A new on-line petition has been launched to oppose the dumping of 320,000 tonnes of potentially radioactive mud a mile off shore from Penarth

A new on-line petition has  now been  launched to oppose plans by the French energy company EDF to dump 320,000 tonnes of allegedly ‘nuclear’ mud from the Hinkley Point nuclear power complex  – just a mile off-shore from Penarth.

The ‘nuclear’ mud dumping had been due to begin the day after tomorrow (Thursday August 16th) after EDF gave the bare minimum of advance notice to the Welsh Labour Government’s environmental watchdog Natural Resources Wales

However in a 180-degree U-turn at the weekend, EDF – possibly prompted by growing public concern – changed its mind and said the dumping project would be postponed until “September” (no precise date was given).

This mud at the site of the old Hinkley Point nuclear power station – which campaigners say could be radioactive – is to be dumped in the sea off Penarth – thanks to the Welsh Labour Government

More than  7,000 members of the public had already signed a previous on-line petition against the scheme – but this was arbitrarily rejected by the Welsh Labour Government.

Labour ministers – none of whom are scientists themselves – decided to follow the official advice they had been given and declared that the dredged-up mud is will be “safe”.

Stephen Doughty (Labour MP Cardiff South and Penarth – left) and Vaughan Gething (Labour AM Cardiff South and Penarth) have kept very quiet about the project

Despite their supposed obligation to “represent” the people of  Penarth , the two  Labour politicians Stephen Doughty (Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth) and Vaughan Gething (Labour AM for Cardiff South and Penarth) have remained uncharacteristically silent on the project.

Cllr John Thomas Conservative Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council opposes the mud dumpng

The Conservative run Vale of Glamorgan Council and its leader Cllr John Thomas  had demanded more thorough testing before the go-ahead for any dumping was given – but the council’s plea was over-ridden and ignored by the Welsh Labour Government.

Conservative AM for South Wales Central David Melding enjoys the sun on the sea front at Penarth

Local Conservative AM David Melding (South Wales Central) – who lives in Penarth – has declared his support for the nuclear mud-dumping project and says he is not convinced by the arguments that environmental lobbyists have marshalled against the plans.

The new petition is aimed at the Welsh Labour Government’s First Minister Carwyn Jones and says “We call on you to suspend the license to dump mud and clays from Hinkley Point in the Severn Estuary.

Despite the weight of public opposition Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones is likely to refuse calls to halt the project. He quits in December.

The petition to Carwyn Jones goes on to state “Your ministers have failed to meet your duties on safeguarding our marine environment (UK Marine Act) and to comply with the international agreements (OSPAR, London anti-dumping Convention) on assessment of effects upon human health and marine flora and fauna. The mud was insufficiently tested at depth, with only 5 compared with the minimum 7 under OSPAR for the 300 000 tonnes. The Senedd Petitions Committee was right to ask for further testing and NRW wrong to refuse it, as the few deeper samples show up to 3 times more uranium and radium. The data are reproduced at
There was no testing for radioactively “hot” microparticles, as found near other nuclear reactor sites, which would be serious if inhaled or ingested. The testing for toxic heavy metals found abundances above “Action Level 1″. Especially as the dumping ground is in the Severn Estuary SAC (Special Area of Conservation), it was essential for the harm to wildlife to be assessed and mitigated or avoided.”

The red area is where the mud from the nuclear power station site will be dumped – starting next Thursday

The petition goes on to say “This mud will deposit on mud-flats in the Estuary and up its tidal rivers, blow ashore as dust when drying out, or blow ashore from micro-spray generated by white-water bubbles, so contaminating food-growing sites and gardens. No-one knows how much of a problem this could be – a precautionary approach must be taken while it is studied.”

Anyone who wants to sign the protest petition can do so on

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  1. Chris David says:

    Signed. Funny how the verbose brothers Doughty and Gething are so quiet on this eh! No doubt under the Stalinist Labour cosh.

  2. Jack says:

    Wasn’t the Welsh Government formed to avoid Wales being sh@t on?
    so why they accommodate this?

  3. Jack says:

    don’t want to hijack this issue but anyone seen the prison exercise yard they built over Paget Road Rec?
    This council needs to get advice on small (once green) town aesthetics – much as they want to get down wiv the kids, please stop making the place look industrial strength and inner city.
    A small park with trees now looks like something out of Hells Kitchen.

    • What I don’t understand is why they are doing this work when this area is most needed – during the school summer holidays.

      Children need areas to play safely but shouldn’t be close at this time of the year.

