The Belgian registered dredger “M.V. Pagadder” is not yet anywhere near Hinkley Point – even though dredging is supposed to start tomorrow Thursday September 6th 2018 (Photo J.Dohrn)

What’s described as an “alliance of campaigners” is today due to  initiate legal action to try to stop 320,000 tonnes of allegedly radioactive mud  being dumped just a mile off shore from Penarth.

As previously reported by PDN, the mud comes from the sea bed adjacent to the nuclear power station complex at Hinkley Point, Somerset where there are already two existing nuclear reactors with a third – Hinkley Point C – currently under construction by the French energy firm EDF.

The dredger “Pagadder” is still in the Baltic at the moment

The dredger Pagadder – which will be working with another dredger called Sloeber – are not yet in UK waters – indicating that although dredging was due to start tomorrow, it’ll be at least a few days before it begins

Nevertheless an official “Notice to Mariners” has been posted by sub-contractors to EDG Balfour Beatty warning other shipping that the mud dredging and dumping operations are due to begin:-

The “Notice to Mariners” warning shipping of the dredging and mud dumping activities ostensibly due to begin tomorrow. September 6th 2018

The nuclear mud dumping site – marked in red – Is just a mile off the Penarth shore. Burnham on Sea is on the opposite shore

Because of the proximity of the offshore mud-dumping site to Cardiff Bay – the campaigners have adopted the name  “Geiger Bay”.

The campaigners – who include the environmental body “Friends of the Earth” say “We’re taking on the energy giant EDF” – and have initiaed a “crowd-funding” appeal  to help fund their legal expenses . This is on .

Plaid Cymru leadership contender Adam Price as only of only two AMs who attended the mass protest against the mud dumping in Cardiff – held on Bank Holiday Monday.

Adam Price (Plaid Cymru AM for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr ) was amongst the crowd of over 400 demonstrators who attended the protest at the Welsh Assembly on August Bank Holiday against the nuclear mud dumping.

Mr Price is one of the three AMs vying for the leadership of Plaid Cymru and is currently said to be in the lead. [The result of the contest will be announced at the end of the month

Ironically the name of one of the dredgers which is to deposit allegedly radioactive mud off Penarth – is “Pagadder” – an affectionate Belgian nickname for “children”

The Assembly’s so-called “Commissioner for Future Generations” – the unelected Labour Party stalwart  Sophie Howe –  who is supposed to be safeguarding Welsh children –  has failed to make any comment.

The Welsh Labour Government is in favour of the nuclear mud dumping off Penarth . Not a single Labour MP nor a single Labour AM has raised any objections to the scheme.

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  1. Local says:

    Can anybody reference any evidence to say that the mud has got higher levels of radioactivity than background levels? I would be interested to see the evidence. Thank you.

    • Sam says:

      Why are people so keen to establish the mud is safe?
      To dump thousands upon thousands of tonnes of mud which has not been adequately tested into a sea of tides, currents and winds which will spread whatever is in it?
      Are you a member of the Labour Welsh Assembly who seem so strangely quiet on this?
      Or the slavish media who appear to support the Assembly come what may?
      it as though this will proceed to save face – no matter what the possible cost to future generations.
      The question should be: Why would anyone want this to go ahead?
      What is the matter with you?

      • Peter King says:

        This “absence of evidence” business is a neat little soundbight but it wouldn’t stand up in court.

    • Clarke says:

      Coolant loop water comes into contact with the reactor core. You know the core is radioactive right? Enough said.

      • Ralph says:

        The coolant water is turned to steam that powers a turbine that provides electricity.

      • Burt Reynolds says:

        Both Hinkley A + B cores were cooled with CO2. this then went through a heat exchanger which, as it is made from metal would not allow Alpha or Beta radiation to pass through and very very unlikely gamma, this then went through another heat exchanger which is sea cooled which would guarantee that no A,B or G radiation would be present.

        but you know that right

  2. hopenotnasty says:

    National resources Wales insist that the mud has been fully tested to Internationally agreed standards. They say it poses no risk to human health or the environment and is not classed as radioactive under U.K. law. Move on.

    • Rhian says:

      Wonder how many people said “but where else can they put it?” until the spoil tip fell on Aberfan.

    • Johnm says:

      Would you like some for your garden ? There’ll be plenty to spare.
      Experts can be found to say anything, they said Grenfell Tower was safe, but in this case no tests on the sludge below 5cm … that’s quite recent given the way sediment builds up in the Severn.

      Also, this sorry affair has raised lots of issues from which it is in fact very difficult to, as you say, ‘move on’ ….

      1. The lack of accountability of politicians;
      2. Obvious and complete disregard for public opinion and safety;
      3. Welsh Assembly and Westminster both slavishly doing the bidding of the private Franco-Chinese company that owns the reactor;
      4. It’s not being a NIMBY to say dumping 300,000 tonnnes of sludge off our shore is not desirable, whether it’s radioactive or not;
      5. The craven silence of our local AMs and MP … they need to learn that they are here to represent us, not do what they are told.
      6. This does not include David Melding AM, a local Tory who has said publicly that … he agrees with using Cardiff Bay and Penarth as a sludge dumping ground;
      7. It does include Vaughan Gething AMwho wants us to feel that should he win the welsh labour leadership he will stand up for us all (!!). His silence in this issue speaks volumes.
      8. The idea that sludge from England can just be dumped in Wales to make profits for a private company (with no connection to Wales) and no one need care.
      9. The Assembly have not followed their own process for dealing with petitions of concern from the public.

      So, time to ‘move on’ … or time to do something?

    • Clarke says:

      The ‘experts’ also informed us thalidomide was safe.

