In period dress Martin Gossage of the Penarth Tourist and Visitor Association with partner Alison welcomed people arriving at the Kymin today where the GPG Food Festival was to have taken place

Although  today’s GPG Food Festival  was cancelled because of (yesterday’s) wet weather, Penarth’s Victorians boldly ventured out of doors this morning  as if to show that they are made of somewhat sterner stuff .

In full period costume, Martin Gossage of Penarth Tourist and Visitor Association and his partner Alison,  strolled sedately up to the  entrance to the Kymin to explain to visitors why the Food Festival was not being held there today.

The Kymin was sunny and warm today but the organisers of the GPG Food Festival had to make a decision in yesterday’s bad weather whether it was too wet set up the stalls for today’s event

It’s hoped that this re-creation of the Victorian heyday of Penarth will become an annual event

The Victorian duo were also hoping their appearance will encourage other local residents to don period costume to revive “promenading” –  the time-honoured Penarth custom of taking a leisurely stroll along the Esplanade in the sun  – and make it into an annual event .

It’s all part of the continuing “Penarth History Month” which has featured a series of presentations on various aspects of local history- and even pre-history.

Meanwhile at the Kymin itself visitors who arrived for the Food Festival through the rear gardens , were being met by a member of Penarth Town Council staff to explain it was hoped to hold a postponed Food Festival at Christmas time.

In today’s warm and brilliant sunshine the Esplanade itself was packed with visitors and not a single free car-parking space was to be found.


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  1. Taffy says:

    Well done Martin and Alison

  2. Andrew Worsley says:

    Rupert and Gertrude were pleased to see Martin and Alison at the Kymin today . Rupert said Gertrude and I go promenading quite often (turns out the description i gave before about promenading was a vivid dream) ,to continue and we were chuffed to tiny pieces to learn of todays events. Pity the jolly old carnival or whatever was cancelled , Gertrude was particularly upset as she had baked some ‘ Angels Folding Blankets Tarts ‘ now she will have to give them to her Great Aunt Agnes. This is Gertrude speaking , sorry to interrupt you dear heart, no , no fire away my hearts desire. Well I just wanted to add that I was a teeny bit perplexed that my cooking had been in vain , oh! one doesn’t mind wasting the odd jelly or maybe a Victorian sponge cake but The Angels With Blankets need extra care at the final stage or all will be ruined , oh well so be it for this year. Rupert , Buck up! old thing I think your a jolly marvellous baker and even cook to boot! well the bally tea and crumpets wont make themselves toodle pip! for now to you all .

  3. Scootergirl says:

    Well done Martin and Alison you both look splendid, what a shame it was cancelled as it’s turned out lovely today after all.

  4. JackMac says:

    Good show Martin and Alison – and the September heritage month has given us much fun and even a little bit to think about!

    It was a lovely afternoon (how did the weather forecasts get it so wrong?) but much as I like the festival it would be a risk for the stalls and tents to set up early this am, and there would doubtless be insurance issues to.

  5. Andrew Worsley says:

    Seems you don’t like a humour you cannot understand Peterkins ………………but never mind Penarth is awash with miserable so and so’s and your no exception .

  6. Frank Evans says:

    Is the main photo the town council technology consultants.
    Yes we can instal the latest tripods mounted fox glass plate cameras one frame per hour and well have them developed in a week.
    That will be 1000 guineas

  7. Andrew Worsley says:

    And Frank Evans gets caught up in the irrelevant detail on this item , at least mine was an attempt at humour and something different , Franks was just technical gibberish. Whilst Peterkins >??????????????? well he had to say something didn’t want to be left out ……………it all comes from being one of the last chosen for a footy kick about with his school mates .

    • Peter King says:

      Frank just likes to take a pop at everything, he’s one of the miserable so and so’s you told us about. Me and you left on the touchline eh Andrew? We’ll have a chat about The Fag and the police while our mates play footy.

  8. Andrew Worsley says:

    I don’t like football anyway and ive never tried to get a game Peterkins my interest in the game is minimal as for the Fag and the Police , I love both of them so why on earth would I slag them off ? mild reprimands but REAL CRITICISM ! never ……………………………..ahem!… cough !

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