Environmentalist and Plaid Cymru candidate Anne Greagsby campaigning in Penarth. She stood against Labour candidate Neil Thomas in St Augustine’s Ward for election to the Vale of Glamorgan Council

The Welsh Nationalist Party Plaid Cymru is to call one of its Penarth council candidates Anne Greagsby before a party disciplinary panel for allegedly having “offended” transgendered people .

Ms Greagsby – who stood as a candidate for Plaid Cymru in last year’s Vale of Glamorgan Council and in the Penarth Town Council elections – is to appear before what’s being termed as a Plaid Cymru “tribunal” on September 1st.

Penarth resident and Plaid Cymru activist Anne Greagsby

Ms Greagsby is alleged to have committed the cardinal sin of stating on social media that people with penises are not women – a remark which has apparently outraged the ever-more-politically-correct Welsh Nationalist Party.

Ms Greagsby is claimed to have said that  “No woman has a penis”,  that “No female has a penis” and that “Trans women are men” –  biological observations which, a few years ago,  would have been regarded as stating the obvious  – but which are now anathema to so-called “progressive” political parties .

Ms Greagsby has also challenged the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s so-called “Transgender Inclusion Schools Toolkit” – a left-over project inherited from the previous Labour administration which was published in April.

Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood wearing a pro-gay “Plaid Pride” T-Shirt

Plaid Cymru activists were present in large numbers at the so-called “Pride” event this weekend in Cardiff  and party leader Leanne Wood was there to endorse the occasion. It’s against this background that her party is apparently now seeking to haul-up before it anyone daring to express a non-politically-correct, dissenting view.

Writing on a blog called Transgender Trend  Anne Greagsby had stated: “I think parents and school teachers and governors should be consulted before they go ahead teaching this unscientific dangerous nonsense.” She adding fuel to the fire by claiming This trans cult mania is being pushed on us by the porn industry and pharmaceutical industries and those who provide surgery. Our children must be allowed to live in the healthy bodies they were born with.” 

The on-line news service Wales on Line has now received what are said to be leaked letters of complaint about Ms Greagsby’s comments – quoting one of them claiming to be from Emyr Gruffydd of the Plaid Cymru youth group Plaid Ifanc. This describes Ms Greagsby’s comments as tasteless and insulting to transgender people in general”.

EmyrGrufydd is quoted as saying “I am ashamed that a ‘trans person’ has been insulted in such a manner by someone who is very outspoken about being a member of Plaid Cymru – this has the potential to be very damaging to Plaid Cymru amongst transgender people” . It’s not known how many “transgender people” are members of Plaid Cymru and, of them,  how many have actually been “insulted”.

Plaid Cymru ‘s  chief of staff Mabli Jones is claimed to have said Anne Greagsby’s tweets “with Plaid Cymru’s logo on her profile picture, …brings the party into disrepute”.

Plaid Cymru, however, is now a party facing rather more serious problems than those posed by the outspoken Ms Greagsby: –

  • Plaid Cymru’s current leader Leanne Wood is having to fend-off  leadership challenges from prominent AMs  Adam Price and Rhun ap Iorwerth, both of whom, unlike Wood,  speak Welsh and have distinctly more clout than she does.
  • In January this year Plaid expelled the popular and plain-speaking AM Neil McEvoy who now sits as an independent in the Welsh Assembly for South Wales Central (which includes Penarth).
  • In July  Plaid AM Simon Thomas resigned with immediate effect after being arrested by the police on suspicion of the possession indecent images.


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  1. Peter Church says:

    Not sure I should really comment on this either one way or the other!
    If everyone faced a disciplinary panel everytime they offended someone I’m not sure there would be anyone left to seat on the panels.

    I for one would have been locked up years ago

  2. Playing at Politics says:

    Leanne Wood needs to watch her back.
    Rhun ‘ap’ Iorwerth won’t rest until he is First Minister of Wales.
    He seems to think he was born to it.
    His desperation and sense of self entitlement are embarrassing.

  3. Jampot says:

    Oh dear, gay is not trans, Pride doesn’t need quotation marks, and Anne Greagsby has been writing to local papers attacking the Vale’s well intended attempt at not bullying vulnerable people. She also supports and even recommends an alternative ‘programme’ to which is believed to have been written by an American right winger to raise funds for her own agenda.

    It is entertaining that the ridiculous Right and radical feminists make common cause where it comes to bullying transexuals whom, they all seem to think, are gay men.

    What bliss ignorance is. Perhaps Ms G would like to tell us which other agenda she would like the reactionary yanks to spend the money she’s been helping them to raise ? Anti gay men? Anti gay marriage? Anti abortion ? We should be told!

