MV “Sloeber” has now been joined by fellow Belgian mud-dumper MV “Pagadder”. Both vessels are in Barry Docks with the dredger “Peter the Great” waiting for the weather to improve

Bad weather in the Bristol Channel appears to have done today what the law courts couldn’t do yesterday –  and has stopped mud dredging operations at the Hinkley Point nuclear power complex, and the dumping of that mud off Penarth.

The EDF fleet should have been continuing to dredge up mud from alongside the Hinkley Point nuclear complex today – and dumping it in the sea off Penarth – but because of the weather forecast all the vessels – MV Sloeber, MV Pagadder, Glomar Vantage, and Peter the Great opted to have a day in Barry Docks because of the weather forecast.

The green-painted motor hopper MV Sloeber is now confined to port in Barry alongside her sister vessel MV Pagadder which arrived yesterday after a long voyage from Kiel.

This is what “Pagadder”, “Peter the Great” and “Sloeber” should have been doing today – loading mud at Hinkley to be dumped off Penarth – but it seems the weather has confined them to port in Barry

It’s intended that both vessels will be used in relays on the mud-dumping operations to shift the 320,000 tonnes of material.

Peter the Great is using a hydraulic shovel to dig trenches for cooling water pipelines in the mid immediately offshore from Hinkley Point.

Also in port is the dredging vessel Peter the Great – which is actually digging up the mud off Hinkley Point and loading it into the two hoppers.

A warning of strong winds associated with Storm Helene has been put out by the Meteorological Office who now say the worst of the weather will be tomorrow (Wednesday) .

Gusts of up to 60 mph are forecast from o6:00 BST on Wednesday morning with possible “power loss, delays to road, rail and air travel” and there’s the possibility of “injuries and danger to life from flying debris”.

Later in the day MV Pagadder did put out to sea and anchored off Hinkley Point but did not dump any mud in the Cardiff Grounds area.

The bid for an injunction to stop the mud dumping comes up again in court in the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre on Monday September 24th 2018

Meanwhile at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre the application for an injunction to stop the mud dumping completely has been adjourned for a week to give lawyers working for the French energy company EDF and its subsidiary more time to get their defence case prepared and will resume on Monday next week.

The Belgian motor hoppers MV Sloeber and her sister ship MV Pagadder are carrying out the dumping of the allegedly radioactive mud off Penarth. No British or Welsh ships are involved

The case hinges on whether the Environmental Impact Assessment issued for Hinkley Point (in Somerset) applies in respect of the Cardiff Grounds mud dumping site off Penarth . Cardiff Grounds are in Welsh territorial waters and there has been no public consultation in Wales.

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  1. sjleworthy says:

    Might pop down later and collect a bucket or 3 of this nuclear mud – might be just the ticket for my chillie garden 🙂

  2. NoWay! says:

    A full Public Consultation should be a legal necessity in this situation. We hope the injunction is successful and a full legal enquiry will be allowed to follow. Wales mustn’t be seen as the easy option and the place for dumping of “radioactive” waste. For all those who doubt that this stuff is radioactive go and buy a Geiger counter and a bucket and spade. Then watch yourselves glow in the dark tonight. 😬

    • Penarthur says:

      Why not buy one yourself and publish your findings?

      • Rosemary Knights says:

        That has been done in the past & the results published. But why do you expect the public to do & pay for tests which EDF are legally required to do. And don’t say they have done them – they’ve only gone through the motions.
        I’m interested to know why you’re so defensive of EDF – are you an employee with an axe to grind .

      • Penarthur says:

        Rosemary I have said here before that I don’t want the mud but claiming it’s dangerously radioactive does no-one any good. It’s just an easy obstacle to knock down.

        But making people think it’s dangerous is akin to shouting “Fire” in a crowded theatre.

  3. Penarthur says:

    Interesting that the legal challenge now rests on a technicality and not that the mud is dangerously radioactive.

    • Rosemary Knights says:

      Get up to speed pal! The 2 things are linked. The legality of the dumping – EIA must be done of the dump site – NRW now admit one hasn’t been carried out & the state of the mud to be dumped – not sufficient sampling & testing.has been done. Whichever way the hearing goes we will be continuing with the science element.

      • Penarthur says:

        No, as I understand it the mud has been tested to be safe but the impact of dumping safe mud at the nearest licensed location has possibly not been included in the overall project impact assessment.

        That’s all.

      • NoWay! says:

        I’m with you there Rosemary! Hear Hear!! Definitely insufficient sampling and a cover up. They are increasing the dredger loads now in order to dump as much as possible before any injunction is served. The WAG whets are crawling around trying to influence a “safe mud” message. Their constant whining is sickening!!!!

      • Penarthur says:

        It’s clear that samples were taken over many years, no abnormal radioactivity was found, particularly below 2m depth of mud. This seems to be the argument for insufficient sampling, when in fact the sediment below 2m is 1000s of years old and could not have been contaminated.

        Sadly the nuclear argument is not an option.

  4. NoWay! says:

    Yes it is! This is all so cynical. I can’t believe how we Welsh are now so un-passionate about our Nation. We are more passionate about a rugby ball! Acting on a presumption that all is fine with this mud and just leaving it to chance? No wonder the rest of the UK laugh at us!! We are just a tad stupid don’t you think? Whether it’s on the basis of a “technicality” or other basis at this juncture I don’t really give a flying toss! As long as the dumping stops! Protect our waters and our oceans. Protect Wales! PS I love Wales and our Welsh Rugby but in the correct order.

  5. Janet says:

    I saw online that there’s a family who fish the Hinckley mud, eating and selling tonnes of seafood every year. If they are allowed to do this then the mud cannot be very hazardous.

  6. snoggerdog says:

    will E.D.F. pay for our sign up by the top of cogan, welcome to penarth twinned with chernobyl !

  7. graham vodden says:

    Does any body know what the crowdfunding pot holds so far because time is running out, and we need to get on with this .

    • JP says:

      The initial target’s been met, but now extended because of the legal muddling and possible need for a judicial review – am not associated with it, beyond making a small donation but the coalition say if anything is left over it’ll be given to environmental charities.

      If you have thought about making a small donation and haven’t yet please think about it, if only to help the morale of the people trying to stop this horror.

      • graham vodden says:

        We donated last week.

      • NoWay! says:

        I will donate. Please can you send me the link? The idiots who believe this mud to be safe need to educate themselves and start reading the ‘real scientists’ recommendations. There needs to be more substantial in depth testing. To block these more stringent scientific tests is an admission of guilt in itself!!!

      • Penarthur says:

        I admire your virtue signalling, but you are sadly I’ll advised.

    • Penarthur says:

      We need to get on with having it dumped and letting it wash away. There’s no other option.

  8. Cogan nomen says:

    The fishermen at Stolford use a wooden
    “Mud horse” which they push over the mud
    To access their shrimp nets .
    They also catch bass and cod .
    They are renowned for their potted shrimps .

  9. Paul Adsett says:

    If the mud is really contaminated with radioactive material, then the ship itself must also be contaminated, and Barry Docks as well!

  10. George says:

    Building the new power station is taking years and billions of pounds.The extra cost of getting rid of this mud elsewhere is not significant. The budget for this project keeps going up anyway so a bit more won’t hurt. This is the corporate equivalent of fly tipping. Any extra money spent will always be recovered through the energy bills so that shareholders etc are happy. EDF hq in France far enough away then. Another thing, even if its not a hazard, it is still dumping, why do we (not me) want it unless of course “we” generously agreed a deal……………

  11. JP says:

    Why don’t we all just also boycott EDF?

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