South Wales Police have not presented a report on crime figures to Penarth Town Council since the end of March

A new website providing the latest UK Government crime statistics for Penarth shows that sex offences and violence are now the most common crimes in the town.

The website ( )  is updated within 24 hours of the UK Government releasing the crime statistics.

The latest UK Government crime figures for Penarth and all other connurbations in the UK are now being published monthly on line . 43% of recorded crime in Penarth involved sex or violence.

These are the hotspots in Penarth for crimes involving anti-social behaviour. This level of detail has not been available before

The new website enables Penarth residents to interrogate the statistics and establish where exactly it is in the town that crimes are being committed.

Penarth Town Council is supposed to receive a police and crime report at every one of its six-weekly meetings – but hasn’t received a report from South Wales Police since the end of March.

A South Wales Police officer had been due to attend the June  meeting of Penarth Town Council and to provide councillors with an update on the latest crime figures – but in the event no one turned up and no data was provided.

It is acknowledged, however, that there has been a “summer spike” in crime in Penarth .

The number of crimes committed in June – broken down by category. The Penarth postcode quoted  includes a one mile radius around it


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  1. Peter King says:

    Over to you Andrew Worsley

  2. Andrew Worsley says:

    Thank you Peter King for the introduction …..cough , cough hrump!….now before I begin can I thank all the regulars for turning up especially those with a tendency or indeed a passion for disagreeing with me not many I know , but you know who you are. As Peter King pointed out in his introduction of myself , ‘we live in strange times’ , indeed we do Penarth is saying goodbye to its old image of a genteel Victorian seaside town , indeed ‘The Garden By The Sea’ is no longer a reality for example nobody has radioactive sludge at the bottom of their garden , no one has a dangerous viewing platform either stuck on a cliff waiting the right time to fall. At one time we would be talking about bird tables in Penarth not crime tables . And so unsavoury has it become nowadays that we have our own version of a wild west saloon in the form of a disturbing pub bang in the centre of town , all it needs are the swing doors fitted . This is the future people in this town can now look forward to an unsettled and somewhat rowdy future take for example the Bears Head pub it should be retitled The Bears Dead … just my little bit of fun there. Now moving on to the essence of this preamble or the subject at hand ………………..

  3. Andrew Worsley says:

    Lets put it this way if these figures are to be believed the situation is far worse than even I imagined . Just shows what can happen with no CCTV cameras working around the town , just shows what can happen when you are pandering to people with more money than sense that happen to reside in the Marina area , especially those who leave their cars unlocked, then have the cheek to moan. Just shows what can happen when your busy thinking up silly names for operations , just shows what can happen when your trumpeting masking up a data base of unsuspecting civilians by taking photos without their knowledge when they are out and about , called ‘stalking ‘ to the rest of us but if the Police do it even when unwarranted , its not stalking you see theirs one law for us normal people or civilians and one for the Police . If you walked around all day taking photos of people in the street from a camera pinned to your chest , they’d call it anti social or an offence but if the Police do it , well then its alright , and they think its alright if they are doing it and you notice to refuse if you ask it to be turned off. Anyway just shows whilst the Bobbies in Penarth are shoving the PSCOs out on to the street (they don’t have the power to make arrests) to cover for them . I wonder what computer games the Police pass their time with when they take a much earned rest from all the crimes listed above. Of course the list given above does mention ‘dog weeing incidents’ expect that’s in the 400 INCIDENTS a month we were told about ?.

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    should be does not mention dog weeing ……………sorry A Crackerjack pen and pencil for the clever clogs who spotted it

  5. Andrew Worsley says:

    Now I have gained more information connected to this topic i will expand on it at some time . Not on this page as it looks like its getting little if any responses.

  6. Peter Church says:

    I’ll try the Andrew and Peter show (and see if this is censored too!)

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