“I’ll just go this way”. A cyclist makes a potentially fatal right turn off Windsor Terrace into Rectory Road – which is a one-way street  (Photo Hugh Whittingham)

Penarth’s cyclists are now ignoring the one way system in Rectory Road and cycling against the flow of traffic from Windsor Terrace, past the Penarth Lawn Tennis Club and Penarth Library and on into Stanwell Road.

The cyclists heading downhill in Windsor Terrace are now turning right into Rectory Road – at a point where they can meet oncoming vehicles, including buses, head-on.

Confused cyclists who lose their bearings in Rectory Road clearly fail to notice the helpful large arrows painted on the road (Photo Hugh Whittingham)

Rectory Road has been a one-way road for many years and has clear road signs and large direction arrows painted on the road surface .

Police say the only one-way road in Penarth where cyclists are legally allowed to ride against the flow of traffic is along Arcot Street  – from the junction with Plassey St to the junction with Windsor Road  – but that is the exception not the rule.

Irresponsible cyclists deliberately going the wrong way around the Dock Hill roundabout before heading onto the Cardiff Bay Barrage

Local cyclists have already been condemned for ignoring the Highway Code and riding the wrong way around the roundabout at the bottom of Dock Hill.

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  1. Plassey Resident says:

    I am a cyclist and I have to agree that I have seen people doing this at the roundabout on dock hill. It is ludicrous the speeds people do down that hill then cut the wrong way round the roundabout. Someone will die soon. It really upsets me every time I see it, they are giving g cyclists a bad name.

    We aren’t all like that.

    • They aren’t giving cyclists a bad name. They already have it.

    • The Tax payer says:

      I agree about the 1% that ride correctly. It’s the so called professional Tour de France riders that take the P most of the time and who should know better. And now we a Welsh rider in the news it’s NOT going to get any better any time soon. When it does happen it will be the car drive that gets the blame that’s for sure. Good reason to have a dash cam.

  2. Robert Neilson says:

    A boss of mine year’s ago was a club cyclist he was a strong Labourite because his father was. Perhaps PDN would blame all cyclists who are Labour 😀🤔

    • Peter Church says:

      Nothing to do with Labour this time old chap, just arrogant cyclists who think rules of the road are for cars and pedestrians.
      know you of any 🙂

  3. sjleworthy says:

    I’m curious – legally must cyclists abide by the same highway code laws us car users?

    For instance, must they stick to the 30 mph rule? Do they have to go the correct way up one way streets? Can they ride on pavements? And my biggest grip, can they go through red lights?

    As i say, are these laws legally binding for cyclists as well as car users?

    • Wornboots says:

      Want to demonstrate your ignorance any further? Or, perhaps check out the Road Traffic Act – which is legally binding. The Highway code quotes the RTA forsure, but the HC is just suggestions!

  4. Dan Potts says:

    Natural selection will eventually take it’s course and dangerous cyclists will be removed from the gene pool, R.I.P

  5. Fed up says:

    Cyclists ignore the 5miles per hr on the barrage and speed along despite the red warnings of highlighting they are exceeding the limit. Someone will get knocked over soon. I have seen a number of near misses at the roundabout and agree with the above comments.

    • whatsoccurin says:

      Yes and they ride along the footpath even though the wide road is signposted as a cycle route-come to think of it they ride on the pavement even when there is a designated cycle track a a few feet away..

    • Bobby (A highways engineer) says:

      You may not be aware that the road across the barrage is not a public highway therefore the 5mph is not a legally enforceable limit and is only advisory for motorised vehicles crossing the barrage. Furthermore, speed limits on public roads apply to motorised vehicles and not cyclists.

      • James says:

        There is a 5mph sign along the cycle path. I doubt it’s intended for the mice and shrews that reside in the undergrowth. The 5mph may not be “legally enforceable” as you state but that’s the request. It’s ignored by most cyclists who bomb along the path as if they’re auditioning for Team Sky.

    • Fishhenge says:

      Someone ought to set up a duck shoot boat in the barrage where you can shoot speeding cyclists as they zoom along the barrage, like the one in the fair at Barry Island. I’d pay 50p for six bullets.

  6. Well As a nearly deaf 60 year old I am getting frightend of Cardiff as I waited for the green man and nearly got knocked over by a cyclist last week , Im forever looking behind me if I am on the pavement and need to keep in a straight line , Ive noticed Penarth is getting a bit like this , yesterday I saw a women cyclist cycle into Windsor arcade , I thought then If someone had been walking out of there theyd of been knocked down. Its no fun walking anywhere anymore.

  7. Cozzo says:

    Since the railway track became a cycle path cyclists now prefer to use one way streets the wrong way and prove that they cannot read, last evening on the cliff walk a dickhead was riding his bike and this happens all the time. The signs on posts and the track markings are all totally ignored.

