroy this Vale self publicising cronyism and set up a rival Station called . Radio Marconi on Penarth .Pier
      Please would fellow potential Directors contact me via PDN. I will of course waive my usual £15k a year consultancy fee normally paid to my offshore company Flat Holm Broadcasting (Sully) Ltd.
      Instead we will work strictly to the Ofcom guidelines which are available free on line
      We could operate from the closed Pier Cinema (£72k would run our Cinema expenses for at least three years)

      Suggested script below for next broadcast phone in with legendary Barry Dock Radio journalist Mike Drivel and local Councillor A,.G. A. Green- Wellington – Member for Cowbridge and Chair of the Llantwit Major and Nash Point Beach Deck Chair Hire sub committee

      Mike Drivel
      Good Morning Councillor Wellington-Green. May I say Sire you are absolutely wonderful.
      Councillor Green -Wellington
      I have to say the feeling is mutual and thank you for the great job you are doing in saying what a great job we are doing and congratulations on your award from the Council and your BAFTA
      Mike Drivel
      No problem your honour thanks for the 72 grand
      Councillor Green-Wellington
      Don’t Broadcast it.
      Mike Drivel
      That’s what most of our listeners say!

      Silence as Ofcom pull plug

    • Why not build on the station and budgets allocated by VOG and work of the volunteers. Build a radio station as part our proposed new I love Penarth pavilion whole community interest company and campaign. Get the station so all in the Vale can hear.

  2. So much secrecy in VOG. Another example of lack of return on our tax revenues.

  3. Tom says:

    Can I have a discount on my council tax as I’ve never heard of this station and have no intention to listen to it either. That money could be better spent resurfacing a stretch of road to everyone’s betterment, improving the under funded schools etc. The priorities these central planners have beggars belief.

  4. Sad penarth resident says:

    Is this the mayors charity fiasco

    • Le Compte says:

      No SPR, our Mayor, Cllr Luxton hits the decks on Cardiff Radio… not that I’ve listened…

  5. cariad says:

    If Penarth people can’t get this radio station why on earth is our tax money being used to run it.
    Another waste of money that could be spent on something more worth while.

  6. 92 and a social butterfly says:


  7. patrick webster says:

    stop this waste of our tax money

  8. cosmeston says:

    Bro Radio was set up with good intent, but as its signal in the Penarth area, as well as anywhere west of Barry is inaudible, there is little point in Vale taxpayers contributing any longer to the station. Advertising is almost 100% Barry focused, and the News from ITN is irrelevant to us in South East Wales. Let the Welsh Government contribute, but withdraw Vale of Glam funding until either the signal is greatly improved, or news coverage is transmitted that is relevant to the whole of the Vale area.

    • Disappointed listener says:

      Agree. The news and the station as a whole has become appalling

  9. Le Compte says:

    A very poor use of our council tax money in these cost conscious times.

  10. Matthew Griffiths says:

    Nice to see you have removed my anodyne little comment on your editorial bias! What are you afraid of?

  11. Andrew Worsley says:

    Never heard of this station and don’t ever intend listening to it and it has no right using tax payers money.

  12. Jean Thomas says:

    Mr Jones before you publish any more comments; why not go down to Bro Radio at the Y.M.C.A. hub in Barry to see the amount of work the volunteers do, including disabled presenters.

    • Disappointed listener says:

      This has nothing to do with the volunteers. I’m sure they do a great job and of course as volunteers give up their time freely. This has everything to do with the council giving up our money. Do they give money to all businesses to help them survive???? I think not. Bro is a business no matter what anyone says. The council’s own report even says without the money the radio station wouldn’t survive. I’ve checked and they’ve been going since 2009 so surely they should be able to survive on their own by now without us tax payers having to foot the bill? Maybe management there needs to look at themselves if theyre still in this position after all this time!! Next time a company closes down because they have run out of money, may be the council should fund them as Well???

      And I’ve pointed oùt previously I used to listen- a lot – but not any more. It needs a big clear out and start again.

  13. Andrew Worsley says:

    Cariad you should realise by now that in Penarth you pay for what ‘you don’t get’ only a loopy Council would use taxpayers money to fund a radio station they cannot receive ,this makes perfect sense to the Council . Like paying for CCTV cameras in the town not maintained so no longer working … like car owners paying road tax in the town with a record number of potholes ready and waiting to damage cars . Like the Police force , might as well be shop dummies, my apologies to any shop dummies as you actually do no more than expected , but in the Police’s case its the opposite…… Yes if it doesn’t make sense Penarth is the place to be , this should be on tourist posters , the fact that the town makes such a fuss about the pier etc is because its the only thing that’s were it says it is and doesn’t disappoint . By the way if you do know anyone with any potty ideas or ways to spend taxpayers money point out Penarth , if it sounds potty , if it is potty, even if it seems potty Penarth is your oyster…. and the new slogan can become ( not garden ) but ‘Penarth Potty By The Sea’.

  14. Disappointed listener says:

    I’ve just read a comment on a facebook post about a different subject saying that during the council meeting yesterday they approved to continue funding this radio station business. How can they justify that with all the cuts being made elsewhere. This is going to cause uproar!!!!

  15. Disappointed listener says:

    The cabinet minutes are online now and confirms that they are going to continue to fund this business with our money for another 3 years

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