    • Anne Day says:

      The point she is making is that either not all or, more probably, only a few transsexuals have actually made a fully physical transition through reconstructive surgery which can produce a simulacrum of the other sex’s genitals. What she might have added is that biologically, in terms of bio-chemistry, it is impossible to change sex since daily hormone injections are required to maintain the illusion of, say, female sexual characteristics. Some things are not possible. Remember the reality principle.

      • Ralph says:

        We’re well aware of the point she is making and it’s not how you describe it.

      • Penarth Commentator says:

        She is not making any ‘point’, just expressing her bigotry. She has a long history, including being chucked out of two other parties and has regularly twittered homophobic rants. Anne, you are of course wrong regarding ‘sex change’, it is rare but it happens in humans, particularly when people are born intersex and change over time. Depending on the research you read, 0.5 -1.7% of the population are born intersex. The problem comes from the use of the word ‘transsexual’ when the transgender community are talking about, well, gender. See the difference?

      • Honey Badger says:

        Anne, and you’re an expert in biology and bio-chemistry, are you? People DO change sex, people DO change gender.

        That woman from Plaid, like you, is using a discredited version of science as a front for her own bigotry.

    • Ralph says:

      All she needs now is to embark on an anti cycling campaign and she could become a regular PDN contributor.

      • Talk to the Hand says:

        Plus a cache of smart-alec, superior ripostes and it’s hey-ho, hello Ralph!

    • You demonstrate your own ignorance in being apparently unaware of the two main classes of trans-identifying men: genuine transexuals having dysphoria who are generally homosexual and tend to have genital surgery, and autogynaphiles (the majority – they used to be termed transvestites), who often do not have surgery other than boob jobs and tend to be heterosexual. It is the latter group whom, in a minority of cases, pester women and are misogenists. Transexuals are often womens’ allies.

      • Honey Badger says:

        There is no such thing as “trans-identifying men”. Trans women ARE women, trans men ARE men.

        Furthermore, over 90% of those who do have gender reassignment surgery are STRAIGHT.

        Take your bull*** elsewhere.

  4. Jampot says:

    Ps: you forgot to mention that the unfortunate case around Simon Thomas is centr d on a married man.

  5. David Day says:

    “…. very damaging to Plaid Cymru amongst transgender people.” These people are not canny enough to do the political arithmetic. There are between 300,000 and 500,000 transgender people in the UK (source: Equality and Human Rights Commission). If it’s a choice between upsetting them or the number of voters that believe that women don’t have male genitals (can you believe we have to say things like that nowadays as if they were arguable?), any practical politician would know what to do ……. though not Plaid Cymru, of course.

    • Christopher David says:

      That’s circa 2,000 votes gross. Less the young, disinterested, bright, confirmed some other lot et al. I’m not sure it’s a big deal! Oooww- no pun intended.

  6. Christopher David says:

    Indeed Mr Church I get. But a question for me is how can a bunch of hobbyists have a disciplinary panel anyone would rock up to let alone listen to? Admitted though I know little about amateur Welsh Politics. Transgender- isn’t that another “one” to funded out of the much misused accident and ill fund?

  7. Racist and Homophobic Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    I want to go on record as stating that I never ever went to that Tranny Club in that little enclosed courtyard in Cable Street in Limehouse on a Saturday night. Okay.

    • Peter Church says:

      Funny you mention Cable Street!
      Wasn’t this when in 1936 the anti fascist groups triumphed over the British Union of Racists, sorry I meant Fascists

  8. Penileaks says:

    I think from Plaids reaction to these totally fact based comments, makes me assume that they are ALL Transgender and if they try and deny it, they should prove otherwise by getting their kit off on the Senedd steps and then we’ll know the truth !

  9. Ralph says:

    Perhaps the odious Ms Greagsby should be in touch with Captain Hannah Winterbourne.

    Hannah, 31, is a Captain with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
    Born in Cardiff, in 2013 Hannah came out as a transgender woman and became the highest ranking transgender soldier within the British Army.
    It was returning from a tour of Afghanistan when she decided to contact a gender specialist.
    She said she had spent 25 years being “deeply unhappy” in her body and after living in such a male environment, “enough was enough”.

    • snoggerdog says:

      you allright ralph?

    • Penarth Commentator says:

      Agree Ralph. Captain Hannah Winterbourne spoke really well at Pride on Saturday. She spoke with strength, honour and dignity, a real leader in the real world.

  10. Peter King says:

    Is this the same Anne Greagsby who was the subject of much derision on here at the time of her woeful election campaign? Indeed it is. It seems that she has at last found a cause which resonates with the more unpleasant wing of the rabid right.

  11. Astranar Shadowsong says:

    She stated a scientific fact have you people lost your minds?!!!

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