There will be no more scenes like this : These black bags and a litter bin were left out on the pavement on Stanwell Road on Christmas Eve but still hadn’t been collected on December 27th

Householders in Penarth will no longer have to try to guess when rubbish will be collected by the Vale of Glamorgan Council after a Bank Holiday.

From now on rubbish collections will always take place on the same regular day of the week – and won’t be postponed for a day – or even two days –  because of Bank Holidays as they have been in the past.

Vale of Glamorgan refuse collectors

The previous system – such as it was – often made it hard for householders to guess when – or sometimes if – collections would take place in the wake of a Bank Holiday.

Now starting from this month – and including the August Bank Holiday – rubbish collections will always be carried out “on the normal collection day”  – irrespective of whether that day is a Bank Holiday or not . The council says it hopes that “this will make it easier for householders  and limit any inconvenience”.


From September 3rd 2018 the new restrictions on the number of  black bags that can be left out for collection come into force . From that date a maximum of only TWO black bags can be put out for collection. The new black bag restrictions were first reported by PDN on February 18th 2018 (See )

Also from September 3rd 2018 , black bags which contain recycling can no longer be taken to the Vale Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centres  .

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  1. Andy Fenton says:

    So, if your collection day is Christmas Day (25th), collection will take place? Also, reference to black bag collection, I wonder how the council will monitor : houses that occupy a shared drive where all residents handily put them all in one area for ease. If there is more than an average of two, what happens? Will they all be left uncollected? Just curious.

    • NewsNet says:

      There is no specific reference to scheduled Christmas Day collections in the Vale Council press release. The council only says ” Your collection day will not change” .
      There is to be a relaxation in the 2-black-bag limit “over Christmas and New Year” (i.e. people can leave out more than 2 bags without facing enforcement action by the council) but it is not clear whether collections ostensibly due to take place on Christmas Day will actually take place on that day.

  2. PB says:

    Very helpful, anyone away from home won’t get their bags picked up unless they leave them in the street for the seagulls and rats and the council workers get overtime no doubt.

  3. Concerned says:

    When I lived in Bridgend they introduced a 2 bag limit and sub contracted out to Kier recycling who were nothing short of abysmal. On a weekly basis Queues to the tips trailed back over a mile, so inevitably people couldn’t be bothered to wait, so fly tipped. On top of this they introduced 6 different recycling bags which was an absolute nightmare. Staff didn’t have time to empty 6 bags per house, so things including food waste were left for up to a week . The maggots and rats had a field day. Bridgend Council made the National press it got so dire. These restrictions will not work. The VGBC needs to learn the lessons of other councils who have implemented them .

  4. Peter Church says:

    I work away a lot and miss the fortnightly collections quiet regularly.
    Will I get a credit note if I don’t leave any black bags out, so I can increase the number when I’m back for the next collection?
    Or will I end up driving to Sully recycling depot with my black bags, which is more likely.

    • Peter Church says:

      Can I make a plea to the nice chaps who collect my green bags.
      Please throw them back into the gardens, rather than leave them on the pavement/roads to blow around all day.
      I’ve had to drive home just to tidy up the green bags, which isn’t very green!

  5. Penileaks says:

    The common sense approach would be that the refuse collections will not take place on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day as these are surely special days in the year for the refuse collectors and their families as well as everyone else. The rest of the year i’m sure that they will get a day in lieu or straight double pay for the bank holiday day worked and why shouldn’t they.
    As for the 2 black bag rule, this will be chaotic, just as it is in the Pontypridd area at times, especially when the students leave at the end of the year, have a clear out of their flats and houses, produce multiple black bags of general rubbish and two get collected, the others all end up with little yellow warning stickers on them, but the students have left and the streets become littered in the fall out from split bags………and a week or so later the RCT Council send out a team to clean it all up. The same prospect for the Vale I suspect !

  6. Penarth resident seeking balanced political reporting says:

    “Householders in Penarth will no longer have to try to guess when rubbish will be collected by the Vale of Glamorgan Council after a Bank Holiday.”

    There is no need for guess work. All people need to is keep the leaflet that states the collection dates for the year ahead and following what it says.

    I think some are too quick to pass judgement on a system. If those which to change the system, they should stand for election become a council member and change it. No comment from the with the pages and comment section of blogs.

    • Josh Henigan says:

      You’re flogging a dead horse I’m afraid mate.

    • AK says:

      Agreed – I have a black dot (for black bags) on my wall calendar in the kitchen until the end of the year.

      But people will still put the bags out too early / too late or too many and totally ignore th guidance.

      I don’t think the Cogan flats do any recycling whatsoever – all I ever see is mountains of black bags out a week or so early.

  7. johnm says:

    Yes thanks TORY VALE for spending no time on this ‘consultation’ and inflicting am expensive ludicrous and unhegienic pile of .. err .. uncollected waste on us all. May it all hang around your necks at the next elections .

  8. Lesley Monger says:

    Will people who constantly leave out green food bins and other unsightly rubbish on a regular basis not just on collection day be fined or penalised?
    Also when do we get our streets cleaned?

  9. FlowerPower says:

    Those of us with a Friday collection have our collections pushed to a Saturday and quite often a Sunday because not enough staff. By the end of the week many have forgotten about the bank holiday Monday earlier, so rubbish out from Thursday pm until Sunday has been a repeat problem. Collection on the correct day irrespective of BH is sensible

  10. Frank Evans says:

    Great. No more guess work.

    • PB says:

      exactly, just pop them outside subway on the way to work as the photo shows, easier than all that messing about with stickers and fines.

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