The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Two-Black-Bag public information roadshow made its final appearance in Penarth today and dealt with  a steady stream of enquries from local residents

The new household limit of no more than 2 black refuse bags per household was being explained to local residents in a public information campaign roadshow in Penarth Town Centre today.

The new limit came into force at the beginning of this month  and is designed to reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste which the Vale Council currently has to pay to have incinerated .

Bethan Thomas is a business improvement officer at the Vale Council who is managing all the changes and colleague Ritchie Gregg is one of the Vale’s “waste wardens” who’ll be coming to call on residents who go over the limit.

There has been a steady stream of callers at the mobile display unit throughout the day – following on from an earlier information session held last week at Penarth Pier.

Not only is the number of black bin bags limited to 2 per collection – but the size of the bags is also now restricted. Only “normal” black bags of between 60 and 90 litres in capacity are being allowed. Anything larger than that is not acceptable – ruling-out builders’ rubble bags and 100-litre-size wheely bin bags .

One of the most frequently asked questions was about flats and houses with “communal areas”  where there are multiple occupiers . The team has been advising residents  that if there are 20 black bags left for collection at a block of – say – flats with 10 tenants ,that is acceptable.  However if the number of bags left for collection is, for example, more than 20, the excess bags will still be collected –  but a “waste warden” will  investigate call to have explain to tenants what they have to do in  a conversation with the tenants . For every tonne by which the council exceeds  its non-recylable waste limit,  it is fined by the Welsh Labour Government.

There are exceptions allowed for people with large families ( of 6 or more), mothers with young babies in nappies and  those who have medical conditions which necessitate the use of disposable materials. Such residents are entitled to an extra black bag allocation.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council Parks Department’s new British-made weedkilling machine – being demonstrated here by expert groundsman Geoff – uses super hot steam to dispatch unwanted weeds – thereby cutting out the use of poisonous chemicals

Also on display at the roadshow was the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s new  environmentally-friendly weedkilling machine. Instead of using chemicals like “Round-Up”, it dispenses  super-hot steam at 112 degrees centigrade to kill the weeds -thus  avoiding the use of herbicides and pesticides.

So far the Vale Council only has one of these British built machines – but it should help save a considerable financial outlay in the purchase of chemical weedkillers –  and also help save the environment.

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  1. wdytyae1920 says:

    In regard to waste/recycling collections on Bank holidays the VoG Council has stated that the new arrangements mean that waste will be collected on Bank Holidays rather than the day or two after which has been the previous arrangements. I have though received confirmation that these new arrangements do not apply to Christmas Day or Boxing Day even though this period includes a Bank Holiday. Given the amount of presents packaging over this period if residents put out their waste on these two days it will not be collected and I can imagine cardboard and paper wrappings blowing all over the pavements/roads.

    • Mary says:

      Simple maths don’t put your rubbish out till collection day.

      • mikeyorke says:

        That’s what ought. I’m pretty sure the leaflet said we’l be told nearer the time when our Xmas day/New Years day collections will take place

  2. Dom says:

    Just got to get them to actually use the new flashy weedkiller all over Penarth now !

  3. Andrew Worsley says:

    Wow just the sort of equipment needed in Penarth killing weeds with red hot water. Do they have a version for eradicating dog wee or excrement if so the people on Rectory Rd would I’m sure be happy to hear about it and anyone elsewhere that has a peeing problem or a dog poo problem , nothing worse than pee and poo that you didn’t do too.

  4. The Tax payer says:

    Now watch the fly tipping increase. Went to the tip today with a very mixed bag of waste and was told I would need to tip out on the floor and separate it. The bag had been outside for some time and didn’t fancy doing that with no gloves so I took back home and put it in a Black bag and the Vale can now pay to pick it up at take it away.
    And before you say it. I know indirectly I will be paying for this but haven’t got the time sort small bits of wood, pvc, paper and old paint brushes and so on into small plastic bags and then drive to the tip.

  5. Plassey Resident says:

    So if you live in a 1 bed flat you get 2 bags allocated. If you live in a 6 bedroom family home the same. Why do we all pay different council tax???

    J O K E A S U S U A L !

    • Cogan nomen says:

      Totally agree with you .

      • Jude says:

        Here here! No consideration taken into account of how many people live in the porperty either i.e. the more people there are more waste that is generated. I know it’s pointing out the blooming obvious, but you feel like you have to nowadays as common sense is seriously lacking in such decisions.

        Tax rebate please.

  6. Steven says:

    What I was told … continue as normal..1 bag 2 bags 3 bags we can’t do anything!

  7. Steven says:

    And as far as steam cleaning … it takes me ages to steam clean my loo let alone the bloody vale of Glamorgan!

  8. Sue davis says:

    So what is to stop people putting their black bags outside neighbouring houses

  9. Fair's Fair says:

    Here’s an idea….. Rather than all the negativity and complaining why don’t we give it a go and see how we get on.

  10. Taxpayer says:

    It’s a joke,just like our town council are we having a rebate on our council tax?

    • Peter King says:

      If you can explain the relationship between the Town Council and our waste collection it might be helpful to us all.

  11. gareth says:

    “Bethan Thomas is a business improvement officer at the Vale Council who is managing all the changes and colleague Ritchie Gregg is one of the Vale’s “waste wardens” who’ll be coming to call on residents who go over the limit.” Beware the commissars will be calling if you put a foot or bag out of place ,
    Im surprised that the Vale “stazzi” have not advertised for some rubbish spies.
    One thing to remember do not blame the “bin men” . They have a hard enough job without all the crap that will be coming their way. Its the Labour government in Cardiff behind all this ably assisted by the Vale council.

  12. Peter King says:

    A Tory Council ably assisting the Labour Government. That’s a novel idea.

  13. Sarah Pope says:

    I visited the Roadshow at Penarth last week. I’m happy to abide by the 2 bag rule, but I did have questions re: black bags and other people leaving theirs outside my house, contacting the council if this happened etc etc. Spoke to Bethan Thomas who was unable to answer any of my questions (the only questions she seemed to be able to answer was what was in the information leaflet or on the council web site). Anyway, she took my contact details and said that someone who could help would ring me – 8 days later I’m still waiting for the phone call! Read that the Vale of Glamorgan Council have been voted the worst in the UK – interesting!

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