The Deputy Mayor of Penarth Cllr Angela Thomas (Labour Plymouth Ward) had called for a debate in Penarth Town Council on the dumping of 320,000 tons of ‘nuclear mud’ off Penarth . ….But last night the plug was pulled on that debate – probably to avoid embarrassment to the culpable Welsh Labour Government

Last night should have seen a debate in Penarth Town Council on  the vexed issue of 320,00 tonnes of Hinkley Point ‘nuclear mud’ being dumped  just a mile off the sea front of Penarth …but, surprise, surprise … it didn’t happen.

The Labour Party machine has already gagged all other politicians from voicing any concerns about the massive mud dumping operation off the coast of Penarth [an operation now revealed as being technically illegal] and last night the Labour silenced the sole dissenting voice on Penarth Town Council – Deputy Mayor Cllr Angela Thomas (Labour Plymouth Ward).

The Deputy Mayor of Penarth, Cllr Angela Thomas (Labour Plymouth Ward) takes a keen interest in environmental matters – but her espousal of the ‘nuclear mud’ issue proved too much for the Labour Party

Back on September 19th Cllr Thomas – who is due to become  Mayor of Penarth next year – had  unexpectedly given advance notice that she would be moving a motion at the next full council meeting (i.e. last night’s meeting) demanding reassurances fromo natural Resources Wales about the safety of the mud and demanding monitoring of sea-water quality at Penarth.

On September 19th Cllr Thomas had said she wanted a debate in the Penarth Council Chamber to  “mirror public concern over the dredged mud being disposed of  just outside of Penarth beach” and wanted to ” bring a motion to council to ask for re-assurances from the NRW [Natural Resources Wales] that the material is free of radioactive substances and ask if they will be monitoring the water quality on the beach. ” 

For Cllr Thomas this was a gutsy, independently-minded challenge to the Welsh Labour Government which no other Labour councillors, AMs or MPs had dared to lay down.

On Twitter Cllr Angela Thomas had appealed for support for her motion from Labour Party stalwarts Jane Hutt and Julie Morgan and asked them to “speak out” . Needless to say – they didn’t.

Cllr Thomas had not only announced her forthcoming anti-mud motion in the Penarth Town Council chamber on September 19th  – but had also then gone on Twitter (see above) to attempt to rally support from  Labour stalwarts like Jane Hutt (Labour AM Vale of Glamorgan) .

However last night – come the day, come the hour – the plug was pulled on Cllr Thomas and her nuclear mud debate. Evidently a metaphorical Labour Party jackboot had been applied to her throat.

Cllr Angela Thomas (Labour Plymouth Ward)

When the tail-end “Any Other Business” item came up on the last night’s council meeting agenda – the point at which the debate should have begun – a subdued Cllr Thomas read out a prepared statement. It said:-

” I’d just like to give an update on the Motion that I was going to bring to council this week. In the light of the situation, the Hinkley mud settlement scheme moved and what happened this week, I would like to reserve and call back that motion to see what  developments will happen on the 10th of October when it’s debated in the Assembly.”

The statement is clearly ludicrous. Penarth Council has been aware of the proposed mud dumping scheme for several months – and done and said nothing about it. The 320,000 tonnes of Hinkley Point mud  – whether radioactive or not – will clearly pollute Penarth’s beach and shoreline – and could potentially affect the health and welfare of the town.

The massive mud dumping operation commenced on September 10th. It’s now October 4th  – and the suggestion in the Deputy Mayor’s statement last night is that Penarth Town Council should defer a debate until some later time is tantamount to saying “forget it – dump it – bury it”.  The next Penarth Town Council meeting is not due to be held until December 5th – by which time most, if not all, the entire 320,000 tonnes of mud will probably have already been dumped.

Clamping down and quashing debates on issues raised by individual councillors has become something of hallmark for the increasingly Corbynesque Labour-dominated Penarth Town Council.

Cllr Liz Fahy (Labour St Augustines)’. chair of the Penarth Town Council Policy Committee. had announced on July 19th 2018 that she would move a motion supporting the so-called “People’s Vote on Brexit” in the council chamber on September 5th . That debate too never happened. It was dumped from the council agenda and promptly forgotten about

In July this year Cllr Liz Fahy (Labour St Augustines)  had naively proposed holding a council debate on whether Penarth Town Council should give its formal support to the   so-called “People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal” [ The “People’s Vote” is a  bid to  overturn the result of the 2016 Referendum – in which the overwhelming democratic decision of the  people of Wales was to leave the EU].

