The St Fagans Castle pub in Glebe St bears a hand-painted portrait of the eponymous manor house

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has now published details of the extension of hours granted to the St Fagans Castle pub in Penarth Town Centre .

The pub’s landlords Mr. Harry Lonnkvist and Mr. Marcus Mulot had applied for a variation of the pub’s “Premises Licence” at  114 Glebe Street.

The sign of the St Fagans Castle pub in Glebe St bears a painting of St Fagans Castle

At the licensing hearing the Vale Council’s Licensing Officers spelled out the four objectives governing the issuance of licence variations  which are:-

  • The prevention of crime and disorder
  • Public Safety
  • The prevention of public nuisance
  • The protection of children from harm.

The St Fagan’s current Premises Licence had been issued on 4th July, 2017 but in April this year the pub had applied for a “variation”.  This asked for:-

  • The closing time for the sale of alcohol and playing of music to be extended to 02.00 AM on Friday and Saturdays to 02.00 (currently 01.00).
  • It also asked for closing time  on Bank Holiday Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Christmas Eve to be extended to 02.30 AM (currently 01:30) .
  • Permission was also sought to extend “all Opening Hours to 30 minutes after the termination of Licensable Activities.”
  • And to extend the “terminal hour for the playing of recorded music on New Year’s Eve to 04.00 AM (currently 03.00). [ The St Fagans has what’s called a  “grandfather right” which allows it to remain open for the sale of alcohol for a continuous period of 36 hours over New Year’s Eve. ]

The council’s Environmental Health Officer reported that there had been 4 noise-related complaints since the previous extension to the hours [made in 2017] .  Two complaints had been received in 2017, followed by an additional two in 2018, and the Committee was informed that a 5th complaint was “still ongoing”.

The environmental officer had visited the centre of Penarth on Friday 11th May 2018 at 23:20 . A disco being held at the St Fagans “could clearly be heard outside”.

The officer said the “background noise” in the centre of Penarth was very low after midnight (27 decibels) and even lower after 01:00 hours (25 decibels). She pointed out that the St Fagans – although in a retail area, was also “very close to residential areas”. She pointed out that the Victorian building “only had single glazing, which could not be changed due to the premises location in a conservation area, and the front door of the double door entrance was always open”.

The applicant Mr Mark Mulot said in his evidence that the outer door to the property had to remain open as having both doors shut would be a fire risk.

The Environmental Health Officer however said that “the building was not suitable for the usage requested in the extension to the licence, and it would be difficult to apply mitigating conditions.”

The licensing panel considered 2 written representations opposing the proposed extension attached and at Appendix D to the report, and 3 letters from local residents produced by the landlord which were written in support of the application – stating that “St. Fagan’s Castle” did not cause them sleeping problems.

Marcus Mulot – landlord of the St Fagans pub in Penarth

The applicant, Mr. Mark Mulot told the licensing sub-committee that the request to extend the operating hours of St. Fagan’s Castle was “in response to new venues in the locality that hosted regulated entertainment”  and “stay open later”.

Mr. Mulot said he was “aware of noise complaints made against his premises and was committed to tackling the issue. ” He told the committee that his staff were “ now using decibel measuring applications on their phones”  and that “security arrangements” had been updated.

Mr Mulot said he was ” trying to do the best he could to run a business in a very tough market by hybridising a traditional pub. ” Mr Mulot said it was “not his  intention to disturb residents, but to work with the community to rectify any received objections” and declared that he was “always available to help”.

On the issue of noise, the Vale licensing committee decided to overrule the objections of the Environmental Officer. Committee members said that “although there was evidence of some noise complaints, these were not significant enough to refuse the application.”

On the issue of antisocial behaviour at the St Fagans Castle, Mr Mulot – who is Chairman of PubWatch, Penarth,  said that he would be would be installing CCTV as part of the conditions of the application and assured the licensing sub committee that he took his position as licence holder “very seriously”.

Mark Mulot told the panel  it was “unfair to say that the police were frequently called to the premises” . Police, he said, were only called every “couple of months”

The licensing committee resolved to approve the proposed variation in the St Fagan’s licence but added the following conditions:-

  • A CCTV system to be installed to the standard acceptable to South Wales Police.
  • CCTV images to be made available to South Wales Police and Licensing Officers and be kept for 31 days.
  • No opened drinks to be taken outside the premises.
  • All other mandatory conditions as detailed in the Applicant’s Operating Schedule.



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  1. Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    “A CCTV system to be installed to the standard acceptable to South Wales Police.”

    This is hilarious.

    Oh I forgot. Patrons of the Fag are mostly local so the CCTV system won’t cause a Community Cohesion problem.

  2. johnpowell says:

    Incredible – the pub doesn’t cause problems for the councillors on the panel (safely tucked away in leafy Penarth) so everyone else nearby can be kept awake until 4am now?
    To pretend that there isn’t a loud disco, crowds screeching outside the doors and endless boom boom boom is hilarious.

