Chained locked and barred: Public access to the Penarth Head Viewing platform is prohibited because the structure- built by the former Labour administration in the Vale Council – is just too dangerous.

Additional safety barriers have been installed at Penarth Head Park where the controversial 150-tonne Penarth Head Viewing Platform appears to be continuing to pull itself apart.

There are fears that the weight of the viewing platform is compromising the integrity of the  cliff-top at Penarth Head Park and the whole lot may soon crash 200 feet down onto the beach below.

Surveyors were back at the Penarth Head Park yesterday (September 12)  monitoring the continued movement of the Viewing Platform – and the cliff edge itself . It was their second visit within 4 weeks.(Photo A Greagsby)

Yesterday (September 11th 2018)  surveyors were back yet again at the Penarth Head Park carrying out further measurements to ascertain how much the structure has moved since their previous survey on August 17th 2018.

Last month  the entire park had to be closed to the public but was subsequently re-opened except for the viewing platform itself.

The Labour administration in the Vale Council – led by Cllr Neil Moore (Labour Cadoc) and Deputy Leader Cllr Lis Burnett (now Labour Stanwell) – was kicked out of office in 2017. The Labour administration was responsible for the building of the Penarth Head Viewing Platform.

The viewing platform was built in 2015 –  without any planning permission or public consultation –  by the previous Labour administration in the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

The platform remains locked and barred and out-of-bounds to the public – including the council-tax payers who paid for it.

Additional steel crowd-barriers now augment the post-and-wire safety fence installed to keep people further away from the cliff edge

Now additional steel crowd-barriers have been put in place to reinforce  the failed post and wire safety fencing. The steel barriers are linked together with plastic tags.

The post-and-wire fence had been installed to keep the public a greater distance away from the cliff edge than did the original (new) cast-iron railings.

The “No-Man’s Land” between the new black iron railings on the left and the reinforced post and wire safety fence on the right

The post and wire fencing had failed and the main stretcher cables have broken – possibly because of land movement  .

The chronology of the project is given in an earlier PDN item 

There is also later report on

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  1. parsons says:

    A peaceful, calming and relaxing park with a stunning view that has been totally ruined.

    • Taxpayer says:

      Yes it has,and it’s shocking that no one has been sacked over this…..who ever thought of it!

  2. Pat says:

    The councillors who used public funds without a grasp of the simple laws of gravity should be made to refund the public purse personally. There’s far to little accountability for people in public office with the blame more often than not simply being pinned on the administration in charge (Labour in this instance). This simply absolves people of responsibility for their actions. People make up these parties and with responsibility should come accountability.

  3. Peter Church says:

    Safety Barriers!!
    The best safety would have been for this pointless edifice not to have been built in the first place.There was huge opposition to it and yet without any consultation it was built.

    Let’s see what those in power said about it at the time:

    Cllr Lis Burnett, who welcomed the regeneration of the park, said: “The Council recognises the importance that green space plays in the life of the local community as well as visitors to the area. These improvements will ensure that the park becomes a special destination for users of the Wales Coast Path offering unrivalled views in a unique cliff top setting.”

    • Frank Evans says:

      A disgrace which you don’t read any sorry or apologies on their left wing twitter blogs.
      People in public office should be held to account for previous failings

      • Peter King says:

        PDN says that there was no planning permission, Frank Evans says it was “granted by Labour VoG”. Who’s right and who’s wrong?

  4. Kevin Mahoney says:

    What I don’t understand is that at a time when councillors, council managers and the public have to fight tooth and nail for money and resources for things like road safety improvements, departmental running costs and other much needed projects from ever decreasing budgets that this expensive monstrosity just appeared without, to my knowledge, any clamour, general requests or campaign by a group or members of the public that I am aware of.

    So how come the project even surfaced and then continued despite the constant cuts to budgets during project austerity and the numerous public warnings that it was not a good idea in a structural sense due to it’s location anyway. I think that questions have to be answered not ony by those who instigated this project but by those charged with carrying it out at as well.

    This entireably foreseeable situation is bad enough as it is, heaven forbid that the implications of major irreversable damage to an already fragile cliff edge should take a turn for the worse

    • Russian Troll Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

      Remember it was the time that Vladimir Putin was coming to prominence. Just follow the money trail. You would however have to work hard to find disguised journals from NATO and the Ministry of Defence with conversions from Euros into GBP, and doubtless FOA applications will be met with National Security objections.

  5. Jayflan says:

    I wonder why nobody’s head has rolled over this? Somebody must’ve come up with the idea, and a committee would have approved the plans and the release of the money to finance it. Why does it seem that nobody is accountable any more? Disgraceful!

  6. FlowerPower says:

    I think you might find Wales Costal Path provided funds and were keen for this. Might want to ask them questions too

    • Archie says:

      FlowerPower is quite correct. The funds did come from the Wales Coast Park project which at the time was part of Countryside Council for Wales. During the period of of the project being agreed CCW was subsumed into Natural Resources Wales so I believe that NRW pick up the final bill. As I understood it the Vale Council provided the plans but did not pay for the work.

      • Frank Evans says:

        I’ll think you will find the funds ultimately came from the tax payers no matter how many
        Quangos it went through
        Planning permission was granted by Labour VoG and Labour VoG cabinet members said what a good idea it was.
        Failings in many levels but nobody held to account

      • Taxpayer says:

        Thank you,I did not know any of the above.

