The mocked up photo-montage which appeared in UKIP Leader Gareth Bennett’s tongue-in-cheek video about Labour AM Joyce Watson. Her head was superimposed on the buxom body of a barmaid model wearing a basque. The Labour AM did not find it funny

The outspoken Penarth AM, Gareth Bennett (UKIP South Wales Central) is in hot water over allegedly less-than-flattering remarks about Labour AM Joyce Watson that he made in YouTube video .

Gareth Bennett has the knack of saying out loud what many people are thinking but –  in these politically-correct times – feel they dare not utter.

Penarth AM and UKIP Leader Gareth Bennett presenting his own home-made video in which he poked fun at Labour AM Joyce Watson. To the great annoyance of straight-laced, politically-correct AMs, the Welsh Assembly’s own  Standards Commissioner Sir Roderick Evans saw nothing at all wrong with the satirical video – but is now being pressured to change his mind. 

The video poked fun at the stern-faced Joyce Watson saying she used to run a pub but “you wouldn’t guess that from looking at her”.

The video – which has now been withdrawn from YouTube – superimposed Joyce Watson’s face on the figure of a “buxom barmaid” wearing the kind of revealing corsetry that wouldn’t be out of place in a German – or in an EU – bierkeller.

Mightily offended  – Labour AM Joyce Watson

In his voice-over put-down, Gareth Bennett said of Ms Watson  “…She doesn’t look like the life and soul of the party. I’m not sure I would fancy popping in for a quick one at the local if I saw her pulling pints at the bar.”

Ms Watson was most definitely not amused. She claimed that  the visual allusion to “buxom barmaids”  was “inherently sexist”.

Sir Roderick Evans the Standards Commissioner who is in charge of the behaviour of Assembly Members and making sure they don’t fiddl;e their expenses.

The “case” was referred – by the indignant Labour Party – to the Welsh Assembly’s Standards Commissioner Sir Roderick Evans – the man ostensibly in charge of making sure that Assembly Members behave themselves.

Sir Roderick is a pillar of the Welsh Establishment . He’s a retired High Court judge,  a fellow of Aberystwyth, Swansea and Bangor Universities, a fellow of the Learned Society of Wales and a member of the bardic body – the Gorsedd .

He viewed the video – and did NOT think it was “sexist” or “mysoginistic” – as Labour AMs had alleged that it was.

Sir Roderick’s ‘not guilty’ verdict set the feathers flying in the Assembly’s feminist hen-coop where various AMs and three Welsh Labour Government ministers – including the pro-trans, pro-gay, pro-lesbian Labour leadership contender Vaughan Gething (Labour AM for Cardiff South and Penarth) –  demanded that he re-consider his judgement.

Penarth Labour AM Vaughan Gething wearing a rainbow LGBT “Pride Cymru” identity ribbon in the Welsh Assembly

On Twitter Vaughan Gething self-righteously commented “The Standards Commissioner really does need to explain his position. I would like to see him have an attack of common sense and reconsider the issue. His decision runs wholly against the Assembly’s own dignity and respect policy.” 

Discounting Sir Roderick’s many years of experience as a High Court judge,  Gething (a junior trade union solicitor by profession)  asked  “If a sexist video like this is not acted upon what confidence can we have over handling future complaints?”

Welsh Labour local-government minister Alun Davies

Meanwhile Alun Davies AM, the Labour minister for local government, proclaimed “this video was wrong and the decision needs to be reviewed,” [ Davies’s Wikipedia entry contains records several occasions when his own conduct has been called into question. In July 2014 he was sacked as a minister but later allowed back into the Welsh Labour Government] 

Baroness Eluned Morgan is the only female contender fior the Welsh Labour leadership

Female Labour leadership contender Eluned Morgan said of Gareth Bennett’s video “If that video was not sexist, I’m not sure what is. I am very interested to hear his [ Sir Roderick Evans’s]  justification for such a decision in particular in the light of the new Dignity and Respect agenda currently being promoted by the Assembly.”

Apparently failing to recognise the irony of her own remarks, Baroness Eluned Morgan called Sir Roderick “a 71-year-old male”  –  and asked “with respect, has he ever actually experienced sexism in his life? Does he know what it feels like for a woman attempting to fulfil an important role in public life to be reduced to a comedy picture of a cleavage?”

The Welsh Assembly says it has established its new “Dignity and Respect”  policy in order to create “an inclusive culture that is free from harassment”. Critics say the very need for such an innovation inadvertently shines a revealing spotlight on the rumours of many murky goings-on in the Assembly over the last 20 years or more.

