The latest motor home to establish itself at the cliff top end of Forrest Drive

The clifftop turning area at the end of Forrest Road has again become an unofficial camp-site for a large motor caravan – which local residents say has been parked there for weeks .

The area provides a panoramic vista over the Bristol Channel to the North, East and South  and is surrounded by some of the most desirable detached homes in Penarth.

The only difference between the luxury houses and the caravan is that – from the ground floor level the caravan has a better view out over the Bristol Channel – with no motor caravans obstructing it

The only difference in situation between the local residents is that they pay top rates of council tax for their £1,000,000 plus homes where as motor caravans are not subject to council tax – or even parking charges.

Local home-owners say that although the caravan has been parked there for “many weeks” they say local councillors and local police are just “not interested”.

Motor caravan connisseurs may want to know the vehicle is a 1989 British Leyland with a 2995 cc diesel engine and has current VED and MoT certificates

It’s by no means the first time that local residents have had to tolerate casual camping at the end of Forrest Road. At least one motor home caravan now takes up station there every summer .

Despite the pleas of local home owners there are no yellow lines or parking restrictions at this spot

In 2015 there was long-lasting run-in with the owner of an  Elldis motorhome who commandeered the same desirable spot. The motor caravan which is now occupying the Forrest Road terminal is a much larger – but apparently untouchable –  vintage Leyland vehicle.

Local residents call the immobile mobile caravan a “blot on the landscape”

Residents say the onus  said the Vale of Glamorgan Council  to take this matter in hand and “It is not right that these people can just park anywhere”. There are, however, no  parking restrictions in the area and no yellow lines.

Motorhomes are regarded as just motor vehicles under the law, –  which can be parked wherever it’s legal to park a car. Campers pay nothing for parking and no council tax applies to vehicles.

Meanwhile there  is a growing number of motor caravans being parked-up in quiet side streets throughout Penarth . There is, after all,  almost as much space in a motor caravan as there is in some of the tiny cramped “studio apartments” currently being marketed in Penarth for upwards of £300,000 each.

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  1. Bobby says:

    “tiny cramped “studio apartments” currently being marketed in Penarth for upwards of £300,000″…You can get a 1 bed apartment in Penarth for a third of that.

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    This Vehicle is participating in a beta or test scheme for the Vale Council Cliff Top Park and Ride Project.–” Being at sleep on the job in Penarth is an important part of my role as a Councillor so I am volunteering to do the test my self. Also I am able to look over to the Somerset the home of my hero Jake Rees-Mogg and a bankrupt Tory Council very similar to ours”– said Councillor Wellington-Green of Cowbridge who is . Acting Deputy Vice Chair of the Llantwit and Aberthaw Beach Deck Chair Hire sub Committee.
    Tickets will available at £5 per passenger per vehicle which includes a ride on the 91 Bus Service
    (if you ever see a 91 bus please report to PDN immediately and take a photograph )
    At the end of the interview the handsome,suave,eloquent and erudite Councillor Green-Wellington set off for Cowbridge in his Bentley. The interview was on Barry’s totally unbiased Council Funded Radio Porthkerry.with Mike Drivel the red hot DJ known locally as the ” Barry Incinerator .”

    • Disappointed listener says:

      You have truly lost it. Scary to think that you were allowed to make decisions for our town.

    • CC says:

      My goodness Mr Rapier you do have a serious sense of vindictiveness – your living in the past. Let’s elect a councillor who is positive and wants to promote Penarth.

  3. Seth says:

    Easy solution, aIthough I understand common sense is frowned upon nowdays – paint double yellow lines. A turning space is for er, turning not parking up indefinitely and preventing others from using it.

  4. AK says:

    Insured and taxed. Parker legally (unlike many other vehicles in the town).

    No wheelspins around the area, or noisy music system.

    No piles of rubbish (or worse) left behind. No hordes of feral children and adults creating havoc.

    Leave the owner alone to enjoy the view.

  5. Chris David says:

    More yellow lines – yeah great. Now, is the vehicle doing any harm? Does it prevent “normal” standard drivers turning? Is it littering? do the occupants pay road tax? Is it possible they’re tax payers and contributors to the economy? Just asking for the sake of balance.

    • David Day says:

      Yes, it is doing harm – it is a tasteless object; it is ugly and it is parked in the wrong place. It needs to be in a caravan park. The owners should be thinking about other people.

      • David Ashton says:

        Doing no harm, tasteless, ugly, in the wrong place. Do you mean the camper van or Chris David?

      • Penileaks says:

        In your and others opinion, but not in mine and others opinion.
        Not breaking any laws, so legal.
        Nimby-ism methinks.

      • Chris David says:

        Oh! many motorhomes are things if beauty. I’m not convinced myself something you personally find “tasteless” constitutes the crime of “harm” ! And for (on the whole responsible, not littering- non invasive, gentle) people with a sense of adventure “wild camping” is all part of the wonderful travelling experience only a few have the spirit to enjoy.

    • David Ashton says:

      Balance? Not a concept I usually associate with you.

