The MV Pagadder splits herself open to discharge 2,000 tons of ‘nuclear mud’ into the sea at Penarth’s “Cardiff Grounds”  .It now transpires that what they are doing is illegal. No “Environmental Impact Assessment” had been carried out beforehand – as it should have been

The French energy company EDF – which is building the new Hinkley Point C nuclear power station on the Somerset Coast –  has now admitted that the dumping of Hinkley mud off Penarth is illegal .

Today a legal moves to obtain an injunction against EDF were halted in order to prevent the risk of potentially huge costs having to be met by the campaigners – even though they are in the right .

The territorial water boundary between Wales and England. English mud is being dumped in Welsh waters

EDF is said to have admitted in court documents today that no Environmental Impact Assessment was made on Cardiff Grounds – the mud dumping site a mile offshore from Penarth now nicknamed the  “Nuclear Triangle”.

EDF had initially claimed that no such Assessment was required because the Cardiff Grounds were already covered by the Hinkley Point Assessment in English Waters – but it’s now clear this doesn’t apply. Dumping so-called ‘nuclear mud’ in Welsh waters without an Environmental Impact Assessment is illegal.

Welsh Labour Environment Minister Lesley Griffiths gave her approval to the mud-dumping scheme – but failed to ensure there was an Environmental Impact Assessment for the designated Cardiff Grounds patch where the mud was to be dumped

The fault lies with the Welsh Labour Government – not with EDF . It was the Labour Welsh Government Minister Lesley Griffiths who wrongly issued a licence when she should not have done without first carrying out an Environmental Impact Assessment on the Cardiff Grounds dump site.

Barry Friends of the Earth say that the Welsh Labour Government is now faced with possible costs racking up at the rate of £118,000 a day because of their mistake.  Under EIA-law, the licence is unlawful and the Welsh Government is likely to have no choice but to revoke it.

The Belgian motor hopper MV Sloeber and her sister ship MV Pagadder are tonight in dock in Barry along with the dredging vessel Peter the Great

There is to be a debate in the Welsh Assembly next week on October 1oth to pressurise the Welsh Government to sort out its self-created mess .

The result is likely to be a  huge embarrassment for the Welsh Labour Government and its beleaguered Environment Minister.

Tonight both MV Sloeber and MV Pagadder – along with the dredging vessel Peter the Great – are in Barry Docks awaiting further developments.

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  1. Ocobblepot says:

    Welsh Labour Government …. Now an inquiry into why they gave the greenlight …. then the sackings.
    … Just day dreaming.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Result!! Well done PDN and all contributors!
      Have just been over to BYC and you are absolutely right the dirty chartered proxy French “merde buckets” are tied up and no longer violating Welsh Waters.

      Ironically The real life Russian Tsar Peter the Great was a man of science and navigation so it is extremely doubtful he would have sanctioned such a project

  2. Christopher David says:

    Next week! If it’s illegal it should be stopped now. This is ridiculous- the WG blatantly disregarding the law. Griffiths should go now- resign and face prosecution herself. Where’s Geiger Geth and the Doughty?

    • Ocobblepot says:

      £118,000 a day because of their mistake …… And who picks up the bill?.

      • Grif says:

        Well said. Labour racking up costs means nothing as it’s tax payers as always on the hook. If the issuing of the license was illegal and Sludgley Griffiths approved it she should be prosecuted.

        Project Managers responsible for sites can be prosecuted if found they have neglected their duty of care so the same rules should apply.

  3. Michael says:

    I trust there will now be a full and frank investigation into Lesley Griffiths’ conduct?

  4. Iestyn says:

    People been sneering about ‘Westminster’ but at least if this carry-on happened there, they wouldn’t mess about and heads would roll. the media would run headlines ‘calls for minister to resign’.
    you’ll see that in Wales the spineless, so-called media won’t touch it.
    all will go quiet and Griffiths will remain.