That Brexit motion was due to have been debated in the council chamber on September 5th – but the issue mysteriously disappeared from the council agenda without trace or explanation after Penarth Town Council had been accused of venturing well beyond its remit  [looking after the cemetery, the allotments, and running the Kymin and Paget Rooms]  and was said to be meddling in political matters which are none of its business.

On the other hand the mud dumping is a different kettle of fish – an issue which directly affects Penarth – but as it’s one in which the Welsh Labour Government stands accused of gross incompetence it is therefore a can of worms that  the council doesn’t want to open.

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  1. Scootergirl says:

    Well, well, well – what a surprise!!!!!!! – I really hope the people of Penarth remember what Labour have done to their own people when it comes to the next elections!!!!

  2. WTF says:

    Disgraceful. I hope people remember this farce when it comes to re election.

  3. Barrie Howell says:

    Quote from PDN. ‘The Labour Party machine has already gagged all other politicians from voicing any concerns about the massive mud dumping operation off the coast of Penarth [an operation now revealed as being technically illegal] and last night the Labour silenced the sole dissenting voice on Penarth Town Council – Deputy Mayor Cllr Angela Thomas (Labour Plymouth Ward).’

    The debate that was ‘silenced’ is an appalling indication of the corrupt behaviour of Penarth Town Council, plus the deathly hush from the Sennedd – a sad reflection of the lack of democracy about a subject that the general public is intensely concerned about. Representation of the people is absent. Remember this when you vote.

  4. Just for clarity, Natural Resources Wales would not have been able to give Cllr Thomas the assurance she wanted. On the basis of laboratory testing (they call it “world class”) NRW have already said the mud does contain radioactivity. The only uncertainty is about how much Plutonium and Uranium is there, because the “world class” lab (which belongs to the Westminster government) failed to use a test that would find those elements. Under pressure from the public, NRW asked EdF to conduct more tests but meekly accepted it when EdF said “No”.
    The Hinkley Point A station was modified to make weapons grade Plutonium and we know there were accidents during the 1960s while the fuel rods were being removed in a hurry, which would probably have meant Plutonium and Uranium fragments being released to the sea. The United Nations has reported large numbers of particles – most of which were Uranium – emitted to the atmosphere from all three reactors. Independent tests of the C station site in 2011 found enriched Uranium which can only have come from a reactor; higher levels were found near the sea, showing that the sea-to-land mechanism is real (not that there’s any doubt about it). The question the Labour Party is dodging is “How much of this genotoxic material will our constituents be breathing?”

    • Deb says:

      A former welder, who later became a local councillor in the Safety Liaison Committee of Hinkley Point Nuclear Power station in Somerset, England, alleged that some of the pipe repairs were not properly made on the instruction of his superiors trying to cave work. He also claimed that X-Rays of good welds were used to cover the deception. The events happened in 1971 and are under “very thorough and urgent investigation” by the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) after instruction from the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NIII). (“The Guardian” 25/2/87, WISE NC 269 27/2/87 p.10)

      1990, 11th February – HINKLEY POINT, U.K.
      A near-accident involving a scenario that, according to Greenpeace Canada, almost led to a meltdown, occurred at the Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station. An attempt to cover up the problem ended 5 days later, when a Member of Parliament, Paddy Ashdown, revealed the incident on 16 February. (Greenpeace, Canada; WISE 328 2/90)

      1980, 11th January – HINKLEY POINT, U.K.
      Reports indicate that there is severe cracking at Hinkley Point A. The primary coolant circuit has no expansion bellows. It is believed that the largest cracks ever discovered in any nuclear system have been found at Hinkley, the largest being more than 3 metres long. (“Guardian” 11th January, 1980; International Nuclear News Service No.12 January/April 1980)

      1985, December — HINKLEY POINT, U.K.
      Five hundred workers were given anti-radiation pills after a gas leak at the Hinkley Point B nuclear power station in South West Britain. (“The Daily News” 4/12/85)

      • Lesley Monger says:

        When my husband was are Taunton school admittedly 50 years ago they were taken to the shoreline near Hinkley to see the deformed star fish with 7 points
        Nothings changed!

