Paul Davies Assembly Member for Preseli is now Leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly – but is not – officially –  the Welsh Conservative Party Leader

The little-known Preseli Assembly Member Paul Davies has won the Conservative Party internal ballot to become its Leader in the Welsh Assembly – taking over from Penarth AM Andrew R T Davies who stepped down in June.

Although an opinion poll on the WalesonLine website had put Suzy Davies ahead, that poll was not restricted to Conservative Party members – whereas the real vote was. Both candidates are “Remainers” who wanted Britain to stay in EU but who now accept the result of the 2016 EU Referendum.

Welsh Conservative chairman Byron Davies has declared that Mr Davies won a postal ballot of party members by 68.1% of the votes to 31.9% . Only 52% of party members voted in the ballot.

Today Paul Davies has warned that if Labour winds a 6th consecutive ternm at the next Assembly election  “they’ll be close to 30 uninterrupted years of power”. He has said that the Conservative Party has a duty at the next assembly elections to offer the people of Wales a progressive, innovative and, yes, radical alternative to more of the same.”

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  1. Christopher David says:

    We desperately need change but I can’t see the Cons or anyone else in Wales overcoming the donkey.

  2. Peter Church says:

    wow, progress!
    From one suited bald middle aged white male called Davies to well another suited bald middle aged white male called Davies.

  3. Peter King says:

    So the WalesonLine poll got it completely wrong. I thought Suzy was “romping ahead”. Just shows how out of touch with the public Tory members are. Looks like they’re landed with the man in beige, or is it grey? The blessing is that we should now read less about the AM for Preseli (which doesn’t include Penarth) than his predecessor, whose constituency does include Penarth.

  4. Frank Evans says:

    He looks like an angry man in that photo. Still I would prefer him to comrade Corbyn any day.

  5. Nigel Bull says:

    This man is a survivor, having undergone a charisma bypass with out batting an eyelid. Having in a burtusesque manner knifed RT, all hail him and listen to the Labour cheers!
    For the change we need, can we now only now listen to Plaid for good news, as the Labour candidates have shown little to excite so far, but do not hold your breath!

  6. Racist Mark(aka Mark Foster) says:

    Anybody know why this bloke is following these 2 Russian KGB men who flew Aeroflot return Moscow to London?

    • Peter Church says:

      Is that Gordon Brown chasing after them?

    • Peter Church says:

      Since we are making of fun of using chemical weapons and Murder Mark, you could have posted this one as well:

      I think its Corbyn on the horse?

  7. Chris Franks says:

    The last Tory leader on occasions stood up to the Tory bosses in London. That is party why he was deposed. Will the new boy have the guts to have an opinion?

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