The green motor hopper MV Sloeber setting out from the Hinkley Point nuclear complex in Somerset tonight – heading for Penarth with another cargo of allegedly radioactive mud,

A security launch was called in tonight to accompany the MV Sloeber as she deposited yet another cargo of allegedly-radioctive mud a just mile offshore from Penarth.

The MV Sloeber is under contract to a subsidiary of the French-owned energy company EDF (Electricity de Francais) which is building the new Hinkley Point C nuclear power station on the Somerset Coast, within sight of Penarth.

MV Sloeber – and her cargo of Hinkley ‘nuclear mud’ passes between the islands of Steepholm and Flatholm en route for Penarth and the Cardiff Grounds

Hinkley C is the third nuclear power station to be built at the seaside Somerset site. A total of more than 320,000 tonnes of mud – which campaigners say could be radioactive – is being dredged from a site just off-shore of the nuclear complex.

The mud is then being transported across the Bristol Channel to be dropped into Welsh waters at the Cardiff Grounds – just a mile from Penarth.

MV Sloeber “opens her bowels” and splits herself from stem to stern to drop her cargo of ‘nuclear mud’ off Penarth. The EDF security launch “Nemesis” stands by to repel any troublemakers (there weren’t any) .

The Welsh Labour Government gave its permission for the mud-dumping operation and then ignored a 7,000 signature petition against the scheme and also curtailed debate on the issue in the Welsh Assembly.

More than 300 people of all political parties attended a protest rally against the mud-dumping outside the National Assembly on August Bank Holiday. On Monday next week they’re seeking an legal injunction to halt the dumping.

Despite a protest outside the Welsh Assembly on August Bank Holiday Monday not one Labour MP,  Labour Assembly Member or Labour councillor has raised any objection to the operation although the mud-dumping has been vigorously opposed by the Conservative-run Vale of Glamorgan Council.

The MV Sloeber – a Belgian owned motor hopper can load up to 2,000 tonnes of mud at a time . The vessel deposits the mud on the Cardiff Grounds by splitting its hull lengthways into two halves and allowing whatever is in its hold to be fall into the sea.

As Sloeber opens her hull along her keel to dump her cargo off Penarth, the EDF security launch “Nemesis” keeps a watchful eye out for any waterborne protestors – but none materialised.

Tonight Sloeber had company as she dumped her cargo in the shallow Cardiff Grounds off Penarth. The high-speed launch “Nemesis” joined her at the dumping site presumably as a precaution against any possible interference with the mud-dumping operation.

Nemesis is being operated by a security company working for EDF which safeguards the company’s plant, structures and personnel .

The EDF security launch Nemesis which was sent out to protect Sloeber didn’t encounter any protestors – but did encounter engine problems

It’s not known what – if any –  equipment Nemesis carries to “discourage” any waterborne protesters (there were none in evidence last night) . Last night Nemesis ran into engine trouble and had to divert to Penarth Marina  – leaving Sloeber on her own to dump on Penarth’s doorstep.

On Monday next week legal steps are due to be being taken to obtain an injunction to halt the mud dumping  – but until that time the mud consignments will continue to be deposited off Penarth.



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  1. parsons says:

    Vaughan Gething you need to get this stopped, don’t you care about us, why is this being allowed to happen, please get it stopped for the sake of the children and Wales. It’s your job to stop it.

    • JOhn says:

      Agree so much – Gething has already failed us in my book.
      And why would the Marina open its facilities to the Slobber’s guardship?

  2. Peter says:

    Anyone know what WAG get out of this in order to sell out their citizens???

  3. Geraint says:

    How the hell can they allow this to be dumped in currents that will carry whatever is in this mud far and wide?
    To all those people spouting it’s ‘safe’, how are you so sure?
    The tests are inadequate and yet in the sinister darkness the Sloeber continues to spew the mud so close to the shores of Wales.
    It’s like something that would happen in Russia.
    I agree with what people have been saying – that if there’s any effect on health from this, the politicians will have moved on, living far from any residue.
    Those who have allowed this to happen, and who continue to say nothing, disgust me.
    and this high court business is a farce – as if that mob in London are going to stop this. Wales can have it. Where else?
    What a thing to hand on to the next generations. What a sickening moment in our country’s history.
    I don’t want to hear it anymore from the ‘first minister’ spouting about the ‘people of Wales’.
    They don’t give a stuff about ‘the people of Wales’.

    • Anne Day says:

      Well, one way you’d know it’s safe is if the level of radio-activity is at or below levels that occur naturally and commonly. Have you any information that this is not the case?

      • Penarthur says:

        Exactly. All this protest is just Ill informed scaremongering by attention seekers and fading career politicians.

      • Paul says:

        That’s not the point. Wales tries to sell itself as a tourist destination with gorgeous beaches. Not a great bit of advertising and whether it’s true or not doesn’t matter – it’s how it’s perceived by the potential tourists. Anyone fancy a holiday at Hinkley Point or Chernobyl?

  4. Quentin says:

    Does anybody know if any money
    changed hands for the license to be granted
    by the Welsh Government to dump this
    radioactive mud on Penarth Grounds?

  5. Colin says:

    It’s completely irresponsible and should be stopped immediately. If I started dumping rubble from my garden it would soon be put to a stop so why do these politicians think that dumping sludge from the doorstep of a nuclear power plant is acceptable?!?! Also, why aren’t the Assemble members being hauled in front of the public to answer these very questions? Public representatives – yeah right.

    • Penarthur says:

      Clearly because a. there is no evidence that the mud has any abnormal level of radioactive indications and b. The site has been licensed an used for disposal of exactly the same sort of dredged mud and sediment for many many years.

      • Les says:

        Penarthur probably works for EDF or WAG in some capacity.

      • JOhn says:

        As below – no doubt someone like you said the same about Fukuyama, Three Mile Island, Windscale and Chernobyl. If you’re so comfortable with the sludge being sling in our shore fine, why bother to argue for it??

      • Penarthur says:


        I’d far rather not have the mud, as I spend more time on the sea than most people but this radioactivity argument is a non starter, probably dreamed up by EDF as an easy straw man to knock down and thus waste protesters energies.

  6. whatsoccurin says:

    When I worked in Newport, I parked on the now derelict Sainsbury’s site-the man who hoped to develop the site said he had many meetings with Newport Council and NRW (because the River Usk is so close) and he maintained that whoever National Resources Wales sent, you could not get a sensible word out of them-their presence seems all over this dumping issue-where is Greenpeace when you need them?

  7. Robert Donaldson says:

    Thank you David, any more news of the induction would be very useful.


  8. JOhn says:

    Well clearly we’re saved – some jobsworth called Will Barker has said the mud is just ordinary mud, nothing to worry about at all. Presumably before taking up his post as err Hinkley Point C harbourmaster (!) Mr Barker used his knowledges of nuclear science testing to work at Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Fukuyima?
    Amazing that bbc Wales reports his views as fact!

  9. Chris Franks says:

    Why has not Alun Cairns opposed this outrage? Oh is it because the UK government has approved it? So much for the Secretary of State for Wales [or it it Bristol?]

  10. Tog says:

    Reblogged this on sideshowtog.


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