  5. Carl Simons says:

    Labour has been in power in Wales for 21 years.
    You can’t have that, it needs change, or else all you get is North Korea style government.
    They do as they like and we suffer the consequences.
    Anything but Labour, if we must have the stupid, mediocre Assembly let Plaid have a go now.

    • Grif says:

      I’d prefer it if it were simply closed down. The Assembly is a national joke. The only people who’ve benefited are the self centered people who reside in there.

    • Peter Church says:

      Andrew Worlsey will write name down for uttering such contemptuous language against Labour.
      Long may they lord (sorry rule) over us.

  6. Clive says:

    This mud should stick

  7. Time to Go says:

    look at their backgrounds
    these so-called “politicians” are out of their depth
    the joke is that the assembly came in under the “Wales deserves better” banner and now look.
    worldwide humiliation and a sea of mud

  8. Nick says:

    Pound to a penny this dumping will continue.
    I believe Wales’ Labour Government – aided by servile newspapers and television – is a law unto itself and will continue to do exactly as it pleases.
    Just you wait and see.

  9. snoggerdog says:

    ships in the dock damn right! ministers in the dock,no chance!

  10. Tom LJ says:

    The thing with Labour is that they’ll always find a way of saying it’s just other people making a fuss about nothing.
    Labour always knows better.
    Labour is in charge.
    Labour will carry on as though nothing has happened.
    We’ve got years and years and years of this ahead too.
    Can’t imagine what the place will become.

  11. Sofraniaeth says:

    In their statement to Wales Online an EDF spokesperson stated “EDF did everything that it was requested to do when it applied for a licence to dredge and deposit mud in the Severn Estuary.”
    Interesting that they should say ‘requested to do’ instead of ‘required to do’.

    • PaulD says:

      Interesting point made – this should have a full independent open investigation to find out what was agreed.

    • Scootergirl says:

      Why did they ever want to dump upstream in Wales
      They could have and should have taken it further ‘downstream’ where it was deeper, or did the English put up too much of a fight and totally refuse for this to happen.
      They could have had it taken over to France seeining as it’s coming from a French venture.

      Has this story appeared on National TV and newspapers, (as there should be a national outcry over this), I have only seen a mild version on BBC Wales tv once!!

  12. Murky Waters says:

    Radioactive or not, how was this ever approved?
    Wales doesn’t want English waste – we’ve had years of that.
    To think the Assembly is trying to justify this mud dumping with talk of Hinkley providing jobs for Wales.
    WTF, they talking like coal mine owners telling us to take the slurry?
    We’ve had centuries of being dumped on and naïve people like me thought that might stop with the creation of the Welsh Government.
    Still can’t believe any of this has happened.Take the mud over to France. Let them pile it up there in exchange for their profits.

  13. People need to wise up says:

    English newspaper The Guardian giving this the most coverage.
    Not much in wales. can’t think why that is?
    don’t tell me the welsh ‘media’ is falling in with the Assembly on this too. now there’s a surprise.

  14. Tim Richards says:

    The Welsh Government Environment Minister who first gave the go-ahead was Alun Davies who was, at one point in the past, the Head of Public Affairs at the UK Atomic Energy Authority

  15. Penarthur says:

    Fantastic news, trouble is its the Welsh public who will end up paying the penalty clauses, no doubt.

  16. jm says:

    Ok, please can we all put our energy into stopping this dumping NOW, and pressing the Assembly not to renege on us (again) … and then we can shred the Assembly.
    I still have no idea why the Vale didn’t ask for an impact assessment either btw – just as culpable as the politicians must be the officers.

  17. Geoff says:

    Yet another reason why the Welsh Government has failed the people of Wales and acted both illegally and in a irresponsible incompetent manner. Yet they remain in posts when will they be held to account.

    • Le Compte says:

      Agree Geoff…. people keep voting for the same fools.
      Most people in Carwyn Jones’ position also would have resigned after the treatment of Carl Sargeant and his subsequent sad death.
      Labour in the Assembly believe they are untouchable but whilst the majority of the elected members are under the Labour whip we are stuck with buffoons.

