Cllr Angela Thomas (Labour Plymouth Ward) has tabled a motion to be debated by Penarth Town Council demanding assurances about possible radioctive substances in the Hinkley Point mud being dumped off Penarth – and regular monitoring of  sea-water quality on Penarth beach

A Penarth councillor – Angela Thomas (Labour Plymouth Ward)  is demanding that the Town Council debates the controversial dumping of mud from the Hinkley Point nuclear complex into the sea off Penarth .

In last night’s meeting of Penarth Town Council’s “Events, Venues and Open Spaces Committee”   Cllr Thomas unexpectedly gave notice that she would be moving a motion at the next full council meeting demanding reassurances about the safety of the mud from Natural Resources Wales and demanding monitoring of sea-water quality at Penarth. [Natural Resources Wales is the Welsh Labour Government’s largely ineffective  environmental “watchdog” body that’s been called a “tame and toothless poodle”.] 

Cllr Angela Thomas (Labour Plymouth Ward)

In taking this action Cllr Thomas is doing something which no other councillors, AMs or (come to that)  politicians of any other party have so far dared to do.

She is taking on the entrenched Welsh Labour Government who authorised the controversial mud dumping programme in the first place and then deliberately stifled debate on the issue in its own Petitions Committee.

Cllr Thomas told  members of Penarth Town Council last night that she would like to “mirror public concern over the dredged mud being disposed of  just outside of Penarth beach.”  

She said I would like to bring a motion to council to ask for re-assurances from the NRW [Natural Resources Wales] that the material is free of radioactive substances and ask if they will be monitoring the water quality on the beach. ”  .

On Twitter Cllr Angela Thomas is also putting pressure on veteran Labour AMs Jane Hutt and Julie Morgan to back her campaign, and is putting to shame many Labour politicians who have ignored the issue

Stephen Doughty Labour AM for Cardiff South and Penarth

Cllr Thomas’s gutsy stance on behalf of her constituents comes in marked contrast to the failure of  Cardiff South and Penarth Labour MP Stephen Doughty to represent the concerns of local people on the issue.

Health Minister Vaughan Gething

Similarly, the wanna-be leader of the Labour Party in Wales, Vaughan Gething (AM for Cardiff South and Penarth)  has also remained silent on the mud dumping controversy – even though he is Minister of Health .

The Conservative run Vale of Glamorgan Council has already protested about the mud dumping but –  until now – the  Labour controlled Penarth Town Council has  steered clear of the issue.

Independent AM for South Wales Central Neil McEvoy brought a rousing finale to the rally and went aboard one of the Belgian mud-vessels in Barry to talk to the crew direct – in  French

Undoubtedly leading the charge on the issue is Neil McEvoy Independent AM for South Wales Central (which includes Penarth). He rallied demonstrators outside the National Assembly on August Bank Holiday and last Sunday even went aboard   the Belgian dredger Sloeber in Barry Docks and talked to the crew during their evening meal in French – until they asked him to leave.

He’s also applying pressure to the Belgian seafarers’ union and wants local boatowners to band together to blockade the mud vessels.


Last night saw the  MV Pagadder start mud dumping operations. She is  the second of two Belgian motor hoppers contracted to bring 320,000 tonnes of mud from the Hinkley Point nuclear complex in Somerset and dump it in Welsh waters on the Cardiff Grounds Spoil Disposal site – just a mile offshore from Penarth.

In heavy rain and high winds the mud dumping vessel MV Pagadder  – riding low in the water –  passes the Monkstone light en route to Penarth last night.  These pictures were taken through mist and rain from Penarth at 18:00 last night. We apologise for their poor quality

Waves wash over the deck of Pagadder as she turns towards Penarth

Pagadder is so heavily loaded she seems to have very little freeboard as she slows over the Cardiff Grounds disposal site

Pagadder stops directly over the mud dump location

The ship rises out of the water as the cargo of mud begins to falls out of her split bottom and as the sides of her hull separate underwater

With most of her cargo released Pagadder rises further out of the water

Almost the entire cargo of Hinkley Point mud has now been allowed to fall into the sea off Penarth . Pagadder will now be working alongside sister ship MV Sloeber to bring hundreds of thousands of tonnes of Hinkley Point mud to Penarth

Last night Pagadder worked in strong winds and heavy rain to bring her first cargo of Hinkley Point mud to the Cardiff Grounds dredge disposal site off Penarth. Although visibility was poor Pagadder appeared to be working without navigation or deck-lights . [Her partner vessel MV Sloeber is fully illuminated when carrying out her dumping operations.]

