Police in Penarth dealt with a total of 286 “occurences” in August 2018

The latest crime figures for Penarth show that a total of 97 crimes were committed in the town in August 2018 within a total of 286 “occurences”  – the vast majority of which were incidents of anti-social behaviour.

Inspector Andrew Rice of Penarth Police

Making his first appearance before Penarth Town Council this week was Inspector Andrew Rice  – who is now in charge of policing in Penarth and the Vale of Glamorgan

Inspector Rice  said the August crime figure (of 97) was  10 fewer than in July when the total crime figure was 107.

The inspector said it was unwise to draw too many conclusions from a single month’s crime figures but the August figures were marginally lower than those for August 2017.

[The crime figures for St Augustine’s Ward and Plymouth Ward continue to be wrongly amalgamated into the old  – long since abolished –  Alexandra Ward which disappeared in the 1990s .]


The crimes listed below are those for the entire town during August 2018 in all 4 current wards  – St Augustine’s, Plymouth, Cornerswell and Stanwell :-

  • Violence Against the Person 37
  • Residential Burglary 5
  • Theft of Motor Vehicle 5
  • Theft from motor vehicle 5
  • Other theft (usually shoplifting) 35
  • Fraud or forgery 1
  • Criminal Damage 6
  • Drug Trafficking 1
  • Other notifiable offences 2


Inspector Rice  said 10 of the Violence offences (totalled across the entire town) involved “Violence with Injury”. A “burglary” recorded in the Cornerswell Ward turned out to actually be a case of an old lady who had collapsed in her home  – to which entry had to be forced  to come to her assistance.

The police repors covered activity in all parts of Penarth

The inspector told the councillors that the overall total of 97 crimes recorded for August comprised about 33% of the demands on the local  police. The other 66% were incidents – or “occurences”  which ” don’t end up in recorded crime”.

In Penarth in August, police actually dealt with total of 286 “occurrences” of which 97 had been recorded as “crimes”. For comparison  he said that during the  same August period there were 10,101 crimes recorded right across the South Wales Police area.

Alexandra Park – peaceful in the daytime – but a Mecca for anti-social behaviour after dark

The 183 “occurences”  in the Penarth  figures which were not being regarded as “crimes” – Inspector Wright said – but as incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour.

Police he said received “numerous reports”  from the public  about Anti Social Behaviour in Alexandra Park . South Wales Police, he said, is working with the “Safer Vale” organisation  on that issue. He appreciated however that members of the public did have difficulty in getting through on the police 101 telephone number .

Inspector Rice  also referred to a spate of crimes in Penarth in which vulnerable elderly people had been defrauded by criminals “pretending to the police officers”.   He said 2 arrests had now been made – with more in prospect – and there had been no further such crimes committed since those arrests were carried out.

No councillors asked about the major emergency at Penarth Pier on Sunday, nor the car over the cliff case on Cliff Walk in August nor the vexed issue of inoperative CCTV cameras in the town centre

No councillors asked the Inspector whether or not the CCTV cameras are working in the town  and no councillors asked him either about the incident on Penarth Pier on Sunday which was attended by  8 police cars,  Penarth Lifeboat, Penarth Coastguard and NHS paramedics.


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  1. The Tax payer says:

    As long as they get away with it with NO price to pay it will still happen. Stop sending them to a holiday camp and give them some hard work to do such as (cleaning the pavements with a small brush) marked in bright pink clothing and make them work in the most public place available and in FULL view of everyone. If they are still in school this can be done on a Saturday/Sunday 👍
    But I know this will never happen as it’s not PC

  2. john says:

    That’s very odd that no councillors asked about cctv, because the traders are asking about it all of the time, not surprisingly in view of the ongoing raids.
    Time after time after time, PTC fails to cover even the basics of its remit. Why are they all so timid?

  3. Taxpayer says:

    Been outside the fag on Saturday night,how they keep there licence I will never know,drugs and lots of fighting and still no CTV on in the town,it’s a scary.

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    Totally agree Taxpayer , God alone knows how the Fag keeps its licence even more though the cheek it had to ask for a drinking hours extension to 2 am and it wasn’t refused . Talk about ‘asking for trouble’ and the Police still don’t ‘get it’ they are bleating on about crime and break- ins in the town centre and agree to let a rowdy pub that would serve criminal types stay open longer , as the saying goes you couldn’t make it up . Instead of cutting down on crime and the causes of crime the Police give the ways and means to get on with it…………..have a skin full of booze in the Fag then at 2 or 3 am smash a shop window on your drunken way home ,or try to do a bit of burglary … don’t worry none of the CCTV cameras are working ,so as long as you wear gloves , no one know who you are.!!

  5. Andrew Worsley says:

    I would also be interested to know when an ‘incident ‘ becomes an ‘occurrence ‘? only a matter of weeks ago we were told by the Police that they had dealt with around 600 incidents in and around Penarth , we were not told at the time what determines an ‘incident’! but now we move on to ‘occurences’ so are occurences incidents ? if not what other fanciful or facile name can we expect next? Maybe ‘happenings’? or maybe ‘issues’? or how about ‘developments’? or ‘situations’ in fact any name given to avoid total clarity or as as a sort of buzz word that means to say little or nothing but intended to mean a lot at the time.

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