      • Chris David says:

        🙂 ahh but the inherently biased just don’t like apolitical atheists in touch with reality do they. Nor do they get it when they’re being teased. However I think maybe motorhome folk on the whole are good people just enjoying a freedom most are scared of.

  6. sjleworthy says:

    it isnt on my doorstep so please continue 🙂

  7. graham vodden says:

    Dear Editor , I read with interest your article regarding the parking of a motor home at the cliff end of Forest Road. As a motor home owner myself I find increasing discrimination against us wanderers. As a motor home owner,road tax payer and council tax payer living in Penarth, I find Increasing discrimination and hostility towards us roamers. I myself have been refused entry to our community recycling centre at the Bendricks by this indifferent Vale of Glamorgan Council because my small motor home is said to look like a Luton Type Van.What a nonsense . Surely the guard on the gate can distinguish between my motor home and a Luton Type Van .Myself and many other local based motor home owners +all visiting motorhome owners have been stopped from using the Old Harbour Car park in Barry because councillor Cox and his comrades from the Vale Council in there wisdom have erected a height restriction at the gate . In his letter to me Councillor Cox said It was to stop travellers from parking .I say what about the Local motor home owners.–Blatant Discrimination. Having said that this motor home owner should not continue to park in that position for any long period but he or she is not breaking any law .
    Graham Vodden

    • Chris David says:

      Well said Mr Vodden. I was saying just this very thing to Ashton’s girlfriend in bed this morning 😉

      • David Ashton says:

        Please don’t make assumptions about my preferences.

      • Chris David says:

        Oh I don’t- assumptions eh! I didn’t refer to you- you’re too plug to get a girlfriend heh 🙂 x

      • David Ashton says:

        How very silly of me. As the only Ashton in this thread it seemed a reasonable conclusion to draw.

      • Chris David says:

        Yes Plug silly indeed and set up again. There are so many anonymous cowards here there could be enough Ashton’s to man a large fish shop- along with their fishy posts 🙂

      • David Ashton says:

        If your assertion is true that this blog is largely populated by “anonymous cowards”, why on earth do you bother with it?

  8. Have Motor home but would not park overnight there but would park for Couple of hours.
    Not a very nice looking Motor home if I owned house there would be annoyed..

  9. Ed T says:

    Know where I am taking my motorhome next summer

  10. Chris says:

    Just goes to show,that the owner of the motor home may be not as snooty as the residents but who has the last laugh,,yess the owner of the motor home,keep on camping

  11. David Noble says:

    I think that the motor home as actually been parked there to publicise a month long ultra marathon that the owner is doing at the moment, he is aiming to run a marathon every day and run around all Wales, with proceeds being donated to RNLI so the comments made by the article and subsequent posts are shall I say, somewhat uncharitable?
    There are two posters in the window asking for donations and explaining the project. I am surprised that none of the posters or PDN article writer have bothered to read these.
    The vehicle is an eyesore, but I think that the idea that the owner is simply enjoying a free view is not correct, he started running on 14th July, should be half way round and will probably not want to pop back until he has finished his fundraising!.
    In any event, it will be another couple of weeks before he can run back.

  12. Andrew Worsley says:

    Is this a free country or not? the mobile home is doing no harm it seems but the toffy nosed so and so’s in the area don’t like it parked , as one person has said as long as the vehicle is taxed etc the owner can park where he/she likes unless any signs say different . Get it through your head you snobs and the like, this is a ‘free country’ thousands of soldiers and others died in WW2 to keep it so, and not just so people who feel they are superior can dictate to others . ITS A FREE COUNTRY FOR ALL NOT JUST THE NIMBIES AND SO CALLED POSH PAIN IN THE ARSE , SELF IMPORTANT CROWD.

    • David Ashton says:

      🎻…….strains of Land of Hope and Glory in the background.

    • CelticMan says:

      As a so called posh person living nearby I will send the owner to park his huge taxed van outside your house for 42+ days as you are so supportive of his right to park anywhere. NIMBY

  13. Peter Church says:

    Not doing any harm to anyone.
    The local residents seem very annoyed, the type that would like another referendum, the type that like to get their own way!

  14. Louiseholistic says:

    It’s a turning area. The van parked there makes it difficult for the rest of us to turn there now. Whether or not the owner is running a marathon to raise funds for the RNLI, the van should not have been left there for weeks on end. It’s inconsiderate and looks awful.

  15. Robert Dickson says:

    Legally parked.
    Not being lived in.
    Not obstructing anyone’s view.
    Unless you’re a poor driver in a Chelsea tractor, no real problem in turning.
    It may be ugly to some people, but to the owner it is home, and maybe they cannot or do not want to spend 70K for a modern purpose built motorhome.

    If the person or persons are running a marathon for charity, they should be applauded not criticised!

    • Louiseholistic says:

      I’m an excellent driver thank you Mr Dickson and have never driven a Chelsea tractor. Please don’t make assumptions about my choice of vehicle or the owner of the inconsiderately parked van.

  16. Moreton Vallance says:

    Are they actually bothering anyone?!?!?

  17. CS Man says:

    Why couldn’t he have parked it in the cliff top car park? Clue’s in the name – CAR PARK. Turning circle – TURNING. Common sense man strikes again.

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