Under the Final version of the new Parliamentary boundary proposals, Penarth and Barry will be in the new Vale of Glamorgan East constituency.

The Electoral Commission has now published its “Final Recommendations” for re-drawing the boundaries of  the UK’s Parliamentary Constituencies – which include scrapping Wales’s most populated constituency, Cardiff South and Penarth – currently held by Labour MP Stephen Doughty.

Overall, the new proposals involve culling the number of MPs from 650 down to 600 – a move which was agreed by Parliament in 2011 – but which has since been dogged by foot-dragging by scores of reluctant MPs attempting to hang on to their jobs.

The number of MPs in Wales would be reduced from 40 down to 29.

The present UK Parliamentary boundaries (left) and (right) the Electoral Commission’s final proposals for the new constituency of Vale of Glamorgan East. It means Penarth will no longer be  subsumed within the Labour-dominated Cardiff South and Penarth constituency. The Boundary Commission has now – after a long consultation process made its final determination that Penarth should be in the new “Vale of Glamorgan East” constituency.

The new Vale of Glamorgan East Constituency would include the whole of Penarth including the following electoral wards:-

  • Cornerswell Ward    3,885 voters
  • Plymouth Ward        4,419 voters
  • St. Augustine’s         4,913 voters
  • Stanwell                     3,178 voters

The new Vale of Glamorgan East constituency will also include these constituencies outside Penarth :-

  • Baruc (Barry)
  • Buttrills (Barry)
  • Cadoc (Barry)
  • Castleland Barry)
  • Court (Barry)
  • Cowbridge
  • Dinas Powys
  • Dyfan (Barry)
  • Gibbonsdown (Barry)
  • Illtyd (Barry)
  • Peterston-super-Ely
  • Rhoose
  • Sully
  • Wenvoe

The total number of voters in the new Vale of Glamorgan East Constituency would be 76,984

Labour MPs are expected to try to put a spanner in the works because these final  Electoral Commission recommendations are still subject to Parliamentary approval .

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  1. So 76,984 poossible Direct voices. Direct voters to support the I love Penarth pavilion. I love democracy. I love accountability. I love free access to public buildings campaign. Free. I love Penarth community concert to discuss and take s vote 27 sept Trinity Church led by Rev Phil, myself and s band of willing performers. To entertain and update

    • Ralph says:

      You are a very confusing person.
      Whilst generally speaking I welcome the boundary changes your post makes little sense.
      A vote on the 27th September – a vote on what?.
      An electorate of 76,984, roughly 1,000 more eligible voters than before, hardly game changing. Although fair to say the proposed electorate might be less inclined to retain the current regime.
      Why do you think that all of those voters would support any Penarth initiatives when around 80% live outside Penarth.

    • Le Compte says:

      Sorry Nikki, won’t be voting for you.

  2. penarthblog says:

    The present constituency of which Penarth is part, stretches from Sully to St Mellon’s and doesn’t really make sense. The proposed new constituency does make more sense, that said, I have to suspect some of motives behind the plans.

  3. Georgina says:

    Shame I don’t get to cast my vote against Dumping Doughty though.

  4. Lesley says:

    Won’t happen

  5. It’s disappointing that the number of MPs in the London government has only been reduced 600. It’s quite obvious that they could be reduced even more if their excessive holidays were reduced to the industry norm of 4 weeks. Why should MPs be exempt from increasing their productivity?

    • Peter Church says:

      What you also forgot to mention is the Welsh Assembly wants to increase the number of AM’s also reducing their productivity and creating more hangers-on

  6. gareth says:

    What about Llandough? out in the wilderness again.

  7. Peter Church says:

    This is great news!!
    Perhaps now there will be some sort of proper election rather than the usual Labour Donkey coronation!

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