    • Ethel says:

      At the Berkley Drive end of the Railway Path there is a cyclists dismout sign which always ignored. As a regular user of Rectory Road I have encountered several cyclists riding in the wrong direction.

  8. GWR says:

    I have the same frustration in Glebe Street ! I nearly knocked a young cyclist over yesterday as he was speeding up past the post office in the middle of Glebe Street with no regard for his own or others safety. This despite a parking warden walking down pass the labour club !! needless to say nothing was said !!

    • ColaniXL says:

      needless to say nothing was said… because a parking warden is not a police officer, perhaps?

  9. Penarthian says:

    Let’s be honest most cyclists are dick heads and a law unto them self.
    They’d be the first to complain if they were run over.
    License plates should be made legal on all bikes so they can be held accountable.

  10. Bobby (A highways engineer) says:

    Just because someone has seen a few cyclists ride the wrong way it does no mean that ALL cyclists do it (although I have seen a certain well know pro-cycling environmentalist riding the wrong way along here a few times). I have in fact however seen more cars drive the wrong way along Rectory Road than I have seen cyclists riding the wrong way. I also regularly see cars parked on the zigzag lines on the approaches to the zebra crossings around town and also seen cars and motorcycles jump the red lights on the Stanwell Rd / Plymouth Rd / Hickman Rd…I could go on…yet we seem to turn a blind eye to that kind of dangerous behaviour and don’t accuse ALL motorists of doing it. Surely it is about time we focused on the dangerous and potentially fatal behaviour of motorists in Penarth if we are to improve road safety?

    • gareth says:

      While I agree about motorists, if they are caught they are fined and get points. The cyclists however are uninsured have no license to suspend and dont get fined even if they hit someone on a path. Anyway I daresay the idiots who behave like morons on bikes also do so in their cars as well.

      • Plassey Resident says:

        If the CCTV in Penarth worked perhaps we could monitor this wrong doing?

        Let’s not bother fixing it though. I mean we need to pay for the fronts of the houses to look prettier at the bottom of Windsor road!

      • Bobby says:

        Exactly Gareth, IF they are caught. Cars have number plates, insurance and are taxed, yet motorist break motoring laws all of the time and get away with it. It seems we have become complacent in this country and think its okay to break the speed limit, if only by a few mph, or to carry on through the traffic lights a few seconds after they’ve turned red, or park illegally in a dangerous position just because they have got to pop in to the shops and will only be a few minutes. And I agree with you that the same poor cyclists no doubt behave just as badly when driving a car and vice-versa.

    • snoggerdog says:

      you dont know the rules do you bobby,P.D.N.s pet hates are cyclists& labour,keep to the script please.

  11. Ralph says:

    I spotted some confused motorists in Rectory Road this morning.
    Despite the no parking areas being clearly marked, they either didn’t recognise them or chose to blatantly ignore them.

  12. Bob Williams says:

    Also if they run into your vehicle they don’t have insurance cover and the driver is left to foot the bill, which can run into hundreds of pounds. It’s time cyclists had to pay for collision damage insurance and make a contribution to road tax for the upkeep of roads and cycle paths.

    • Ralph says:

      You don’t pay road tax. You pay Vehicle Excise Duty which goes to the general treasury.
      It is a tax on cars, not on roads, and the amount you pay is based on your vehicles’ emissions.
      Bicycles do emit any pollutants – ergo.

    • Fishhenge says:

      Are you that singer chap?

    • Wornboots says:

      Ralph is right – We ALL pay for the up keep of the roads through general taxation and council tax. As for insurance you may want to do some research as a lot of cyclists do have insurance, which includes public liability cover. My suggestion is that you take care while driving and try not to hit cyclists – as they will come off worse…..and you won’t look so good!

    • Bobby says:

      Bob Williams – there are many cars on the road which do not pay “road tax”. Most of them have very low emissions, yet still cause as much damage to the road surface and to pedestrians they hit. This link also lists some of the other tax exempt vehicles used on the road

      With the number of cars on uk roads increasing we need to be encouraging people to use alternative forms of transport eg. walking, public transport, cycling etc, so making cyclists pay a tax will only discourage people from cycling, which in turn will mean even more cars on the road leading to more accidents and greater pollution.

