St Aubin’s Nursery on Archer Road, Penarth

The St Aubin Nursery in Archer Road Penarth is the latest care establishment in the town to be inspected by a team from the Care Inspectorate Wales – who check the standards of care which are being provided.

The nursery provides places for 116 children aged from 6 weeks all the way up to 12 years of age and was found to comply with all regulations .

Although, like most local nurseries, English is the basic language – some members of the staff are fluent Welsh speakers and therefore  “incidental Welsh” is included.

The inspectors found that “children are cared for in a friendly and welcoming environment, where a good range of resources are available” – but found also that the environment requires further consideration to ensure it encourages them to develop their own play and learning.”

The children’s downstairs bathrooms  have been totally refurbished following a
recommendation on the last inspection report. A “mud kitchen” has been added to the garden

The children at St Aubin’s were found to be “interested and excited in the play based activities” but the inspectors noted that “children did not get as much out of some of the activities as they could have because we found that some activities were too difficult for the children and in some instances, the resourcing and layout of the play spaces hindered.”

Staff were found to “have a good understanding of child development and want to make a positive difference to the children in their care … Children remain safe and healthy because staff understand their responsibilities and are aware of the policies and procedures in place to support them in their roles.”

The nursery has an Environmental Health rating of 5 (the maxiumum possible rating). Inspectors said good hygiene is promoted :“All children were encouraged to wash their hands before meal times and after using the bathroom. There is a very robust system in place to manage food and food allergies within the nursery.”

A balanced menu is provided for the children, “in line with Welsh
Government guidance” . The nursery has also received a Gold Standard Healthy
Snack Award and the Designed To Smile Gold Award for promoting oral hygiene.

ALthough inspectors found that staff took children’s interests and abilities into account to plan for the next steps in their learningsome activities were not pitched at quite the right ability and understanding level.” This issue has been taken up with the management who saidit had been recognised that some additional support may be needed in this”.

Inspectors also said “the environment would benefit from reconsideration to
ensure that the layout and decoration of the nursery, and the storage of resources are
purposeful and enhance children’s experiences. In the weeks following the inspection, the
nursery provided evidence that this had been acted upon.

The CIW report says that inspectors observed “two risks which had not been considered by the service:- 

  • In the cot room, “cots were positioned in such as a way that allowed children to reach through from one cot to another;
  • Several “drawstring bags were stored within the reach of children in cots. We asked that children’s access to drawstring bags be restricted immediately and this was done.”

Inspectors said that  “although the nursery provides a welcoming and engaging environment .. the indoor play spaces would benefit from further consideration. We found that the decoration, which filled most of
all walls and cupboard doors, as well as some windows, was overwhelming and would
not be of benefit to the children. Little of it was the children’s own work”

In the weeks following the inspection visits, “significant action” was taken in the nursery to address this recommendation.

Overall the CIW found St Aubin Nursery was found to provide a “consistent, reliable, high quality service which is well run, with due regard paid to the regulations and National Minimum Standards for Regulated Childcare.”  and that is  “proactive in engaging with families and in sharing information with them about their child.”

The full report is available on the CIW website

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