      Perhaps the people in Barry planning this don’t know the dates of the school holidays in Penarth or more likely don’t care.

  4. John Guilfoyle says:

    If we are to ignore the scientific advice based on scientific data, then there is no factual basis on which to make a decision. Everybody knows that decisions are made on available data – from buying a washing machine to buying a car or a house. Every data set can be challenged for a lack of completeness (consider an estate agent or used car salesman), but the scientific evidence is that the dumping is safe, so follow it. The precautionary approach is fine when the evidence is genuinely doubtful, but delaying a decision just because more research might find more data to argue about is ridiculous. Like not buying a house because there’s been an earth tremor twice in the past thirty years. Remember your chance of being killed on the roads each year is about one in thirty thousand. It is about acceptable risk.

    • Pip says:

      The mud is radioactive. That’s enough risk for me thanks!

    • johnm says:

      The sludge comes from outside a nuclear reactor in England – and no one seems to want to dump it in England. We don’t want it here, no need for evidence or precautionary principles, unless maybe you would like it dumped on your garden?

    • Gomer Duncan says:

      The problem with any piece of “research” is that, in this globalist age, there will always be another piece of “research” which contradicts it. Want me to prove that the Earth is flat? No problem, there’s plenty of “research” that proves it.

    • J. P. Hudson says:

      Do you live with your family in Cardiff Bay or Penarth?

  5. Lesley Monger says:

    Both myself and my husband have signed the petition
    Is it too late?

  6. Chris David says:

    Really! C’mon vast oversimplification. I remember when it was “considered” “safe” to use the quarry adjacent to Byrd Crescent as a chemical and lime dump- still polluting Cosmeston to this day! What price your delaying a decision” because all the facts aren’t known”- wow. And the WG environmental “minister” is very quiet- along with Doughty and Gething both under the cosh. What do WG know (well known for suppressing public information) that the public don’t? You didn’t say what damage the tremors did! The advice differs and it’s prudent to act on the side of caution.

    • Gomer Duncan says:

      More “research”. This time from the Chris David Institute of Conspiracy Theory.

  7. John Guilfoyle says:

    There is a subtle difference between conspiracy theory and scientific data. I’m sure that you would have opposed roads, canals, and railways on the grounds that they were environmentally unfriendly. Which they are. Ned Ludd would applaud you!

    • snoggerdog says:

      we are being offered to take MUD,not a road,not a canal,not a railway but MUD! ned ludd would applaud us im not even going to bring the nuclear bit into the equation. i will ask the question again mr guilfoyle,can we dump tons of mud off penarth,NO

      • If the mud is so harmless why isn’t it being offered for refurbishment of the canals in England? What’s the betting that some of it ends up on our beach in Penarth?

    • johnm says:

      Trumpian distraction alert!!
      Ned Ludd was never offered thousands of tonnes of nuclear effluent filled mud, it says much for your view of Wales that you think we should be grateful for this offering! Tell you what, if it’s so good, why not dump it all over Weston super Mare?

  8. Chris David says:

    Subtlety not your strong point then.

  9. Pip says:

    The pair of them are as useless as each other.

  10. J. P. Hudson says:

    When will the people of Penarth and Cardiff wake up, I suspect when they see the white glow of radiation from Cardiff mud flats from the shores of Cardiff and Penarth, its too late then.
    Ever since thousands of lowly educated minors were used as slaves, to dig out the coal from our once beautiful valleys, for the ennobled upper class to line their pockets, the starving minors having to pay rents for their cold, damp, tiny stone cottages, build by the themselves, but owned by their paymasters.
    I am once again appalled at the continuing discrimination against the Welsh by the English side of the Severn Estuary, in fact, I am not sure they are within their legal rights to even dump waste of any kind in that particular area, being that, according to Bristol Pilots navigation law 1497, the upper limit of the channel is between sands point Summerset North of Western Super Mare and Lavernock Point, immediately South of Penarth, South Wales, and anything east of that point is The Severn Estuary, not defined as a sea, The dumping licence being granted for dumping at sea. not in a estuary with proud embankments less then 10m in depth. few more points to add,
    1. In 2015 why was there a change over of the newly founded Natural Resources, Wales committee, The 2014 committee having given the go ahead for the dumping?
    2.Why was there strong Royal linked names aloud to sit on the committee in 2014?
    3. Am I correct in thinking The Earl of Plymouth or the Monarch own all mineral rights of the Bristol and would have rubber stamp all dredging licences for the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary?
    J Hudson.

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