  3. David Day says:

    Interesting that the Vale Council should wish to have assurances about noise control. They ask for no such assurances about the dreadfully noisy, protracted Belle Vue Park old people’s pop concert which residents within a mile or so of the park have to bear every year. Could organisers of this event not borrow the publican’s decibel-measuring phones?

    • AK says:

      Once a year – my heart bleeds for your inconvenience.

    • Lou says:

      Oh please don’t deny the old people their pop concert, at least it keeps them off here.

      • jp says:

        Oh for goodness sake. The park event is one Sunday afternoon a year, and advertised well in advance – stop trying to distract from the real issue here.

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    You couldn’t make it up but Mr Mulot can and has ,he has done verbal ju jitsu to get his desperate extension approved , you only need to go past this ‘dive’ at 11 pm to pass youngsters or is that drunkards gathered around the door usually in shouted conversation with the ‘bouncers’ that Mr Mulot has had to employ to try and placate or satisfy the locals . And to think that Landlord of a ‘dive’ that USED TO BE a DECENT pub not so long ago, is the Chairman of Pubwatch a total joke in itself., . and he is trying to use that to gain credit in his pleading for his extension ,as I said you couldn’t make it up .A landlord running the worst pub in town is allowed to sit in judgment on drinkers in the area , probably mostly from his pub or the Railway a total farce and yet the authorities have been ‘ taken in’ or fooled thus far.

  5. Andrew Worsley says:

    Oh by the way what is frequent Mr Mulot thinks calling the Police to the premises once ever 2 months is not frequent!!! , one or twice a year is not frequent not six times a year. This pub is empty for most nights of the week apart from the odd drinker it only livens up on Thurs ,Fri and Sat unfortunately for Mr Mulot these are the very nights the nightclub across from his premises is open , so Mr Mulot is trying to keep his customers in his own pub rather than them go elsewhere on the only nights of the week he can count on a good return at the till.

  6. Le Compte says:

    There is no need for a pub to be open until 2am. I feel for the neighbours.

  7. Andrew Worsley says:

    The used to be a welcoming , old fashioned pub with lots of lovely locals around the start of the new millennium …….both front and back rooms used to be busy most days of the week. But since we have been blessed with the current cough!, Landlord the standards have slipped so much there no are none anymore , did they need to employ bouncers years ago NO! …was their unsavoury characters either hanging around the doors or giving passers by the once over or nasty stares NO!…. the present people running the place are a joke . And to offer this ‘Den’ or dive an extension is ridiculous , but we can bet none of the people giving approval live in the vicinity of the place? . And why is it one of the conditions insisted on by the Police is a CCTV camera outside the door, does that not tell you all you need to know about the kind of set up in place. But Mr Mulot that well known champion of the law sits on the body jokingly called Pubwatch , and says the Police are not called frequently to this pub , only once every 2 months LOL pull the other one LOL hilarious .. but sick.

  8. Andrew Worsley says:

    What the hell does salty mean?

  9. RetailGuru says:

    This is an absolute joke, the ‘Fag’ is an embarrassment to our town with drunkards in the doorway leering at people and I’ve witnessed people falling down the steps DRUNK at 5.30pm. The landlord is talking a load of tosh and shouldn’t be allowed this extension.

  10. Ben Dover says:

    Why don’t you look it up Mr Salty and answer my question.

    Are you on Pubwatch?

  11. Andrew Worsley says:

    Ben Dover it is not for me to look for silly words or meanings if you cannot make yourself clear don’t bother at all.

  12. Andrew Worsley says:

    I agree with you100% RetailGuru oh and did you know that Landlords nowadays are not supposed to serve customers who clearly have had enough, I passed one such customer months ago that is a regular and I can honestly say I have never in my life seen a young person in such a state of intoxication ,this character was grabbing drainpipes , lamposts and using windowsills all to aid him in his attempt to get home , he tried to cross High St but fell into a heap in the middle of the road luckily there was no traffic around . Now that is not a sight you want to see on a regular basis . but get a drunkards charter to stay open half the night and this is what your asking for.

  13. johnpowell says:

    I had to go past last night, you could hear the noise at the roundabout. All doors wide open, 40-50 people, many dancing in the street, ‘bouncer’ not doing anything to help he three teenager girls who were looking after a collapsed friend across the road … and this was at 11pm.
    God knows what Windsor road will be like when Ocho has its two storey bar across the road, it’ll be a mini st Mary street and all because a few councillors couldn’t care enough evto n to take a look.

  14. Andrew Worsley says:

    You have to smile at words some choose on here and some think they are perfectly alright , for instance we had Lou being condescending to elderly people and insulting at the same time by mocking them and saying don’t deny ‘old people’ there ONCE A YEAR concert in the park , adding at least it keeps them off here. Of course it does Lou , one afternoon out of 365 days is bound to have an impact on this website … lol . And in response to one of my contributions a while back he said something like , “we get enough of your incoherent meanderings” now there speaks a pub regular , incoherent refers to the spoken word not the written word in my book ,and meandering is what a river does not a person , I think the word ‘rambling’ was what he was looking for, but hush! no one tell him . This person I speak of does not contribute anything of worth but snipes at others who do .

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