Dingle Road  – where the robberies took place at the weekend – runs alongside Dingle Road Railway Station and bears the scars of of graffiti and other anti-social behaviour

A gang of 5 black teenage boys – aged between 15 and 17 – is  being sought by South Wales Police after committing 2 night-time robberies in Dingle Road, Penarth.

Police say the first incident happened on Saturday night September 1st at around 22:10. Two teenagers were “approached” by the five robbers  who stole a bag and their mobile phones.

The second incident happened the following evening (Sunday September 2) at around 20:50. This time the gang approached a 15 year old boy – assaulted him –   and demanded he hand over his bike to them.

Penarth Police HQ where detectives are working to trace the 5 black violent teenage robbers

Detective Inspector Terry Hopkins says “Investigations into the two incidents are ongoing. Extra police patrols are taking place in the area while enquiries are made to identify the individuals responsible.”

Local residents are being warned by police to be vigilant if they visit Dingle Park at night

Inspector Hopkins has a warning for local residents. He says  “I would urge residents to be vigilant when travelling around the Dingle Park area at night in the coming days.

Anyone with any information which could assist officers is being asked to call 101 quoting reference 1800333913 or to call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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  1. Le Compte says:

    A group of black youths wearing hoodies were walking briskly and speaking loudly with each other at about 21.40 on Saturday night along the north side of Victoria Road towards the town centre. They were wearing hoodies. I have not seen this group previously.

  2. The Tax payer says:

    How much longer is it going to take before our Police force do something. Or are they waiting for it to get worse or a murder to take place. I know this may sound over the top but it was only a few days ago I said that Penarth is not the place it used to be.
    Can we please get the Police to STOP dealing with petty crime like litter dropping or parking issues and deal with this growing issue.
    You see it day in and day out groups hanging around just looking for trouble. As was quoted the other day maybe they should be taken home to the parents to answer why they are out and about late late at night.
    And STOP being so PC about things. I remember when I was a lad a local officer catching us pinching apples down one of the lanes. He gave what for and took us home and then my Father finished the job and we were grounded for a week. Never done that again 👍

    • Mr Fribble says:

      Relieved as I am to hear you’re no longer stealing apples, it would be interesting to hear what you think many of these kids are doing wrong. It’s no mystery there’s a lack of provision for 14-18 year olds in the town. Youth clubs that were available some years ago have all been shut down and you will hear from these kids themselves if you bother to give them the time of day that there is simply very little to do in Penarth for people within this age group.

      Let’s not hop on the crazy train here, because balking about murder is just a few stops short of it. We’re talking about a minority of bad apples who likely don’t live locally and see Penarth as a soft target. By my recollection it’s been viewed in this way by crooks both Barry and Cardiff side for a long time – nothing has changed.

  3. Hugh Chadderton says:

    Isn’t it about time for adult males in Penarth to start to protecting families and friends from nasty little tyrants like these? The only reason this group of black youths were successful in their intimidation and theft, is that there was no-one there to protect the boy. If there had been a group of able bodied adult males in the vicinity, who had taken it upon themselves to walk the streets of our town to prevent acts like these – regardless of the race of the perpetrators – then the risk of such incidents would be significantly lowered. Or you could leave to the police and the situation will get progressively worse.

    • Rhian says:

      Why do they have to be able-bodied adult males?
      If I saw anything like this I’d step in – and have previously done so, in the grounds of All Saints Church when a gang of boys set about stamping on the head on a teenage boy lying on the ground.
      Doubtless I’ll be told it’s a stupid thing to have done but who can see that and not do something?
      Everyone else walked on by.

      • Hugh Chadderton says:

        You’ve pretty much answered your own question Rhian – because they are much less likely to be injured in a confrontation. But well done for stepping-in to help the boy on the ground.

      • Derek says:

        Well done Rhian. Society needs more people like you.

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    Its going to get worse The Tax Payer in the newspapers yesterday 600 Police stations to be closed nationwide one on the list and featured was Penarth . The Police in Penarth have been unable to get on top of the recent crime wave and as we see in this article ‘word gets around’ I bet a pound to a penny this gang were from Cardiff and by the looks of it came by train. I do realise but not said in my criticism that the Police themselves are not wholly to blame and its lack of money and resourses the Police’s behaviour is only part of the picture. I keep mentioning it but it needs repeating , GET THE BLOODY CCTV CAMERAS WORKING or should I say replaced . I was made aware some time ago the monitors for the CCTV in Penarth had been moved to Bridgend , what the hell does Bridgend care about the fate of Penarth . Having said that the cameras around town no longer work their may be the off one but that’s not enough. proven by the mini crime wave. Penarth needs Police back on the beat even if they need to use dogs in certain areas too. The strange thing is todays Police have more gadgets and whatnots to help them but they counteract that by their failure to do the leg work.

  5. snoggerdog says:

    cmon mark where are you?

  6. Pigeon fancier says:

    Simple. C. C. T v. In. And. Around. The. Area

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