Candidate for the Conservative Leadership in the Welsh Assembly Paul Davies AM (left) and veteran Conservative AM for South Wales Central David Melding (right)

Interim leader and the front-runner candidate for the Conservative leadership in the Welsh Assembly Paul Davies AM (left) and veteran Conservative AM for South Wales Central David Melding (right)

David Melding (Conservative AM for South Wales Central which includes Penarth) has switched his support in the Welsh Conservative Leadership election campaign and is now backing Paul Davies AM to succeed former leader Andrew R T Davies .

Originally David Melding had backed the only other candidate in the race  Suzy Davies AM – thus forcing an election contest.

Now Melding is saying Paul Davies (Conservative AM for Preseli) is the best candidate to bring the party together.

Suzy Davies

Conservative AM Suzy Davies

Brexiteer Suzy Davies has told reporters that she “always knew” Melding was backing Paul Davies.

It now appears that her nomination was purely a ploy to ensure some sort of formal contest actually took place – thus avoiding the political embarrassment of a one-candidate “coronation”

Mr Melding is quoted as saying  “Paul Davies is now clearly the best candidate who can bring the party together and ensure that MPs, AMs, councillors and activists work together to remove Labour from power. In Paul Davies, I see a future Welsh Conservative first minister with the passion and experience to lead our country.”



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  1. Mary Jeanes says:

    Paul Davies, Suzy Davies, David Melding. Who they?

    • snoggerdog says:

      they supply the gas for the glass conservatory(aka senydd) over the bay & if they ever have a minute or two respite from their intercourse about welsh affairs they can gaze at the somerset coastline ——“oh to be in wales,but gaze at england”

  2. Good grief! How many Davies do they have? Are they all related?

  3. Big Davey says:

    So Melding folds like a cheap poker player.

  4. Seth says:

    Does their consideration of Welsh affairs get any further than the language?

    Best commnent for ages and funny ‘cos it’s true. Never mind about the crumbling infrastructure, we have road signs that only 1% of people can understand.

    • Mary Jeanes says:

      No, we have road signs that 100% of people understand. Bilingual. Geddit?

      • PB says:

        I wonder how many people actually need the signs in Welsh though, and how many just want to make a point about the welsh language.

      • By coincidence I made a sortie into England along the M4 today and saw some roadworks signs. However the writing on the sign was so small that they were unreadable. Nonsense.

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