    • The Tax payer says:

      Anyone ask who took the samples and from what location ?????? 👍🤔

  3. Philip Rapier says:

    Try this simple test and let us have the radiation result.
    Eat a minimum of 4 portions of fish per week caught off Cardiff, Penarth,Barry and Hinkley.
    Do this for the next 6 months. You will find a plentiful supply of Cod, Bass and Mackerel caught by local Anglers but beware the species that feed on the sea bed close to the Mud.
    This experimental fish diet should also be compulsorily on the Menu at the Assembly..

    • Johnm says:


    • Debbie says:

      The cost of subsidising Welsh Government canteens is £500,000 annually. If we have to foot this bill as taxpayers I think we should get a say on what’s on their menu starting with local sourced fish from the Bristol channel.

      • graham vodden says:

        Why are we subsidising this” cantina” at our cost of £500,000.Why can’t they carry there SNAP in brown paper along with a flask like we had to do .What on earth is going on .

  4. Richard says:

    The link to donate doesn’t work.
    Have they been silenced, I wonder?

  5. Derek says:

    Credit to the people who have gone to the effort of setting up this crowd funding page. However, isn’t it disgusting that we the people have to go to these lengths which are no doubt timely and costly. Politicans and councillors are suppose to be representatives of their constituents and as such, should have put a stop to this madness. They clearly don’t and we need a complete clearout from these selfserving parasites.

  6. graham vodden says:

    Just donated. Come on the rest.

  7. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Just out of interest does anyone know, or has it already been explained why the mud has to be dumped at this location rather than anywhere else in the broad expanse of sea and coastline? Seems a little strange to the lay person as to why the powers to be decided on this particular location.

    • The area has been used in the past, but not for this sort of material. NRW say that the tidal pull will distribute the mud over the sea bed. What no one is seeing is that the area at the site of Hinckley point had 18cms of mud dug up, but only 3 samples were taken and only the top 2 CMS were tested. If they have to dig below 2cms at Hinckley to place the outlet pipes of the new reactor, that untested mud will be removed and end up in the bay…..this is the real issue, which had been fudged by providing stats which looks like all testing has been done. If you are worried about this, please contact your MP and AM, sign the petition, and if able, contribute to the crowdfunding to gain an injunction. Thank you

  8. Sara says:

    Come on Geiger Gethin – cat got your tongue?!?!

  9. Andrew Worsley says:

    Now after all the furore about the dumping of radioactive waste a mile from Penarths beaches I suspect the Police and the Local Council are just waiting for the right moment to step in . We all recall the recent outcry about dogs and others doing their call of nature in the streets or back alleys , in the report it was investigated as a health hazard and had the potential to cause health problems especially for youngsters . To further enhance or hammer home this danger to health only a week later the Police responded to a report of a dog urinating in street (the first time in my life) I have ever , ever heard about the Police investigating such a ridiculous call. What ever happened to the charge of ‘wasting Police time’?

    Moving on , bearing in mind how concerned the Police were about the risk to health of citizens I am doubly sure now that the Police and Council officials will step in and prevent the radioactive waste being dumped almost on Penarth’s beach , i’m looking forward to what action they all take. And I expect cowardly Doughty (the useless bag of wind) and little big man Gething will respond ? I expect Doughty and a load of officials will hire a boat and meet up with the dredgers before the waste is dumped , this is the sort of thing the people will be proud to see happening . And I expect the Chinese and French will think twice about polluting the waters of Wales , I further expect the Lifeboat Station to put in an objection as they still have to travers these water waste or no waste . Now stop panicking Messrs Doughty and Gething wont let you down neither will the Council or the ever vigilante Police.

  10. Andrew Worsley says:

    Just a thought were do Wales territorial waters extend out to in the Bristol Channel ?

  11. Local says:

    This article from edf entitled ‘why we’re dredging mud in the Bristol channel’ may be of some interest to people.

    If you follow the links then it explains how often, to what depth, and how many samples of the mud have been taken. It gives a scientifically sound reason for the justification of the sample depth. The number of samples taken would have been calculated to reflect the geological conditions and the heterogeneity of the substrate.

  12. PB says:

    Doughty is more concerned about moaning endlessly about Brexit and Gething is still searching for the perfect selfie to post of him and a helicopter. I’d call them buffoons but the real buffoons would call the police to report that as a hate crime. Doughty says he’s written a parliamentary question about it, but I’m damned if I can find it anywhere, he’s having a Trump moment perhaps and saying what he would like us to think instead of the truth.

    • Ben says:

      Do a Google search for “Doughty question hinkley” and the questions posed will come up in the results returned.

  13. Ralph says:

    Presumably this mud has to be dumped somewhere.
    So am I right in thinking that this is all about where it’s going to be dumped?.

  14. Pip says:

    I suggest everyone who is utterly appalled at this idea contacts Geiger Gethin himself:

  15. Matthew says:

    If for no other reason than it’s mud, of which penarth already has more than it’s fair share, why bring it further up the channel for disposal. It’s a national disgrace and feels like we are being taken back 50 years to a time when old infrastructure meant the beaches were horribly polluted. Are we going to repeat the madness with radioactive sludge? Why aren’t all Welsh MPs blocking this. This summer showed how wonderful the South Wales coast can be for swimming. More mud mechanically displaced being dumped along the Penarth shore is an insult.

    • snoggerdog says:

      when i was a kid in the fifties you had to watch your step walking along dock beach there was a lot of sticky tar globules stuck to the stones,if you trod in any it was a b####r trying to get it off. but hey now we may have luminous beach!

  16. Cherry. says:

    Where are the people we elected? “People Power” reflected in the media seems to be our greatest tool. So be it. Use it. Our greatest danger is apathy. l

  17. Dave says:

    It is just an insult to the people of Wales even if the mud is perfectly safe. We owe it to ourselves to vote out these clowns that are supposed to be representing us.

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