No one in Penarth Police station appears to have been out with a mower recently – even though the Pro-Mow mower shop is directly opposite the station in Windsor Road

Penarth Police – who are responsible for upholding the law in the town – are being now investigated for alleged breach of Section 215 of an Act of Parliament.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is carrying out an official Enforcement Investigation  into “Untidy Land” at Penarth Police station in Windsor Road Penarth .

The front lawn of Penarth Police station could certainly do with some strimming – and those shrubs need pruning

It appears that someone has raised a complaint with the council implying that the detectives, sergeants, constables and PCSOs based at the Penarth Police Station have not been devoting enough of their time to titivating the lawns and frontage of the police station

Local magistrates may have missed a trick by not requiring local criminals to do some unpaid spadework to get the gardens of the Scotland Yard of Penarth looking spick and span again .

In 1900 – when constables were armed with cutlasses – the front garden of Penarth Police Station was immaculate.

The matter is currently “Under Investigation” – by the Vale of Glamorgan Planning Department. The investigating officer is Mr Ewan Lawless.

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  1. Disappointed listener says:

    “Penarth Police – who are responsible for upholding the law in the town”

    Thanks for clearing that up

  2. P. Grove says:

    I can’t believe there are complaints about the police station when we have the two garages and the old Blockbuster premises in a an appalling state.

  3. Mile Baker says:

    Well spotted by the local authority, lets have the police digging the garden, after all why should they respond to crime in the area when there are weeds misbehaving ???

  4. Papa Lazarou says:

    Mr Lawless investigating overgrown weeds at the police station…sounds like a script from monty python.

  5. Ian Symonds says:

    The command to leave the grass alone misunderstood, perhaps?

  6. Andrew Worsley says:

    Two garages the old Blockbusters and now the Police all eyesores and they are not the end of it all.

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