Sir Roderick Evans has now said he is reviewing” his decision on the complaint from Joyce Watson.

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  1. Peter D says:

    Meanwhile more nuclear bomb-loads are deposited off Penarth Pier.

  2. Who writes this stuff? says:

    Since his whole ‘joke’ wouldn’t work if it were a male AM it’s hard to see how this isn’t sexist. He doesn’t seem to be making a political point either, just being unpleasant. The clear lesson for UKIP here is that they’re best at satire when they’re trying to be serious and worst when they make a genuine attempt… not unlike almost all politicans really!

  3. Nigel Bull says:

    Were I an AM and a serious politician trying my best to takes the country forward, I could never imagine making the video, as personal attacks limit the effectiveness of any measured critique of the Labour administration. That there is so much to find fault with does not alter that fact it is just not an effective way to deal with issues by a serious politician. That said the response has been pc, predictable and the context is noted by Peter D above.

    However, I am not a serious politician, one that avoids the truth if it allows them to shin ever further up the pole greased with the sweat of the electorate. I find the content little different to the often celebrated political satire seen every day in national newspapers, so I looked at a quite a number of photographs of Joyce Watson via Google. Beyond those posed for the camera she is seen to very rarely smile. Perhaps she is like me so disturbed by the performance of the Labour administration that her unhappiness is difficult to hide. If she ever did run a pub again, perhaps it would be best in partnership with Leighton Andrews that other well known lemon sucker in Welsh political circles. The temperance movement may well help out with funding. Despite the best efforts of all it may do well, being frequented by those like myself seeking relief from the pain of seeing devolution in our country such a shambles!

  4. Regardless of all the mumbo jumbo written here I believe that Bennett (UKIP South Wales Central) has gone beyond the bounds of normal decency and as a consequence should be permanently banned from the assembly.

  5. Christopher David says:

    Oh this is all so important! And so ““an inclusive culture that is free from harassment”. Right then assemble fascists who now seek to bully a retired judge- publish the Carl Sargeant report. Let’s have some openness and stop wasting expensive time on this drivel.

  6. Lord of the Bay says:

    So, they appointed a standards commissioner, and then when he makes a ruling they personally don’t agree with, they start to gang up on him like overpaid footballers surrounding a referee on the pitch…

    Imagine if people like Joyce Watson or Vaughan Gething were ever see an episode of On the Buses or a Carry On Film. The explosion would rattle windows in Peru!

    • I was surprised to see Dambusters shown uncut the other month.
      I love watching all these old films and TV programmes and it concerns me that the likes of Watson, Morgan, and Gething will get them banned.

  7. john says:

    He’s been incredibly childish and rude. Glad for him that he has nothing else to do.
    Meanwhile not too far away … an overseas congomerste is dumping 100000s of tonnes from a nuclear reactor on our shore.

  8. Peter Church says:

    The Assembly will disappear up its own backside if it s not too careful. Most AMs went in to politics because they failed at any real profession and then they take themselves far too seriously.
    ##Failed in the Assembly in Wales##

    • The Tax payer says:

      You nailed this mate 👍😂 As they say money for old rope. And they just move from one post to another when they make a bal-s up of it. But saying that who’s the daft one 🤔

    • Peter D says:

      Sooner the better too.

  9. snoggerdog says:

    the senedd is very near the water,maybe they think the paggader is a gravyboat.

  10. Sian E says:

    Why is Bennett referred to as ‘Penarth AM’ when Vaughan Gething was elected AM by the voters of Cardiff South and Penarth? Bennett got in on his party’s regional list, so you could call him ‘Aberdare AM’ or ‘Blaenrhondda AM’. As a ‘fair and balanced’ site, rather than repeat his insults, why not ask him how much public time he wasted making his childish video? Did he use staff and resources at the Assembly which he attacks? He earns £84K+ a year as UKIP leader and appears to do little but court controversy and pick fights (often within UKIP). What has he done for Penarth lately? And is the £10K public money wasted when he set up then never opened his Pontypridd office irrelevant to Penarth?

    • NewsNet says:

      The South Wales Central constituency which Mr Bennett represents includes Penarth. Therefore Mr Bennett is paid to serve (amongst other communities) the people of Penarth, just as Vaughan Gething is paid to serve Penarth and the rest of the Cardiff South Assembly constituency.

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