Penarth Town Council’s HQ at West House, Stanwell Road is to become “single-use-plastic free”

Penarth Town Council has now decided to become  a “single-use plastic free” council and will phase out the use of cups, bottles, cutlery and drinking straws made from such material.

Green Party activist Anthony Slaughter persuaded the council to go “plastic free”

The decision follows a presentation made to the council in July by well-known local Green Party activist Anthony Slaughter .

This week the council voted in favour of a  proposal from  Cllr Liz Fahy (Labour St Augustines) which was seconded by Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell).

The new policy “supports the aims of the Plastic Free Communities campaign and Plastic Free Penarth”. It means that Penarth Town Council will now become a “single-use plastic free” council by phasing out the use of single use plastic products such as “bottles, cups cutlery and drinking straws  where it is reasonable to do ..with the objective of elimination from events and council premises by December 2020” .

Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell)

Seconding the motion Cllr Mark Wilson hoped the change would be a step in the direction of reducing waste, encouraging the use of renewables.

He said he hoped it would help make Penarth “not just  a carbon neutral place but maybe a place where we have a negative footprint and follow the example of Totness in Devon – the first ever transition town in the UK”

Cllr Wilson noted with some satisfaction that all the councillors sitting around the table of the council chamber were now using “Penarth” ceramic mugs  for their [complimentary] tea and coffee [rather than the single-use plastic disposable cups which they’ve been using (and throwing-away) up to now].

Councillors were all sipping their tea out of ceramic washable and re-usable “Penarth” mugs . The snag is –  they were stirring the tea with environmentally damaging disposable plastic spoons

Cllr Ben Gray (Labour Plymouth Ward)

However, the somewhat virtuous –  plastic-free –  mood of the meeting was somewhat punctured when Cllr Ben Gray (Conservative Plymouth Ward) was unable to resist having a stir at the expense of his Labour colleagues.

Cllr Gray had spotted an inconsistency which the other councillors had evidently missed .

He said he was “happy to support” the plastic-free policy but said that at the next council meeting “it would be nice to see no plastic spoons” on the councillors’ tea trolley.

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  1. Christopher David says:

    OOhh what a wag the “I run from questions” Ben Gray is. Now as commendable as it this, why does it require a debate? Why not just do it? Well probably because they have nothing worth talking about, but want to claim the expenses. And when they do- as in Turner House for example they keep it secret and avoid the public- don’t they Mr Gray.

  2. Dan Potts says:

    What about events like picnic in Penarth? The whole event seems to use disposable plastic .

    • CC says:

      When manufacturers find a suitable alternative then small companies at Penarth Picnic have a chance of providing an alternative. Suitable alternatives are just not in the market at the moment.

      You can use cardboard containers, however the cost of these is 10 times the price of the products used at present. Would customers be prepared to beat the cost? I think not!

  3. I think this is a sensible idea and they have my full support. Sadly it’s an initiative that the London government should be undertaking UK wide. Unfortunately they’re overwhelmed with divorce problems.

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    So now we know the Council cares not about wasting money how long has this non use of their own cups etc been going on . When I have a tea break at work I use my own drinking mug brought specially and if I wish to stir it I have my own metal spoon and guess what its all recyclable , all I have to do is go and wash them out dry and store for re use . As my way of doing it is such a ‘novel’ idea I bet no one on the Council even thought of such of doing it , “what fetch our own cups/mugs and spoons .oh and I take my own self made the night before sandwiches but do buy ready made ones on odd days. Bet no one thought of making two lots of sandwiches at home and storing one lot in the fridge for the next day and taking the other.? Really I should move with the times and get all my drinks to take out from Greggs or Ocho Lounge or Subway etc and buy platic cutlery that I can throw away after use to stop germs . STOP WASTING ‘OTHER PEOPLES ‘ MONEY , GET BLOODY ORGANISED …………ITS NOT YOUR MONEY…. SET A GOOD EXAMPLE INSTEAD OF THE LIMP , PATHETIC , USELESS, UNFIT AND CRASS way you operate and work . Good job we don’t have any Tumbrils in Penarth or id find a use for them with one addition added.

  5. CC says:

    How do councillors reconcile this decision with the fact that SEDA UK employ 700 people producing paper cups in Wales. Perhaps Penarth Council don’t know where paper cups are produced. What efforts are being made by the councillors to assist the major companies to produce an alternative sustainable cup.

    Check this article:

    Why is it that if a councillor uses a plastic knives and forks why does it have a single use. How about taking them home and use them again for a picnic. Really you could wash them up, take them home, don’t have to throw them away!

  6. Taxpayer says:

    Will save us the tax payer money,as the wast mode of our money…

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