It was also noticeable that MV Pagadder was much lower in the water than sister ship MV Sloeber – indicating that she may have been carrying a greater cargo of mud than her identical sister ship. The freeboard  of Pagadder rose considerably when she had released her complete  load of mud into the sea off Penarth.

The bid for an injunction to stop the mud dumping comes up again in court in Cardiff on Monday September 24th 2018

On Monday next week the hearing of an application for a legal injunction to halt the dumping is due to resume in court at the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre.

The hearing was adjourned on Monday this week because the French energy company EDF –  which is building the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station – had not completed its preparations for the case.


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  1. Nick Penberthy says:

    By-products of a barely understood energy releasing chemical process that has been proved to cause hideous deformities being dumped in a 14m tidal range a few miles from their parliament.
    What is wrong with the Welsh Administration (outside the definition of a goverment)?

    • Dumping Ground says:

      Spot on, Nick Penberthy.
      All credit to Cllr Angela Thomas for sticking her neck out but the biggest question that needs asking is HOW THE F**K WAS THIS EVER ALLOWED TO HAPPEN?

  2. Lesley Monger says:

    As far as the Court case is concerned it appears that EDF are stalling but the dumping is continuing. Surely this should be put on hold!!!

    • Jm says:

      Yes, the law is showing itself to be truly an Ass! God forbid anything does go wrong redress will have to be sought from M’Lud as well as the Assembly, otnleast because the Belgian carpetbaggers and EDF will be nowhere to be seen.
      Beggars belief even by the dismal standards of the Assembly – and Tories suportbthe sludge dumping too.

  3. parsons says:

    Yes Lesley is right, stop the dumping now and thank you Angela, please Angela get this dumping near our beautiful sea front stopped now. Who in their right minds allowed this to be dumped in Wales?

  4. BigpooSki says:

    Can’t Stephen Doughty just eat it? that would save a lot of problems

  5. Peter D says:

    It’s a bit late in the day, what have they been doing until now, sleeping ??

  6. Andrew Worsley says:

    By the sound of it Peter D it seems that the dumping was supposed to be done without public discussion and without any involvement or interference from local Govt . But we do know one thing now and as the saying goes. ” it sometimes takes a crisis to find out who you can rely on” and in this case who you cannot and it should be displayed in 15 foot high letters the names GETHING and DOUGHTY………………lily livered , yes men or in this case hiding under the desk men. A total disgrace both of them and everyone else who went along with them.

  7. Dizzydeb says:

    Wales keeps voting them in?????

  8. JP says:

    Doughty has said he is concerned about the sludge slinging, Gething has said nothing which shows him to be unfit as a constituency AM – he’s about as good at it as he is Health Minister (which is to say not at all).

    • Nick Penberthy says:

      So not fit to run the elected administration…

    • NewsNet says:

      Doughty’s only spoken reference to the mud dumping was in an oblique and circuitous comment he made in January this year in a meeting of the Public Bill Committee (Space Industry Bill). In this, he did NOT say that HE had concerns about it. He only said “Various significant concerns were raised about the granting of licences for the disposal of mud, which is being removed from the Hinkley Point site to the Welsh side of the channel” – and then added “I do not want to get into the specifics of that example” . There was no criticism of the Welsh Labour Government or Natural Resources Wales.

  9. Andrew Worsley says:

    I myself am not right wing but I can recognise ‘useless’ when I see it, both Doughty and Gething have exposed that their real power or influence is none existent . These two ‘yes men’ should be voted out of office without delay . Id like to know who these two clowns actually think they are ? they are empty vessels . The people of Wales should remember these charlatans next time they vote .Mr Gething was/is hoping to become leader of the Welsh Assembly according to my info. Anyone in their right mind who votes for this dummy will be a disgrace to Wales and its people.

  10. Scootergirl says:

    I would like to say Thankyou and very well done to Angela Thomas and also Neil McEvoy for all your efforts and hard work – shame on Vaughan Gethin, Stephen Dougherty and others. The people of Penarth and Cardiff now know WHO NOT TO VOTE FOR next time, and Vaughan Gethin is even trying to become First Minister – why – so he can sell us down the river ( sorry about the pun). If the ‘mud’ is found to be safe ( which I very much doubt will be 100%).
    This is not the case of Not In My Backyard, it’s just the fact why. Why off Penarth, why not further down the Channel where it wouldn’t be such a nuisance, or better still as it’s a French company, why not take it over to France!
    Plus all movement should now STOP until the next hearing at the very least.

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