The old Thomson holiday shop – now re-branded “TUI” – has been undergoing a makeover and is due to re-open today (Thursday September 13th)

The local branch of the holiday company “TUI” is due to re-open its premises at Windsor Road Penarth this morning after a week-long renovation.

What’s now called “TUI” used to be called Thomson Holidays. The firm was  founded in 1965 by the Canadian newspaper magnate Sir Roy Thomson but taken over by a massive German conglomerate in 2000.

The name “TUI” replaced  the “Thomson” brand over the doorway of the Windsor Road premises several months ago  – leaving many shoppers wondering what on earth “TUI”  meant.  [In fact, it stands for Touristik Union International Aktiengesellschaft.]

Singer/dancer/actress  Bethany Louise Slater -made-up in TUI’s colour scheme –  took the lead role in the unforgettable TUI commercial.  However, on social media some viewers said they wished they could “un-watch” it.

In the heavily-criticised but – phenomenally expensive – tv commercial (incessantly repeated on tv last winter)  viewers were told over and over again that TUI is a brand which “crosses the “T”s , dots the “I”s and puts  “U” in the middle “. The logo uses the letters to represent what is supposed to be a wink and a smile.

This commercial also featured a toe-curling song-and-dance tv promotion based on a  tentative, watered-down, version of the 1983 Chaka Khan hit song “Ain’t Nobody (Loves me Better)”  and was roundly castigated by pundits who had no hesitation in awarding it the title of the worst tv commercial of the year .

Brief Encounter :  TUI commercial star  Bethany Slater meets Boris Johnson on a railway station.

Nick Longman, the managing director of TUI UK said “People are looking beyond the traditional package holiday; they want a holiday that is hand-picked just for them, and the next evolution in mass-market travel is personalisation and customisation. It is our ambition to create holidays so personalised they ‘choose you’.”



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  1. RetailGuru says:

    Good to see, pity some of the more shabby shops don’t follow suit – nb Tenovus, Dragon Discount, Boots

  2. Retailguru says:

    And Peter Mulcahy looks shocking

    • Steven says:

      a relic from the 60’s – 70’s may be. I’m a 1970 baby so can’t pin point colour scheme till about 77. Avocado bath room suites, carpets in the bathroom!

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