Penarth Marina’s residential area -which is to have a Neighbourhood Watch scheme set up

Following the spring and summer spate of thefts from cars and homes in Penarth Marina, a revived Penarth Marina Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is now close to being launched.

Penarth Marina Residents Association say all they are now waiting for is for formal approval from South Wales Police and official permission to post  official “Neighbourhood Watch” signage around the residential area of the Marina.

Chief Inspector Tony Williams who is directly in charge of local policing attended a meeting of Penarth Marina Residents in July

A public meeting was held in the Marina on July 10th with Chief Inspector Tony Williams, who is in charge of local policing (See

Tonight (Thursday August 9th) there is to be a “Drop In Session” held at Penarth Police HQ in Windsor Road for local residents living in the Marina itself and anywhere in Penarth who wish to raise any issues they may have about local crime and anti-social behaviour.

The “drop-in sessions”  are open to everyone – living anywhere in Penarth – and  provide an opportunity for any local residents  to raise matters of concern on a one-to-one basis with police officers .

The new drop-in sessions have  replaced the former so-called “PACT” meetings which were held in various electoral wards of the town and in the offices of Penarth own Council at West House in Stanwell Road.


The extensively advertised Police drop-in session due to take place this evening was cancelled at extremely short notice

In the event the Penarth Police “drop in session” at the Police Station this evening was cancelled with almost zero notice . Police said this was because of an “on-going incident”  

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  1. Josh Henigan says:

    Andrew Worsley please note. Tonight’s session “is open to everyone…..and provide an opportunity for any local residents to raise matters of concern on a one-to-one basis with police officers”. For critics on here it’s a put up or shut up opportunity.

  2. Linda Guilfoyle says:

    According to the Penarth Times today the police station is open from 4.30 – 5.30pm. While that is useful it is not helpful for people at work.

  3. Frank Evans says:

    Perhaps the neighbourhood Watch should setup a register of all CCTV systems and their IPs
    That way the police won’t have to bother to leave their desks and the world famous South Wales police face recognition software can do it’s magic. Result; old Mrs Meggins gets arrested again 😣

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    I agree Linda , in fact its tokenism in my book .

  5. Andrew Worsley says:

    Josh please please spare me! , you and I and everyone have read seen and heard of the Polices inability to get the problem of crime in Penarth sorted , why do you think the locals are setting up a neighbourhood watch ???……………..answer .. they cannot rely or depend on the Police to tackle the issue . Battlestar ooops I meant ‘Operation Galactica ‘ hows that coming along ??? must be working a treat!!!??? LOL

    • Josh Henigan says:

      So you didn’t have the guts to take the opportunity to tell them face to face?

  6. Andrew Worsley says:

    No Josh , do you imagine in your wildest dreams they would have listened and took notice ? get a grip. Its only a sop to public concerns nothing new or different etc will happen . I was informed some time ago by those very boys IN YELLOW and blue that some of the CCTV cameras in the town are indeed working this was then contradicted by the very same people about 10 days later .
    And name calling Josh is not what this website is for , if you cannot keep a civil tongue in your head I suggest you use Facebook to spout off as they get all sorts of rubbish on their , as your probably a regular ray of sunshine on that website too.

    • Josh Henigan says:

      Never use it but you seem familiar with it. I asked a straight question with no name calling and nothing but a civil tongue. Your answer seems to indicate that grizzling on here is more profitable than a direct approach to the people of whom you complain. Do you really think that?

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