  18. Robert Donaldson says:

    When was the Court/Induction called off?

    Wasted journey for me & others.

    Thank you for all your updates on this subject.


    • NewsNet says:

      PDN called the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre at 09:00 yesterday (Tuesday October 2 2018) and was told a “Notice of Discontinuance” had been received.

  19. Lesley Monger says:

    Lots of us wrote to Lesley Griffiths she took an age to reply and said that all checks had been made
    Why aren’t the local press picking this up?

    • A Meeting of Minds says:

      Because the useless local press is the equivalent of the Assembly’s in-house publicity department.
      They urged us to vote for an Assembly so the lot of them could strut about thinking they were at the nerve centre of power, masters of their own destiny.
      On a day-to-day basis, they now act as one – having foisted the Assembly on us, they can hardly show up its failings, can they?
      Just think – if they don’t pick this up, what else have they been hiding and continue to do so…

  20. Tog says:

    Reblogged this on sideshowtog.


  22. PaulD says:

    As of 13.30pm today the Sloeber (NL) – Glomar Vantage (PA) – Peter The Great (CY) – Astana (NL) – Pagadder (BE) are all at or positioned off Hinckley Point. So as it has been stated even though it is illegal it seems to be still continuing. How are Barry port allowing these ships to be stationed or docked there if the cargo is deemed unsafe?.

  23. Sarah says:

    What happens now, all a bit late really, damage done contaminated water and god only knows what will happen to marine life, human life due to this horrific action. Do we need nuclear energy- nope! We can easily provide clean energy but no one makes money from that. Sick of what this world is becoming. Politicians are not educated for the roles they have. We need qualified people running this country. Teresa May had a BA in Geography. Not knocking Degrees but at at least have a Degree in Economics, Law, Politics to name a few. I’m sure your local GP didn’t get his job from obtaining a English Language Degree! This is a disgrace and heads should roll but the chances are nothing will happen.

    • Penarthur says:

      Sarah, there is nothing dangerous about the mud, if you know otherwise, please provide your evidence, else stop spreading scare stories that are only bad for Penarth.

      • As Cian Ciaran often says, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. The government laboratory that examined a small number of mud samples failed to use a test that would prove it harmless. The Hinkley Point A station was modified to make weapons grade Plutonium and we know there were accidents during the 1960s while the fuel rods were being removed in a hurry, which would probably have meant Plutonium and Uranium fragments being released to the sea. The United Nations has reported large numbers of particles – most of which were Uranium – emitted to the atmosphere from all three reactors. Independent tests of the C station site in 2011 found enriched Uranium which can only have come from a reactor; higher levels were found near the sea – evidence that the Uranium is coming ashore by the sea-to-land mechanism which also means that the particles can be inhaled. Inhalation is the most dangerous exposure route for this kind of pollution.

  24. Andrew Worsley says:

    Peter Church stop using my name to bolster your own credibility , I contribute to topics on here when I wish to , not because I have to . So stop your petty schoolboy taunts , you have already proved your grasp on reality is precarious to say the least , so go and sit in the corner there’s s a good lad. As for disgruntled a put him back in his box last time , so if he can have a little dig at me anytime he feels like it he will do ….such a silly boy, infantile and pathetic . As for the topic above I have stated my opinions on the matter previously nothing has changed same mud same ships , same dumping ground etc .

  25. Robert.. says:

    An Environmental Impact Assessment by law is required for these waters as they are not in england..

  26. Neil says:

    Mud Solution

    One solution for the mud from Hinkley dredge could be using dewatering bags to create sea defences along the coast.

    It would give the process added value to the communities along the coast especially for the Blue Anchor Hotel, which is falling into the sea due to no maintenance of sea defences.

    Positive outcome from the mud dredging and also contain any pollutants as this company also works at Sellafield




  28. marilyn bendon says:

    This is why we should revert to central government the Senydd are not working in our intrest but to make names for themselves. They have lost the reason they were formed.

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