A group of youths congregating last night outside office premises in Stanwell Road near the junction with Rectory Lane. The lane is already the focus of anti-social behaviour (Photo Hugh Whittingham)

South Wales Police last night issued an almost unprecedented request to the local parents in Penarth to check up on their teenage children and find out what they were up to.

Groups of youths were to be seen roaming around the Stanwell Road area last night near the junction with Rectory Lane which has been the focus of a number of incidents of anti-social behaviour and public urination in the last few weeks.

A group of youths congregating outside the HSBC bank in Stanwell Road last night (Photo Hugh Whittingham)

In May this year South Wales Police issued a warning to local parents telling them to lock away any booze in their homes and get a grip on their drunken kids.

The latest police warning – issued last night on the social medium “Twitter” – read as follows: –

The warning to the parents of teenage children issued by South Wales Police last night

The Twitter message said that at around 21:00 last night police were dealing with “a large group of youths believed to be involved in under-age drinking, public urination and general anti social behaviour in the Alexandra Park area.” 

The police asked parents on Twitter “If your teenagers are out this evening, please find out where they are” .

It is highly unusual for the police to put out such a message and indicates the continuing seriousness of the problem of underage drinking in the town.

Entrances to Alexandra Park from Rectory Road and the Dingle entrance  from Bridgeman Road/ The Glades were locked last night, but it would have been easy to climb over the gates.

Other teenagers could be seen last night  congregating on the steps of adjacent offices, on the steps of  Penarth Library and on the bench outside the HSBC bank.

Sergeant Julie Madoc Smart of South Wales Police

On June 26th 2018 Sergeant  Julie Madoc Smart of Penarth Police said  “We are keen to get the message out to parents to help us by making sure they know where their teenagers are when they are out and about in the evenings.” 

Police investigations indicate that, rather than attempt to buy alcohol over the counter or in local pubs , teenagers are “taking alcohol belonging to their parents from their homes and out into the community.”

Sgt Madoc Smart said in her June statement  “I would urge parents to check where they store their alcohol at home and talk to their children about the dangers of underage drinking.”



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  1. whatsoccurin says:

    I think what concerns the public is the number of youths involved and the time scale-often around midnight before things quieten down-from parents point of view, some of the youngsters are hardly in their teens, and the groups also contain dubious looking characters in their late teens/early twenties-young children are very much at risk in these groups and parents do need to be more vigilant.

    • The Tax payer says:

      Penarth used to be and nice safe place to live. But not any more I’m sorry to say. Why people still want to move to the area is beyond me. Maybe a good time to move out when property values are what they are as they will soon come crashing down.

  2. Clare says:

    Police should take them home to their parents and then fine parents for their lack of parental control over their little darlings

  3. Insurgency Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    Helicopter ambulances for Vaughan Gething, special street patrols and personalised CCTV for Alun Michael, how about an LGBT club in the Windsor Arcade for Stephen Doughty!

    Get rid of the bastards I say.

    • Peter Church says:

      What you have just said is a hate crime!
      Anyone, no matter if they themselves are LGBT can taken offence and report you to the Police.

      • Racist and Homophobic Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

        No its not. I’m making a serious proposal that we should cater for the minorities in our community, especially if they are leaders.

      • Peter King says:

        The sooner the better please.

    • LJS says:

      I am a gay person living in Penarth, I am no fan of Stephen Doughty or the Labour administration but your comments are inappropriate, do constitute hate based on sexual orientation and should be moderated out.

  4. Mr barybados says:

    Alexandra Park was full of kids about 11pm last night. They evidently have no problem in accessing it via the main gates or the Garden of Remembrance. Couldn’t something be done to hinder their easy access.

  5. GWR says:

    In addition to parental responsibilities , should some of out rep[reportedly ‘top’ schools also play their part !!!

  6. Andrew Worsley says:

    So once again we have the Police expecting the public to do their job for them, if there was more of a Police presence on the streets they wouldn’t be so keen on gathering in gangs . A drive past in a Police car or van does nothing and that’s the usual state of affairs at the moment. Looking at the photos it seems one group is gathered at a bus stop , so we can eliminate them as they are probably waiting for a bus or one of them is and with his pals, depends on the time of course which we are not told. Now if we had working CCTV cameras in the town placed at likely trouble spots it would help , but I tell you what lets build a headland walk , forget the other problems like getting CCTV restored , and we could build a dangerous , unsightly ‘white elephant ‘ on the headlands oooops! sorry someone’s already done it, probably didn’t cost much anyway!!?? Until the Police and those supposedly running things get their act together and get the priorities right we are just whistling in the wind.

    • Mollie Danielle says:

      Give it a rest Andrew! It’s not the job of the police to parent these kids! Maybe if parents were aware of what their children were up to when they are out and teaching about this behaviour, there wouldn’t be there problems!

