The silver BMW said to have been involved in yesterday’s hit-and-run crash in Wordsworth Avenue Penarth. Witnesses said the BMW drove off after the collision but was badly damaged and later abandoned in Mountjoy Avenue

Police have been informed and offered CCTV video of a  hit-and-run car crash which occurred at around 16:00 yesterday in Wordsworth Avenue, Penarth.

First reports said a car had  collided with the wall of a house in Penarth near the “S” bend in the vicinity of the local Catholic Church, but further information has now come in from PDN correspondents to update the original story.

Wreckage at the roadside in Wordsworth Avenue

Eyewitnesses say that car that hit the wall in Wordsworth Avenue had actually been parked up at the roadside  – but was struck by a speeding silver BMW.

The BMW  is said to have come around the bend by the Catholic Church so fast that  it hit the parked car – shunting it 15 to 20 feet from its stationary position, up onto the pavement and into a wall.

The damaged BMW said to have caused the crash by colliding with  a parked car in Wordsworth Avenue, Penarth

One witness says  the damaged BMW, with three people inside , then drove off, but  was immediately abandoned in Mountjoy Place.  Its driver and two passengers were filmed on CCTV and are said to have been identified.

Another witness says the police have not yet made contact with person whose car was damaged by the speeding BMW .

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  1. Wendy boyd says:

    A car did not crash into a wall in Wordsworth Avenue and drive off the car that hit the wall in Wordsworth Avenue was infact parked up and a Silver BMW came around the bend by the Catholic Church at such a speed that it hit the parked car, shunted it 15 to 20 feet from its stationary position up onto the pavement into a wall. Then the BMW drove off and abandoned the vehicle in Mountjoy Place. The car that was hit was recovered from the kerbside it DID NOT drive off. I know because it was my car that was hit. There is CCTV of the incident and the person driving plus the 2 passengers in the car have been identifed. The majority of debris on the road was from the BMW which is still in Mountjoy Place for public viewing! Absolute idiot driver 😡

  2. Rob says:

    The police have not made contact with person who’s car was shunted by a another car who then left the scene of the accident, they have failed to investigate this despite being given the name, car registration and where the vehicle was dumped after the crime……. cctv footage has also been obtained showing the crash and the driver and his passengers dumping the car and leaving,
    what a complete waste of oxygen this scum is……..

  3. AK says:

    I think the police have been fairly busy what with a murder, fatal road accidents and missing people.

    I suspect a ‘No injury’ car crash, where the culprits are identified, will not be a priority for them.

  4. Nincompoop says:

    I rang the non emergency 101 last Wednesday 25th July regarding the silver BMW as it had been driving dangerously – doing wheel spins/ donuts if that’s what they’re called around the mini roundabout on cornerswell/woodland place/Stanwell road junction. It had also beeen driving erratically the day before but I hadn’t managed to get the car registration on that occasion. It was a waste of time as the call handler mumbled something about the possibility of the call being passed on if there were other complaints, and a possibility of the driver being issued with an asbo.
    In my opinion it was clearly dangerous driving it’s a busy road and a miracle no one was injured.

    Perhaps the police might now be interested ??? Maybe I’m living in cloud cuckoo land as it seems to be the case that the police would prefer to wait for someone to be killed . In view of the recent criticism regarding spate of crime, this was a good opportunity to improve the opinion of honest and concerned citizens regarding policing in Penarth. It took 30-40 minutes for my call
    To even be answered , the call handler seemed more interested in trying to get me off the phone and to do report it via their online incident reporting.

    I hope the idiots are caught, next time I won’t bother being a decent citizen. Shame on those responsible for the shambolic state of policing in Penarth.

    • Idiot monitor says:

      He always drives like that, he’s an absolute idiot and it won’t be long before he kills some innocent victim, only then will the police be interested, he’s an absolute spinesless coward running away despite being taxed, current MOT and insured, makes you think what was in the car, or was he drugged up or under the influence of alcohol. he uses the car like a weapon and must be stopped. Where’s the police when you need them, certainly not enough in Penarth and can’t see it getting any better.

  5. Andrew Worsley says:

    Look the Police are involved in such things as ‘Operation Galatica’ concerning the boat owners in the Marina they haven’t got time for humdrum things like car crashes or dangerous drivers …………… i’m not surprised the person who took your call got bored and wanted you off the line , it was probably his/her turn to go and fetch the pizzas ……………..what were you thinking of ……………next you’ll be expecting Police on the beat again and realistic ways to tackle crime……………..tsk silly you!.

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