  13. Scuba Joe says:

    It cracks me up the amount of people complaining about cyclists. We live around Wordsworth Avenue area and the amount of cars that speed along here is extremely dangerous and happens on a daily basis. We’ve had (as you can see a few stories below this one) a hit and run recently, and thats the second one in a matter of months. Little boys who think they’re big lads because they can push their accelerator down to the floor and go broom broom. Or have a drink and then think its OK to drive. Maybe I should start taking videos of the speeding cars from my front garden and posting them on Penarth wordpress?
    Does that make me complain about every driver being the same as the above? I think not.
    Dont tarnish all cyclists with the same brush.
    I don’t see the point in stories like this- it simply creates a bigger divide between drivers and cyclists. When in fact a lot of us do both. There are bad drivers. And there are bad cyclists. And we have BAD roads with far too many vehicles on them. We need to share what we’ve got.
    If a cyclist breaks the law then yes I think they should be held accountable as a car driver would.
    If i wrote a news story every time I saw a bad driver and took photos to create a stir I think people would find it monotonous.
    On a lighter note, for all these local, dangerous (and to quote Penarthian) “D*ckh3@d” cyclists around, Wales hasn’t done badly with Big G winning the biggest cycling competition in the world – If you want to come and celebrate with the sporting/cycling fraternity the council et al are throwing a big party in Cardiff this Thursday, do come along

  14. Amused says:

    As a law-abiding cyclist, can I politely ask that my fellow Penarth residents stop using their two tonne metal boxes to kill me. If you can’t give me 1.5m of room whilst passing, WAIT.

    • gareth says:

      as a pedestrian please can you not ride on the pavement , ignore traffic lights and ride across Zebra crossings whether i am on it or not.

  15. concerned parent says:

    The police and Vale council can’t be bothered to do anything about drivers or cyclists contravening one way systems, lack of resources, money etc etc are the excuses. It is a daily occurrence/ law breaking hotspot even in school holidays next to Pen y Garth School, where soon there will be a serious accident or fatality. There have been a number of ‘near misses’. Plenty of children ride bicycles along Redlands Road on the pavement and who can blame them! I will say this is far safer for them than taking their lives in their hands. Riding on the road is extremely dangerous with every other driver being on their mobile phone, particularly during term times and when there is a build up of traffic. You only have to walk along the queue to see it to believe it. Disgraceful. Perhaps a plain clothed police officer would like to take a walk along there now and again and see for themselves.

  16. Peter Church says:

    I am fed up with cyclists who think they can do what they damn well like on the roads, most are the similar aged ‘Mamals’, (i.e. 40-60) stuffed into poor fitting Lycra, constantly trying to outdo their friends on Strava.
    And when someone points out the bad behaviour, you get a tirade of abuse from the usual channels.
    Come on gents, grow up and behave!

  17. Countess of Penarth says:

    Motorists regularly turn into rectory road from Beach Hill. The problem is that the junction is so wide. The VOG should consider widening the pavement to detract motorists from thinking that there is a turn left into Rectory Road. It is an accident waiting to happen not just from other cars, or cyclists but pedestrians leaving the Park dknt assjme anything is going to come in their right,

  18. graham vodden says:

    Yes, Nearly zapped one myself at just after 9 this morning coming the wrong way along Rectory Road at speed in his lycra and sunglasses. He was obviously in another world .
    Graham Vodden .

  19. Fishhenge says:

    What Penarth needs is a Charles Bronsonesque ‘ Death Wish’ character or thirty, a vigilante to go around and sort out all these cyclist thugs with his Magnum. Anyone know any disgruntled architects?

  20. Ian Perry says:

    People (yes, people) riding bicycles safely negotiate streets all over the world, cycling in counter-flow to motorised traffic. It’s pretty normal in the Netherlands. There are efforts to update the nonsensical default of expecting people riding on bicycles to only ride in the same direction as cars. Let’s remember that a person on a bicycle is little different to a person who is walking. We don’t expect people walking to only walk tin the same direction as motorised traffic.

    It’s also common on rectory Road for people to not only walk on the area apparently designated for cars. but to also walk against the traffic.

    Has there been a collision because a person has walked or cycled in the road against the flow of motorised traffic? I think not.

    • whatsoccurin says:

      You have a point-biggest danger on Rectory Road is the uneven paving slabs-that is why we walk on the road sometimes, and a roundabout rarely mentioned is Tesco/Oystercatcher in the Marina -traffic races down the hill and as a pedestrian trying to cross, it is impossible to be sure which turning they will take.

    • Dan Potts says:

      In fact Ian unfortunately there has , that’s why ALL road users must obey the high way code, to keep everyone safe.

    • Le Compte says:

      We are not the Netherlands.
      We have a highway code. It is dangerous when some cyclists come out of Rectory Rd into Stanwell Rd illegally… and fail to even look. One local academic falls into this category. Drivers are not expecting any traffic and to be believe traffic safety regulations to be ‘nonsensical is madness. These cyclists are an accident waiting to happen… and as we all know there are 100 cycling deaths every year and thousands injured. Cyclists don’t come off very well in collisions.