  7. graham vodden says:

    There has been a serious lack of a police presents in Penarth over many years and until the police get back on the streets, things will only get worse.

  8. Archie says:

    Gangs of youths congregating in Alexander Park after the gates have been closed has been a problem for some time. This last Friday, Saturday and Sunday were particularly bad. On Saturday the noise did not subside until nearly midnight. I spoke to one of the officers who attended last night. He said that the excuse of the youngsters was that they had nowhere else to go. Worth thinking about!!
    Anti social behavior in Alexander Park is increasing with drinkers hogging the benches and dogs running off their leads and crapping out of site of their owners.
    Adults are not setting the youngsters a particularly good example

  9. As someone who is something of a reformed “miss spent youth”
    I would say, to a certain extent this is always going to happen in some capacity so locking up parks and spots where they can be activley monitored is probably a bad idea as they will find somewhere to congregate and the more concealed or inaccessable that is made the harder it would be for any emergency services or worried parent to get access to theier children if needed…. kind of better the devil you know… but at least if it is contained to an area police can do spot checks on those there…
    rather than driving round blindly looking for the youth at large.

    the main problem isnt the fact youths meet in groups its just human nature at that age for most wanting to be with thier peers..

    the issue is 1, if they are doing something dangeous / unsafe or being massivley anti social… i would wager for the most part none of them are its just people being scared of what they dont remember or understand.

    2, most antisocial behavior tends to becaused by “boredom”…. im not of age so i dont know but is there not a youth centre in Penarth? or some sort of provision for teens …. outside of thier bedrooms? the other driven by boredom is unfortunalty alcohol and rarely drugs… again access to these can be stopped really easily if the desire is there so it shoulnt be an issue in any responsible society.

    so rather than demonise the youth at large id ask people to ask themselves what is there actually for them to do ??? outside stay at home?….

    maybe keep one area open and safely lit encourage them to behave like adults before you apply the laws and social norms of adults on children?

    you only have to look at how full the pubs are of adults drinking.. being loud .. in groups..
    or sober adults in penarth who dont pick up thier dogs mess… put their rubbish out properly or park cars where they shouldnt…

    • Penarthlady says:

      I agree, when I was that age we had Cogan school youth club, the 2000 club, stanwell youth club and in the summer holidays ‘play scheme’ in Cogan rec. that was aimed at kids aged from about 10-16 years old. We even had a day trip organised by the play scheme, no parents just the kids and youth workers. Apart from that we hung around the streets and parks having fun and socialising better than being stuck in a bedroom on the Xbox or PlayStation. As soon as we got a bit older it was ‘Pegs’ nightclub on the pier which was predominantly filled with older teens I can’t ever remember any trouble. The only youth clubs I’ve heard of close very early so not really much use for older teens.

  10. Peter Church says:

    Why not let 16 years olds drink in the pubs.
    If the Labour Assembly think 16 year olds are grown up enough to vote then they must be grown up enough to drink and pay Alcohol taxes!

    • Penarthlady says:

      Or maybe one of the pubs could have a ‘youth night’ somewhere cool for the teens to go dress up, dance, listen to a band, flirt etc not necessarily serving alcohol but they would probably make more money selling snacks and soft drinks, taking an entry fee on the door than they do on one of their quiet nights.

  11. Andrew Worsley says:

    Mollie Daniellie my dear one, is this item about gangs of youths and the Polices interaction with them or not????Come on spit it out ! , of course it is my angel , so why are you telling me to ‘give it a break’ regarding Police criticism etc when this very item is concerning law and order etc.!!???? LOL . Ok Doris errr! I mean Mollie lets talk about something totally different to the topic at hand maybe something like people eating in the street !!!????
    Either get a grip or shut up.

    • Mollie Danielle says:

      If you feel that strongly, maybe you should stop hiding behind your keyboard, stop being disrespectful and patronising and apply to be mayor. You’ve got so many strong opinions, maybe you will be the difference that Penarth needs…..

    • Ralph says:

      You’re not even very good at patronising people.

  12. Nincompoop says:

    Well said Dan! People’s memory of their own youth seems easily forgotten. Teenagers have always been demonised, and I’m sure all the good citizens complaining here were no different. We can’t complain about them hanging out ( I am not saying committing a crime is acceptable in any way, but apart from the fact there are large groups,making some noise what is the problem.?).

    The language used to describe the teenagers “ roaming around”doesn’t exactly help either and only serves to fuel this negative image. It’s easy to blame the parents, do any of PDNreaders have any genuine suggestions to help parents with this ? With the best will in the world we can only try and instill good morals and values, but short of shadowing them24/7 what else would you suggest.?

    How about giving them a place to hang out a skate park perhaps ( oops I forgot there was concern about this creating anti social behaviour, probably the same people objecting to them “roaming”around Penarth).

    It’s easy to blame others but I think we need to consider the reasons why kids don’t have anywhere they can go and try and come up with some alternatives.

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