The once-proud playing fields of Stanwell School where drunken pupils now dump their empty cans of lager. (Photo taken Friday July 27th by former Mayor of Penarth Philip Rapier)

The former Mayor of Penarth Philip Rapier (the former Labour councillor for St Augustines) has now stepped into the escalating controversy over under-age drinking in Penarth.

The former Mayor has provided a photograph taken at 3 pm on Friday at the Cefn Mably bus stop  – situated on the pavement outside Stanwell Secondary School.

The photo shows empty cans of lager strewn all over the school playing-field area opposite the bus stop.

Local parents have been already told in no uncertain terms by South Wales Police to lock away alcohol in their homes and get a grip on their drunken kids.

Former Mayor of Penarth Philip Rapier (formerly a Labour councillor for St Augustines)

Now –  former Penarth Mayor  Philip Rapier (a member of the Labour Party) has lashed out at  the Labour-controlled Penarth Town Council for what he calls its “weak and dangerous Laissez Faire [“anything goes”]  approach.”

In the light of its light-touch approach to recent licensing applications in the town, Cllr Rapier says Penarth Town Council’s denial there is an  Alcohol problem is a  blight on  our  Community.”

Cllr Rapier says the evidence provided by his photograph “is also,  increasingly making Penarth look foolishly lax in the matter of Licensing .”

[ The Hard Left-wing elements which now control Penarth Town Council ousted Cllr Rapier – a moderate Labour supporter-  and invented new rules to  manouever him out of standing again for his St Augustines seat in the council elections in May last year ]

A local police van on patrol in Penarth

Meanwhile  South Wales Police are  asking parents in Penarth to co-operate with them helping to tackle the problem of underage drinking in the town.

The action comes in the wake of several recent incidents in which school-age children – under the influence of alcohol  – have been involved in a number of anti-social incidents in the town centre and in other parts of Penarth.

Sgt Julie Madoc-Smart says  “We are keen to get the message out to parents to help us by making sure they know where their teenagers are when they are out and about in the evenings.” 

Teenagers loitering in Rectory Road at the entrance to Penarth Library weren’t drinking lemonade.

Police investigations indicate that rather than attempt to buy alcohol over the counter or in local pubs – teenagers are “taking alcohol belonging to their parents from their homes and out into the community.”  Sgt Smart says “I would urge parents to check where they store their alcohol at home and talk to their children about the dangers of underage drinking.”

Police say that not only are teenagers taking risks by breaking the law, but they need to realise that drinking alcohol can leave them vulnerable and put their personal safety at risk”

Local police  patrols have identified underage drinkers and officers have informed parents of their children’s behaviour. There’s also a stern warning for adults who buy alcohol for their under-18-year-old-children. They’re told they can be fined £80 and also risk further prosecution

Anyone with information on underage drinking in the Penarth area is being urged to call the police on 101.



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  1. Mary Jeanes says:

    The only “evidence” in Mr Rapier’s photograph is that someone has tossed a few empty cans over the railings. The notion that it was “drunken pupils”, or young people at all, is pure fantasy.

    • The Tax payer says:

      Fully agree with this. And it’s a good job Phillip is not a policeman. And does explain why he got to be a councillor in Penarth 😎


    Ask most 14+ Children in Penarth, Where is the most popular place Their mates go to Drink and smoke. “Down Alexandra Park get themselves locked in no one checks, getting out the gates are easy to climb and Nobody bothers them”. Regarding the purchase of Alcohol, most is still acquired in Penarth. Out of Sight Out of mind this seems to be a Parent / Police rule. Readers may well ask,when a child returns Home Drunk / smelling of alcohol why are not questioned, perhaps because they gave them the Pocket Money in the first instance.

    • whatsoccurin says:

      Agree-youngsters often mob handed around the promenade late at night-not causing major problems but some are hardly in their teens and it is near midnight-Do parents know or care where they are?

  3. Dizzydeb says:

    Invest more in good sports facilities. Right now councils are increasing the charges to sports clubs so they have to double the fees for the users, which is making sport elitist. Not to mention what’s happened at St Pauls with the boxing and gym clubs! Kids need something to do.

    • Dewi says:

      What on earth makes you think they are all interested in sport?

      • The trouble with sports people is that nothing other than sport is important to them and they don’t consider others that aren’t interested in sport. In short they’re selfish. My evidence? Just consider how they inflicted their interests on everyone else during the sport’s summer of misery.

        The only good thing about rain is it cancels sport.

  4. Jac Jones says:

    At 4.30am this morning lots of youths were leaving Alexandra park with what seems like bags and boxes of booze, jumping into cars and driving off due to the storms. They are getting into the park via the remembrance garden where the tree that fell down damaged the fence- it’s left a gap! The council need to do something about that!

    Sent from my iPhone

  5. Countess of Penarth says:

    Agree have seen loads of very young teenagers in the park late at night. There seems to be no problem for getting into park by the kids and no park keepers or police in sight

  6. Andrew Worsley says:

    If only the Police were more hands on and the town had CCTV cameras Instead of putting a stupid bench outside a bank and other such flights of fancy find out what the people want and its not a bloody gun emplacement either ,a few strategically placed cameras one next to the park and one next to the library and ones to replace the town centre ones . There are 8 I repeat 8 town centre cameras not working but you paid for them……….and Penarth puts another nail into the coffin of its once respectable and quaint little town reputation I wonder how long it will take for the towns name to completely trashed by the potty Council and others?

  7. Frank Evans says:

    I saw a very nice Audi pull up near Alexandra park and a box of beer bottles taken out of boot and handed out. Some if not all of the recipents were under 18.
    But if the assembly thinks they can vote surely they can now drink.
    New Labour new laws.

  8. Le Compte says:

    Always lots of young people drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana around Victoria Square, on the church steps and on the benches on the Victoria Rd side, noisy at times.
    Past knife gangs in Victoria Rd too: see previous PDN reports.
    Penarth is a place where some nocturnal anti social behaviour goes on.
    I think Mr Rapier is correct to be highlighting issues. There are no ‘bobbies on the beat’ any more to keep an eye on things, if issues aren’t raised with the appropriate authorities then they can’t be tackled.

  9. PB says:

    Thank goodness the crime commissioner is all over this one like a rash. He’s well worth every penny we spend on him.
    Doughty too.
    And the town council.
    And the vale council
    And the AM’s in the bay
    And the MEPs too
    Thanks to these people and all the hard work they do on our behalf life is good and we have nothing to complain about

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