Masked from view since May – Westcross House in Stanwell Road, Penarth

Since May this year one of the most familiar properties in Penarth – Westcross House in Stanwell Road –  has been swathed in scaffolding and screened off from public view with plastic sheeting – but now the wraps are starting to come off .

Westcross House is a six bedroom Victorian private family home located next to Natwest Bank and at the top of Plymouth Road, and is in the Penarth Conservation Area.

The entire roof went under cover whilst the existing slates were stripped off and replaced with new ones from Spain

Planning permission had to be obtained to replace the weatherings, slate tiles and lead flashings on the main roof and flat roofs, replace the rainwater pipes, and clean and restore the stone and brickwork

Local firm Camilleri Roofing were selected to undertake the renovation of the roof of the Westcross House.

The old roof, before renovation on the left – and the new roof with its Spanish slates on the right

The existing roof tiles were replaced with slate sourced from the Cabrera mountains of North-West Spain.

The house was bought by its new owners only in March this year – and since then an extensive refurbishment has been under way – which is aiming to renovate the property whilst retaining its original 19th century character and appearance.

The original and the renovated chimney pots tower some 50 feet above street level

The entire property had to be surrounded by so much scaffolding. it took a team of 10 erectors whole week in May to install it – and this week it’s all coming down again .

Stonemasons had to access every brick for repointing and cleaning including the three chimneys , which tower some 40 feet above street level. The scaffolders, CASS Scaffolding,.erected seven lifts around all sides if the building to carry up materials .

The “Seventh Veil” is unzipped and Westcross House is revealed again – looking much as it must have done when brand new back in the 19th century

Several local firms are involved in the huge project.

Vale Stone Masonry were responsible for the restoring the original bathstone and chimneys. R & NT Joinery based in Penarth undertook much of the extensive woodwork involved in the massive re-furb

Many of the original Victorian sash windows were refurbished and others replaced by modern units of traditional appearance

Sash Window Specialists Ventrolla repaired and restored the sash windows to the two top floor Dormer Bedrooms and the rest of the existing box sash windows were refurbished by Easi-Flo (Taylors) .

Cardiff Glass undertook the renovation of 16 panels of stained glass on the ground floor that needed to be restored. All the units were removed and restored at the Cardiff Glass workshop .

Local firm PJ Joinery supplied replacement timber for the  rotten fascia boards and the barge board and soffits on the side elevation and the painting contractor was another well known local tradesman Mark Lane .



A new- but traditional – lead finial provides the finishing touch – back in position at the rear of the All the existing lead weatherings and  flashings were replaced and two new roof finials installed at the rear of the house

The restored Westcross House is progressively revealed as the scaffolding comes down.

Once all the scaffolding is down work will start on renovating the interior of Westcross House – providing a new lease of life for one of Penarth’s most prominent houses which was reputedly once the home of former Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher – the politician turned best-selling author  Michael Dobbs.

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  1. Wornboots says:

    I hear a lot about Penarth’s observation area! Why did’ the conserve the Billy Banks? They were iconic and should of been kept as a monument, instead of the shit that they replied them with?

  2. LJS says:

    What beautiful restoration work. A credit to all.

  3. Phil Dawson says:

    This is more like it! I wish the same ethic had been applied to other great houses that have since been lost through neglect. Credit to the new owners for taking on the challenge and preserving this piece of Penarth’s heritage well into the next century. Just one question, why was Welsh slate not used, I wonder?

  4. mikeyorke says:

    Great job by all. Looks fantastic

  5. Frank Evans says:

    I saw this yesterday evening while having a drink in the railway and was amazed I hadn’t noticed it before. I know know why it was just done. Brick work is fantastic.

  6. Wendy Hooper says:

    Well done, looks beautiful.

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