Pheasants – the most hunted bird in the world – are going to be safe in Wales The Welsh Labour Government has ruled they cannot be shot on its extensive land holdings.

Natural Resources Wales – the quango described as the “tame poodle”  of the Welsh Labour Government – is being criticised by Conservative Environment spokesman Andrew R T Davies (AM for South Wales Central).

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) announced this week that it is to ban the long-established country pursuit of pheasant-shooting on the extensive acreages of land owned by the Welsh Government in Wales .

Flying several Welsh flags the Penarth fishing boat Bad Boyz intercepts MV Pagadder as she dumps nuclear mud from Hinkley Point off Penarth . The mud-dumping is approved by the Welsh Labour Government and by all Welsh Labour MPs and AMs but is opposed by the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

The NRW is the same Labour-dominated body which has permitted  the dumping of potentially radioactive mud from the Hinkley Point nuclear power complex in the sea off  Penarth  – and has failed  to intervene in the start-up of the controversial and unpopular Barry Incinerator project.

Natural Resources Wales will not renew leases on its land for pheasant-shooting rights when they come to an end in March next year. The NRW says its amended policy will “make sure that firearms are used for the right reasons, in the right circumstances and in the best way possible.” …whatever that means.

A major factor in coming to the decision  – says Natural Resources Wales is – “the Welsh Government’s position, as the landowner, that it does not support pheasant shooting, the breeding of gamebirds or the birds being kept in holding pens on the Welsh Government Woodland Estate.

Applications to use Welsh Government land for “other pursuits such as clay pigeon/ target shooting” will be considered on a “case by case” basis.

Andrew R T Davies is the Conservatives’ Shadow Minister for the Environment in the Welsh Assembly

South Wales Central AM and Shadow Cabinet Secretary for the Environment Andrew RT Davies has said the decision represents a “remarkable inconsistency” – given their failure to intervene on issues of the  Barry incinerator and the “nuclear mud” dumping off Penarth .

Mr Davies says  “Irrespective of your views on country sports – it is quite remarkable that ministers – against both science and the evidence on the table – have chosen to intervene in this way. We must not forget this is the same minister who has repeatedly failed to take action to stop the Barry incinerator or nuclear mud dumping in Penarth – and residents will rightly ask why.”

Mr Davies added “In making this decision – it has been proved these powers are there to be exercised – so it leads to questions as to why both NRW and the Welsh Government are prepared to get involved here – but are not interested in standing up for the Vale.”


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  1. Marks Semite says:

    At least you people knew where you stood when the Tory Party represented the Aristocracy and the Labour Party represented the White Working Class instead of representing immigrants from Russia, Eastern Europe and Germany. LOL.

  2. gareth says:

    Bring back the peasant shooting season

  3. Scootergirl says:

    What’s pheasant shooting got to do with a Penarth. There are much more important issues to concern ourselves about other than pheasant shooting. Does the Penarth am live in the real world

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    Totally agree Scootergirl although I abhor blood sports there are more weighty matters than this to deal with and I further agree, what’s it got to do with Penarth ?

    • Christopher David says:

      Well I love Scoot’s contributions, but I have to say this is a Wales issue. And a Penarth AM has commented so its there to debate.

  5. gareth says:

    The new mudbank can become a Pheasant reserve, if its not used to house the travellers destined for Sully.

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