      • Bobby says:

        “It is dangerous when some cyclists come out of Rectory Rd into Stanwell Rd illegally… and fail to even look” That happened to me last week whilst I was driving down Stanwell Road towards Plymouth Road, except it was a car that came out of Rectory Road the wrong way without looking, and its not the first time I’ve seen motorists do it.

  21. Jon Ratcliffe says:

    The Dutch are a very tolerant people, as I thought were the Welsh!

    • Racist Mark says:

      Remember to pay attention to the road when driving along the Herengracht (Gentleman’s Canal) behind a 6 foot blond blue eyed Amsterdam babe wearing shorts on a pushbike or you’ll end up in the water. Isn’t that right Ian?

  22. Dis gruntled says:

    What do you expect when you put idiots on bikes who think they are above the law, but never mind a motorist who goes a minute over allotted parking time will surely pay the penalty !!

  23. Frank Evans says:

    Don’t start me off on selfish middle aged male cyclists. They rank slightly below seagulls and litter in my book.

  24. Ian Perry says:

    All that’s missing is a sign to allow contraflow cycling at the end of the road. Does the absence of a sign at the end of the road make this dangerous?

    Surely most the people of penarth are moving about with consideration for others, aware of those around them and at speeds suited to the environment around them?

    We may not be in the Netherlands, but we are also humans and we do have counterflow cycling on this island, and here in Wales. The issue here is really the lack of a sign. Why hasn’t the Vale of Glamorgan Council added a sign to Rectory Road to satisfy those who eagerly read every sign?

    • Peter Church says:

      All that’s missing is a sign to allow contraflow cycling on Motorways. Does the absence of a sign make this dangerous I hear you ask?

      In LaLa (nether)Land they do allow contraflows on Motorway where cyclists can enjoy themselves in complete safety.

      Why do we even have signs in the first place when cyclists never read them I also hear you ask.

      Vote for Ian.
      Vote for common sense.
      Vote for cycling.
      Vote for LaLa (nether)Land.

  25. Andy says:

    Interesting, if you take a look at Rectory Road on Google street view you can plainly see three Motor vehicles illegally parked on double yellow lines and not a single cyclist flaunting the traffic regulations.

    This whole article is typical of the “anti” society we live in, its always someone else who is in the wrong and not me and my “group”.

    Yes, there are “Dickhead” cyclists, but there are a whole lot more “DickHead” motorists. Take a lok at the statistics, more motor vehicle drivers jump red lights, park illegally, overtake on zig zags, cross double white lines, speed, drive too close to the vehicle in front, use a mobile phone etc etc.

    Does that mean all drivers are Dickheads? No, just some, same as not all Cyclists are Dickheads, just some.

    Oh, and none of you pay Road Tax unless you reside in pre-1937 britain, which looking at some of the comments on this website, many of you wish you were!

    • PC Plod says:

      Gosh Andy; a car on a double yellow line and no cyclists flaunting traffic regulations.
      All this from one Google Street view image! you are one great detective, maybe South Wales Police could also use Google Street View to police our roads.
      As an indication of the mental agility of a pro-cyclists, your comments I’m afraid have let you down a tad.

      Most posts on here are not anti cycling, just anti thuggish cycling.

      PS Thanks for the Road Tax explanation as well, again you should consider being a detective, perhaps even a detective on a bike 😉

  26. Peter Church says:

    I saw another cyclist turning into Rectory Road as I was driving up Beach Road today.
    They are either all stupid or don’t read Penarth Daily News.

    • Bobby says:

      You saw 1 cyclist do this…it does not mean that ALL cyclists do it! I was waiting in my car at the traffic lights this morning on Plymouth Rd and there was a cyclist waiting in front of me and another one waiting at the traffic lights on Stanwell Rd, neither of them jumped the traffic lights, but a car came through the lights from Hickman Rd as mine turned to green so he clearly had jumped the red light…so by applying you “logic” Peter that would t mean that ALL motorists jump traffic lights.

  27. RobTheCoach says:

    Firstly, what a great picture! Who is that dashing chap in lime green? 😉

    As someone who works on Rectory road I would say there are more motorists that drive up the wrong way of Rectory road than cyclists.

  28. Max Wallis says:

    The Vale Council has so far ignored its duty to consider putting contra-flow cycle lanes on its one-way streets – Active Travel (Wales) Act. It took a huge campaign to get the first on Arcot St, and they designed it badly to fit in with their parking-street design, instead of putting the cycle-lane adjacent to the pavement. Putting in the cyclelane as a second scheme was also most costly. They could have built in a contraflow cycle-lane in Rectory Rd on S106 money (from the flats opposite the library), but they didn’t even require bringing the dreadful pavement past the flats up to standard. Their Active Travel officer quit 3 months ago, but don’t blame her – the highways department had the responsibility to require highway standards are met.

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