Rubbish dumped in the forecourt of the former Monty Smith Motorist Centre. Residents say the premises are a “blight on Penarth”.

Two former garages and car showrooms in Windsor Road Penarth are named as the subjects of Enforcement Investigations to be carried out by the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Both the former Monty Smith Motoring Centre and the former Robert Smith car showrooms have been named as being the subject of planning enforcement action.

Mother Nature takes over at Monty Smith’s – which was acquired by Cardiff firm X-Stream Holdings

Neither of the premises have anything to do with the original businesses, which have long since moved out of Penarth.

The former Monty Smith Motoring Centre at 56 Windsor Road  is festooned with overgrowth and piles of black bin bags.

Netting is draped from the roof of the former filling station. It was once Penarth”s Windsor Kinema

Sagging anti-pigeon netting is draped from the portal of the of the former Gulf filling station and local residents are complaining about the neglect of the site.

The Enforcement Investigation relates to “untidy land and building”.

The original business collapsed after a legal dispute with the oik company Gulf

Xavier Rush

The former Monty Smith premises were reported to have been bought by Cardiff-based X-Stream Holdings Ltd,  a company owned by a Penarth businessman Mr Xavier Joseph Rush.

The company, bought the freehold premises for £194,750 – a price far lower than that of  a modest house in Penarth

Mr Rush  – a  New Zealander who is a well-known sports coach and former Cardiff Blues player – has a number of business interests in the UK.

The former Robert Smith car showroom no longer bears the RS insignia on its keystone. No redevelopment work appears to be going on at the site.

Meanwhile the former Robert Smith car showroom further down the road from the town centre also has rubble and rubbish outside – and it too is now the subject of a Vale Council  Enforcement Investigation – also for “untidy land and building”

Planning permission had been obtained to build 12 apartments on the site whilst retaining the original frontage. A gymnasium was supposed to be installed on the ground floor – but nothing has happened on the site for months.

Both cases are currently “under investigation”.

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  1. Chris David says:

    Lets have the top one as a car park.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      These are a Banksy style Art Installations worth thousands of pounds.
      A critique of decaying urban culture. According to Vale Local Radio Presenter Mike Drivel they too received a Grant of £72000

  2. LJS says:

    The most sensible comment on PDN for a while. If the site was available for less than £200,000 it should be viable.

  3. AK says:

    They haven’t had much success with the derelict properties in Bridgeman Road, what makes them think the owners will take any notice here?

  4. Countess of Penarth says:

    Disgraceful that Xavier Rush has let it fall into this derelict state
    The houses at the bottom of Windsor Road are looking good..
    And then you see this load of mess which although up for sale Mr Rush can’t even be bothered to tidy the site. Shameful

  5. penarthblog says:

    I’ve suggested a car park too, but there’s too much hostility for such a development.

  6. Frank Evans says:

    It’s not going to be a car park you silly people.
    As much chance of turning Phil Rappiers posts into something understandable.
    Agree that the two sites are a shambles and should be tidied up even if they are waiting on the right price.

  7. Andrew Worsley says:

    Well lets say it looks a mess and that’s being polite , as far as I can see Penarth in general needs to get its act together from the useless public servants called a Council, for use of a better word!. The Police who are just like teenagers playing computer games hence Operation Galatica instead of re vamping their modus operandi and showing the people they can be relied upon …………….don’t hold your breath . With several vacant properties in or close to the town centre the place is becoming an eyesore , when we have the old Blockbusters site waiting to sorted , then we have the places in this item which are only the tip of the iceberg …………or is that just THE TIP?

    • David Ashton says:

      Oh please Mr Worsley, play another record. Oh, by the way, you forgot to mention…………..THE FAG!!

  8. Andrew Worsley says:

    David Ashton no one asks you to read these comments …………….so if your not interested don’t read or didn’t you think of that??? probably not ..Ever heard of free speech Mr Ashton ?..used to be popular at one time till you trolls and the like came along out of the woodwork , I will mention the Fag and anything else I wish to comment on Mr Ashton as much and as often as I wish . As long as my comments are accepted neither you or any other trolls will stop this regular contributor.

  9. Jtr69 says:

    I think that Xavier Rush is concentrating too much on his new hair transplant business, namely Head Quarters hair transplants limited. He has obviously spread himself a little thin perhaps. (hair joke).

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