The Penarth fishing boat “Bad Boyz IV” with a tv news crew on board intercepts the MV Pagadder in the middle of mud-dumping operations this morning off Penarth

During Hinkley Point mud dumping operations off Penarth this morning there was an encounter between the Belgian mud hopper MV Pagadder and a local fishing boat with a news crew from the Al Jazeera world wide tv news channel on board.

Independent Assembly Member Neil McEvoy – who has spearheaded the campaign against the mud-dumping – has called for a flotilla of local boats to go out to Cardiff Grounds and attempt to blockade the Belgian mud boats .

The fishing boat “Bad Boyz IV” wasn’t shy about showing the Belgian mud-dumpers what her nationality is

The fishing boat “Bad Boyz” – patriotically festooned with Welsh flags – manoeuvered very close to MV Pagadder whilst the hull of the hopper was opened up to release her cargo of 2,000 tonnes of Hinkley  mud onto the Cardiff Grounds.

Aboard Bad Boys IV  campaigner Cian Ciaran from the pop group Super Furry Animals whipped out his GPS iPhone and established the mud boat was operating more than 160 feet outside the approved dumping area  .

Part-funded by the Chinese, the French energy company EDF is employing Belgian ships to shift 320,000 tonnes of offshore mud from the Hinkley Point nuclear complex in Somerset, England  and dump it in Welsh waters.

Whether EDF has the legal right to do this will be established in Cardiff Civil Justice Court on Monday next week.





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  1. Andrew Worsley says:

    More power to their elbow at least they showed some national pride and guts.

  2. Peter King says:

    Dreadful. If any other kind of social unrest were being promoted and encouraged this place would be buzzing with indignation.

  3. Simon says:

    Bravo Bad Boyz.
    Hope others are inspired by your actions.

  4. Penarthur says:

    Phew. At least we’ve given up on it being dangerously radioactive mud.

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