The Cogan Air Quality Management Area is outlined in blue

The Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) – which was set up along Windsor Road, Cogan, to monitor air pollution in the area –  may be removed before the end of the year.

The AQMA was set up in 2013 and is the only Air Quality Management area anywhere in the Vale of Glamorgan

In 2013 this air-quality monitoring station in Cogan showed nitrogen dioxide levels were “hazardous to health.

The designated AQMA incorporates properties numbered 100 to 172 (evens)  and from No 15 to 163 (odds)  along the heavily trafficked Windsor Road, Cogan.

In 2013  levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2 ) were found to be above permissible levels and higher than anywhere else in the Vale.

The notorious “Cogan Dip” was declared an Air Quality Management Area in 2013 because of fumes from heavy traffic . Now the council says there has been a marked improvement

The council says the results of monitoring air quality in the Air Quality Management Area  “have for a number of years indicated that it is time to revoke the AQMA in Penarth.”

This will now be recommended to the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s cabinet when the annual Air Quality Progress report is presented next month .

The striking new look of the freshly painted and renovated homes in Windsor Road Cogan. The air pollution which had dogged the area for years is said to have improved so much there is now no need for an Air Quality Management Area here.

The council has recently undertaken a major renovation of the houses within the AQMA, has grit-blasted the outside walls, installed new doors and windows, and redecorated almost all the houses in the area with a new fresh – coordinated – paint scheme at no cost to the owners or tenants.

Although the AQMA is to be lifted, the monitoring of air quality in Cogan will continue to be monitored. The council says that “monitoring of air quality will continue in the area to ensure that the greatly improved standard of air quality is maintained.”

Meanwhile, an “effective communications plan will ensure that residents understand the reasons for revoking the existing the AQMA.”

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    Please note. None of the roofs were repaired. This wasn’t part of the ‘face lift’ scheme.

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