The audience settles down to watch the very first movie shown at the All Saints Cinema Club a year ago – The Italian Job starring Michael Kane. This month the cinema is celebrating its first birthday  .

Celebrating its first birthday this month is the  innovative “All Saints Community Cinema”  which has now been holding regular monthly feature-film shows for a year.

The Community Cinema was set up at All Saints Lesser Hall in the Spring of last year when the abrupt closure of the brand-new digital cinema in the Pier Pavilion was announced –  leaving Penarth without any kind of cinema in the town.

Penarth businesswoman Jane McLaughlin founder of the All Saints Cinema Club

All Saints organiser Jane McLaughlin says “after going to several of the meetings [about the closure of the Pier Pavilion Cinema] in local pubs, we  – at All Saints Penarth – decided to set up a community cinema”.

The first screening – held last September –  was the original classic version of The Italian Job” starring Michael Caine which attracted an audience of 50.

Since that premiere – 12 months ago – the All Saints Community Cinema has gone from strength-to-strength, attracting  a regular audience of approximately 100 people.

Jane says “We offer a warm welcome, friendships have been made over the year, and our films sell out almost as soon as they are announced. We have shown films from “Murder on the Orient Express” to “Victoria and Abdul”.

The success of the enterprise has enabled the All Saints Cinema to get up-to-date films, long before other outlets – including its latest screening, the 2018 release The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society”  starring Lily James and Tom Courtenay which is set in the Channel Islands under Nazi occupation in 1941.

Proof positive that Penarth actually CAN sustain a cinema : All Saints Community Cinema’s birthday cake celebrating a highly successful first year of entertaining the town

To mark a year of successful operations, the Social Group at All Saints Church served up a slice of special First-Birthday cake to everyone in the audience .

As far as “Forthcoming Attractions ” are concerned the next movie coming to All Saints will beEdie” , starring Sheila Hancock which so many people want to see there’s now a waiting list for seat reservations.

Details are available on

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  1. Christopher David says:

    Well done indeed. I hope you continue to prosper. I expect the Pier-less lot will come back with a new brand- No Saints 🙂

  2. Andrew Jones says:

    I know some of your readers will shoot me down in flames for what I am about to say but it seems utterly ridiculous that we have a state of the art digital cinema here in Penarth sitting in darkness apart from the odd screening of old films by Snowcat. Sounds like the All saints organisers have a much better set up in terms of showing the new films we once saw at the Pavilion. However as your photo shows watching on church hall seats in rows when we have a proper raked auditorium and comfy cinema seats seems such a shame. Why on earth is this situation continuing. Let’s hope we at PPUG can get people around tbd table with the new management at PACL to resolve this preposterous situation that could only happen here in Penarth

  3. Jane McLaughlin says:

    Andrew Jones – the photo shown is one from the very first cinema showing, we now have new comfy seats. Obviously we don’t have raked seats, but hopefully our warm welcome makes up for that. You should give us a try next month. -Edie -starring Shelia Hancock is sold out with a waiting list and our November film will be advertised in Mid October – Best wishes all at the All Saints Community Cinema.

  4. Le Compte says:

    Well done to Jane and her dedicated team.
    Andrew, you are missing the point, aside from there being brand new seating at the church hall.
    The All Saints Cinema Club is run old time, it is a social get together, there is an interval with drinks and food and people chat. Its very different from the Pavilion cinema. The All Saints cinema goers don’t worry about the seating or lack of rake, they have come for a happy evening out. The All Saints Cinema is always sold out.
    The Pavilion Cinema used its own projectionist and employed door staff and the current blockbusters it showed are expensive to licence. The cinema couldn’t pay its way.
    Community cinemas are on the increase, partly due to the efforts of people like Ben. Ben at Snowcat is doing an excellent job in showing a wide variety of films, old and modern. If there is a way forwards for the Pavilion cinema then it is the community route and for niche providers like Snowcat.

  5. So Andrew, and everyone that enjoys cinema, arts and community engagement …. all please come to the sos 27 sept I love the arts in Penarth concert in Trinity 7pm. The pavilion and cinema is the focus for a community wide decision and next action. Led by revd Phil, lawyers from London and Bristol and I love Penarth community Group. All are welcome. The FREE to all event should provide new impetus and input for a way forward. I’ve invted the council, VOG, PACL Directors, the Clerk. The media, all I can. So please spread the word.

  6. David Day says:

    Well done. A model of financially sensible, modest, moderate and friendly provision ,,,, unlike you-know-where.

  7. My name is Michael CAINE (pic)

  8. Paul Adsett says:

    Congratulations to the All Saints Community Cinema. A great idea for Penarth, and apparently a very successful one. You have to love any venue that combines classic movies with wine and cheese, and great socializing.

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