Cllr Liz Fahy (Labour St Augustines)’. chair of the Penarth Town Council Policy Committee. She had announced on July 19th 2018 that she would move a motion supporting the so-called “People’s Vote” on Brexit” in the council chamber on September 5th . ….But come the hour, come the day, no such motion was brought forward . Penarth Town Council appears to have now put Brexit – an issue which is none of the council’s business – onto the back burner

The Labour-run Penarth Town Council – which had announced in July that its members would be holding an internal debate on whether to support the  so-called “People’s Vote for Brexit” – has now shoved Brexit onto the back burner.

The so-called “People’s Vote” is a bid to overturn the result of the 2016 EU Referendum ( in which the overwhelming democratic decision of the  people of Wales was to “Leave” the EU). The ‘People’s Vote’  is being backed by prominent Labour opinion-formers such as Stephen Doughty (Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth) .

The Brexit Motion due to have been debated in the council chamber last night September 5th. . …In the event it disappeared without trace.

The Labour-run Penarth Town Council had decided it was going to hold a debate – and a vote  in the council chamber in this month – on whether it should support the so-called “People’s Vote on Brexit” [ in effect a second referendum on the EU] .

Cllr Liz Fahy (Labour St Augustines)

The chair of the Penarth Town Council’s Policy Committee Cllr Liz Fahy had announced back in July that in the next committee meeting in September” she would be introducing a motion in the council chamber on “supporting the People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal”

On July 19th she had said   “I would just like to advise the committee that I am bringing to the next committee meeting in September 5th a motion  on supporting the People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.”  

….However when that long-awaited September committee meeting eventually took place (last night)  – there was no sign of any “Brexit” motion being on the agenda…. The E.U. wasn’t mentioned – nor was the “People’s Vote” – ostensibly leaving Penarth’s local residents without the benefit of any political guidance from Penarth Town Council on the issue of Britain’s withdrawal from Europe.

Last July’s council decision to hold its own internal debate and vote on Brexit  had been greeted with derision and some said the council was making itself look ridiculous.

The Labour-run Penarth Town Council persisted in flying the European Union flag outside its HQ at West House despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of the people of Wales have voted to leave the EU. But now – perhaps as a mark of surrender – the flag has been hauled down

Penarth Town Council was accused of venturing well beyond its traditional brief of just looking after the cemetery, the allotments, and running the Kymin and Paget Rooms –  and was said to be meddling in political matters which are  none of its business.

One  expert on local elections commented  “The people of Penarth did not elect Penarth Town Council to promulgate its views on national and international affairs.  Such action is well outside Penarth Town Council’s proper remit”

The Blue EU “Eurovision Song Contest” flag has been removed from the flagpoles at West House

It was also notable that the Labour-run council – which had stubbornly persisted in flying the European Union flag outside its HQ at West House – has now hauled it down and replaced it with the Red Ensign in recognition of the British Merchant Navy.

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  1. Lesley Monger says:

    Stupid woman maybe came to her senses or was told to!

  2. Scootergirl says:

    Who does she think she is. The whole of the UK voted, and it was even proved how the majority of Wales voted. (Whether you agree or disagree). What is the point of wasting the people of Penarth’s money, time and efforts in having another vote because no matter what the result is either way it will not change anything. She needs to concentrate her efforts in doing what The people of Penarth really really want and that is NO HINKLEY MUD TO BE DEPOSITED OFF PENARTH. Now go and do your job!!

  3. Lesley says:

    Of course it’s the councils business. Brexit affects everyone and the council rightly so should be discussing it

    • Peter D says:


    • Claire says:

      The weather effects everyone too but we don’t have to endlessly debate it.

    • Scootergirl says:

      Well Leskey they don’t want to discuss it they want to change what has already been decided and what you must remember is that we live in a democracy and the country has voted. Like it or not there was a result and in fact Wales as a whole voted FOR Brexit. The council have to abide with what the people have voted for no matter what they think. So no they cannot vote on the EU people’s vote. You simply cannot keep having votes until the result is what YOU want.

    • Scootergirl says:

      What YOU must remember Lesley is that Brexit will affect the ALL of people of this country – the majority of who in fact voted FOR Brexit. So no the council should NOT vote again, because we have already had a democratic vote and a result whether you agree with it or not.

  4. Claire says:

    I will be bringing my pen into motion and voting her out come the next opportunity to do so.

    • Peter King says:

      I know turnout at local elections isn’t usually great but I guess Cllr Fahy will be gutted to learn that you can vote her out on your own.

  5. Dan Potts says:

    This is absolutely nothing to do with the council,especially as the UK voted to leave the EU we are leaving next year.

  6. Peter Church says:

    Why on earth are they flying the EU flag?
    Suppose they were given it by the unelected uber gravy train that is the EU
    Come March 30th next year I hope we can destroy every last EU flag and sticker

    The EU Motto:
    You give us your money and we will tell you how to spend it.

  7. Andrew Worsley says:

    Her face says it all really ,m some people looks give them away .. this is a self important individual with an overblown sense of her own position or status when she is a nonentity to those beyond her immediate circle.

    • Peter King says:

      “a self important individual with an overblown sense of…own position or status when…is a nonentity to those beyond…immediate circle”. That description rings a bell.

  8. Ian Perry says:

    I don’t remember electing Olly Robbins, Sir Tim Barrow or Sarah Healey to negotiate Brexit for the UK. I guess that they were given their roles by the unelected uber gravy train that is the UK Government. When do we get to Leave the UK Government and the Welsh Assembly and the Vale of Glamorgan Council and Penarth Town Council? Oh, and the WTO (unelected by us and with rules we don’t like or understand) and the UN and NATO and the Paris Climate Agreement…

  9. Andrew Worsley says:

    I hope your idea of an insult is not aimed at me Peter King ?, because I am none of the above and one begins to wonder why Peterkins who was in my corner only recently has now joined the ranks of the Trolls and poison pen crowd ??!!.

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