  5. Christopher David says:

    How many times must Labour Wales clearly demonstrate it’s a fascist dictatorship before the Labour voters get it and kick them out. This was ruled illegal but still they dump….and now as usual they gag. Why is the dumping halted and why is the so-called Minister being interviewed by police? Article in the Guardian today shows this is going to escalate as it now has national attention.

  6. Lesley Monger says:

    Don’t vote Labour again
    I will vote Plaid or Green (and I am English!)
    We have been let down by all these petty bureaucrats!

  7. Alan George says:

    From your report it appears that she chose to withdraw the motion and bring it forward again after October 10th

    • Colin says:

      They’re just dragging the whole thing out until the dredgers have finally finished their work in the hope that everyone forgets about the who sorry saga. It’s an utter disgrace and their silence on the issue is telling.

  8. Chris Franks says:

    AS well as Labour’s duplicity don’t forget it is the UK Government that is backing the mud dump. There’s nothing to stop Tory Town Councillors proposing a similar motion.

  9. Shirley Hodges says:

    6pm tonight Thursday 4th October, Barry Town Council are holding a special meeting regarding the Hinkley Mud, called by Nic Hodges and Steffan William. If you feel strongly why not come along, the public can attend. Barry Town Council is the annex on the Memorial Hall, Gladstone Road.

  10. Chris Jones says:

    With this and the AVIVA biomass incinerator both dangerous debarcles nothing suprises me . We are being silenced by thee council and others silence. They must be dragged in chains before the people and MADE to explain if neccesary

  11. jm says:

    Labour need to be punished heavily for this, I honestly think though that they’ll just hope we will forget. I wonder though – it’s a uniquely terrible thing to make people in a seaside town wary of their own seafront.

  12. jpow says:

    I mailed a number of politicians and got a reply from all but Geiger Gething – now I’ve had an ‘if you are a constituent ..’ out of office message. What arrogance! I might only be a constituent now, but before long I shall be an elector again … I have never been very political but I am now determined to see that this craven excuse for a constituency AM is not elected again. How could you want to be first minister when you won’t even stand up for your own home town when it’s being despoiled in this way? Furious.

  13. Shirley Hodges says:

    Proud that after a full debate @Barry_TC have voted unanimously to call on Welsh Government to conduct further testing of Hinkley Point dredged mud, and for NRW to suspend the marine licence, and carry out a full Environmental Impact Assessment. #GeigerBay

    • jpow says:

      That is fantastic news – and (date I say) shows what happens when the public make politicians be accountable for what they do.

      The problem now is the Labour Assembly govt standing up to say one of its ministers has made an error, potentially one of the biggest ever, they’re sorry and they will put it right (ie stop the now illegal dumping and face EDF down (the firm hasmade inaccurate statements eg about Greenpeace supporting the dumping, so its statements have limited reliability). As Max Wallis has said, let EDF dump in its own Somerset site and use the mud for gardens, of it’s so safe why not?

      Ridiculous all the (correct) fuss about plastics in the sea when the Assembly are letting foreign firms dump unimaginable amounts of reactor sludge here.

  14. Anne Greagsby says:

    Sadly Plaid Cymru in Penarth have let us down too ignoring the campaigning I’ve been doing with Neil McEvoy and FOE , ignoring the whole issue.

    • jp says:

      Little from Plaid, nothing from Lib Dems or UKIP, wriggling from tories and forced silence now from Labour? Not sure local Greens have even had much to say!

  15. Max Wallis says:

    Who’s up for picketing West House at the Labour Cllrs “surgery” on Saturday morning for half an hour from 10am? Plackards saying “Penarth against Hinkley mud” “Town Council cowards” “shameful Council blind eyes” “toxic mud on Penarth beach” or something witty.
    Bring your own or come along to help confront the Councillors and fill pictures of Penarth protesters.
    called by local Friends of the Earth/Sustainable Penarth

    • john says:

      Am in work but hope lots of people do go along and give these complacent or complicit (not sure which is worth) an idea that we won’t forget what they’ve done. They should remember that cover-ups don’t end well.

  16. Tog says:

    Reblogged this on sideshowtog.



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