  7. Andrew Worsley says:

    I agree with Pat someone should be held accountable , wasting a vast amount of public money on an edifice no one was asked about and without a proper survey of the site plus putting the public in danger . We remember the crowd only a short while back standing in this folly watching a sailing race , one fears to think what would have happened if the edifice had cracked open and began to tumble 200 feet over the cliff taking the crowd with it??? As already said as we know who was criminally responsible for wasting public money and endangering life its time someone issued court papers to these clowns , an example needs to be made and set for any future big heads who think they are above the rules and laws everyone else has to follow.

  8. Dizzydeb says:

    They have made a lovely, peaceful park unusable, with tax payers money (despite which organisation it came from).
    They have sanctioned mud, from a nuclear power station to be dumped of our coast.
    They are waiting for a lovely old church to crumble so they can build ugly, social housing with no parking provision. The list goes on….
    They don’t need to worry what the voters think of their crazy projects which is why they they have become so complacent and arrogant. Why does Wales keep voting them back in???
    Where are the opposition? They should be shouting from the rooftops!

  9. gareth says:

    They can always apply for retrospective planning permission and consents once it has fallen onto the headlands walkway if ever built.

  10. Vic says:

    Cracking apart and undermining the fragile cliff. Who saw that coming? Everyone except the council obviously!

  11. Peter King says:

    Can I put to one side, for a moment, all the acrimony and ask whether the Tory Vale are going to pull it down?

    • Frank Evans says:

      No. The previous Labour cabinet will be told to jump up and down on it. With a both of luck the Westminster shadow Trotsky cabinet might join them. 🤗

      • Peter King says:

        Eh? You OK Frank? I’m told that Labour obsession syndrome is treatable these days. There’s even a move afoot to change the name of the process leading up to childbirth to something more acceptable.

    • Clive Jones says:

      The question is how? Although the brick work could probably easily be dismantled, the bulk of the weight is in the concrete and the only way to get that up would be by either using pneumatic drills or jack hammers, the vibrations from both would surely send the whole thing tumbling onto the beach.

  12. Andrew Worsley says:

    Pull what down Peter King ??? as I myself have said more than once how do you remove an unwanted edifice built only a few feet from a cliff edge with a drop of 200 feet? As it weighs about 100 tons or so and is cracking open slowly ,you cannot use heavy machinery to move it , this would increase the danger . You cannot use pneumatic drills to dismantle it because of the resulting vibrations given out making a real danger as you work. You cannot use sledge hammers for the same reasons… so in reality the only safe option is to let it crumble and fall itself but to stop any use of any pathways at the cliff bottom . One only wonders how much of the park and land around it will be dragged down with it once it crashes down. Of course they could ignore all the options ive mentioned and put their lives in their hands literally to remove it, sooner them than me.

  13. Dr Penarth Psychiatrist says:

    I am told that the obsession with voting Labour in Wales has now been classified as the Donkey Syndrome
    The first signs are when you constantly refer to the Conservatives as the Tory Party, this a term dating back to the 19th century, however you resist calling the Liberals as the Whigs for the moment and just grind your teeth
    The next and more worrying progression is when you accept anti-Semites as the acceptable face of the new Labour leadership without ever commenting.
    Finally, you know when you have succumb to the syndrome as you will now call yourself KING and rant on various websites uncontrollably, believing you are always right, other however know what affliction you have got and take sad pity on you.

    • Peter King says:

      Thank you for your professional opinion and the history lesson. Nevertheless, I think I’ll leave the ranting to the likes of Frank Evans and Peter Church.

  14. mikeyorke says:

    If it does go, I feel sorry for those with property right next to the park. I’m guessing their property value will also crumble and fall away. What then?

    Someone needs to be held accountable but like most things nothing will ever happen, the welsh government will turn a blind eye. The only way anyone would get pulled up in this if a private individual does so at their own cost.

    What once was a lovely, untouched park, has been ruined forever by idiots who can’t get the basics right and plough on regardless.

  15. Andrew Worsley says:

    What technical nous did you require Peter King ??? do tell us, or is it you personally need more info on whats known in the trade as ‘the bl**ding obvious ‘ get a grip and stop being what we all sit on .

    • Peter King says:

      Correction to my earlier comment: leave the ranting to the likes of Frank Evans, Peter Church and Andrew Worsley.

  16. Barrie Howell says:

    This monstrocity was built as a ‘viewing platform’. The Head is a natural viewing platform. I remember going to the Head regularly as a child with my parents and siblings and continue to do so. The shelter was all that was on the top.and this fell into disrepair. If that had been replaced with a modern shelter at nothing like the cost of the ‘viewing platform’ that would have been sufficient. It seems that the unstable strata in this area was not taken into account.

    It also raises a question on the safety of the new flats being built adjacent to Northcliffe. The whole of this escarpment is unstable. Other landslips have taken place previously:above the end of the Barrage and also the Marina.

  17. Andrew Worsley says:

    I note you did not explain what ‘nous’ was needed to discuss a crumbling viewing platform Peter King . Don’t spout off when you have no reply to give .

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