The French Navy’s Laperouse sails past Penarth  heading for “Le Weekend” in Cardiff

In what looked at first glance like a last desperate throw of the dice to  dissuade we Welsh from leaving the EU – today the French Navy put on a show of force and sent in their warships to pay Pays de Galles a little “goodwill” visit.

The all-white French warship Laperouse steamed past Penarth this afternoon with an excort of tugs .

It’s understood the French are still a little bit sensitive not only about their defeats at Trafalgar and Waterloo – but also about the outcome of the Six Nations last March when Wales beat France by 14 points to 13

Laperouse is a hydrographic survey vessel  which is named after the famous 18th century French navy commander who was appointed by King Louis XVI to lead a round-the-world scientific expedition. However  almost everywhere Laperouse went, he found the British had got there first.

The tugs Yeoman (left) and Tradesman seemed almost as big as the French warship

Frankly,  as a show of force, today’s demonstration of maritime might was less than impressive . To misquote the movie “Jaws” –  the French really needed “a bigger boat”.

If the matelots were planning to shiver any timbers in Penarth the good ship Laperouse  wasn’t quite up to the job . She is barely any bigger than the tugs which escorted her in.

“Bonjour Matelots”: The crew of Laperouse line-up on the bow in the traditional manner of visiting naval vessels

As naval custom and tradition dictate, the crew lined up at the bow to signify they had no hostile intent – at least on this particular visit. This occasion is all about hospitality. French  hostility –  no doubt – is being left for the Brexit negotiations.

Meanwhile the French sailors are evidently looking forward to spending “Le Weekend” in Cardiff to indulge in whatever the French for “entente cordiale” is.

The security warship Aldebaran is riding shotgun on this mission to protect Laperouse and her crew

Disappointingly for Muslim terrorists or Russian GRU holidaymakers, bringing up the rear of this mini French flotilla was the warship Aldebaran.

She is a “security ship” which provides “surveillance for French vessels accessing the Atlantic ports” and specialises in detecting and destroying anything  that could detonate or damage vessels or harm naval crews.


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  1. Peter Church says:

    I don’t think this is a French Warship!! more likely its to restock the Cote Brasserie in the Bay.

  2. Christopher David says:

    Well I hope they embark and meet some real Welsh people over a pint and a vino. Avoid the Welsh fascists at all costs and if you meet a smart arse po faced AM, tell em you’re gonna shell the Senedd on the way out next week 🙂

  3. Richard Metcalf says:

    Perhaps they are here to protect EDF’s mud-dumping operations from local sea-borne demonstrators !!!!

  4. jm says:

    Probably practising taking on refugees from Brexit stricken wales …

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