Stanwell School is Penarth’s top-performing secondary school which educates pupils from Penarth and the surrounding area including Sully.

There is an unconfirmed report of a knife incident allegedly having occurred at Stanwell Secondary School in Penarth on Tuesday October 2nd 2018 .

South Wales Police say they have no report of any incident on that day involving Stanwell School.  The school itself has been invited to comment but is yet to do so.

The unconfirmed account – for which there is no corroboration as yet – is that a female pupil has been suspended until Christmas after being found to be carrying a knife.

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  1. Eyes and Ears says:

    Can’t believe they are trying to bury this. My Daughter came home and casually told me that a girl brought a knife to school and told others she was going to stab another girl. Luckily someone told a teacher and the knife was found.

    No information from Stanwell on this. No Text or Email to say there has been an incident today. My Daughter is 11 and the way she told me was like it wasn’t a big deal. Parents should have been informed and we should be talking to our children about the risks and dangers.

    It’s scary to think that an 11 year old child would think bringing a knife to school is ok. Apparently she is suspended until Christmas.

  2. Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    What is the race and religion of the girl with the knife?

  3. Fair's Fair says:

    Fortunately there was no incident because of the maturity of students reporting their concerns to teachers and what appears to be a quick and appropriate response by the school. Investigations will no doubt continue and before everyone sensationalises the event please consider
    the fact that we are talking about children in all of this and that as adults we need to be sensitive to that fact.

  4. Scootergirl says:

    And what if the girl in question hadn’t told anyone what she was planning to do and simply went up to the intended victim and just stabbed her. What would all you ‘do gooders’ say then!

  5. Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    On another matter, does anybody know why the Leisure Centre was shut down for one night last week and the staff told not to talk about it?

    • Peter Church says:

      Mark, I heard it was a Muslim only meeting discussing the holy Quran.
      White local people were excluded by order of the Town Council.
      Hope this helps!

  6. Sandy says:

    The school has a duty of care. Suspending the offending pupil and bringing her back into the school is highly irresponsible. My child attends this school and now I have to worry about her safety each day???? I’m keen to hear the comments from the school on this. And understand their reasons for bringing this dangerous child back into school. I heard of this a few days ago from a parent and witnesses to the incident weren’t allowed to tell anyone. If they did they would face a punishment of detention! Why is Stanwell encouraging pupils to lie and hide things to others. Not what I call good life lessons. The way the school has handled this is wrong on so many levels.

  7. Moreton Vallance says:

    Suspended until Christmas? Wow! She’ll lose sleep over that one! Borstal . . . now that’s a word from the past . . . .

    • Fiona Whitfield says:

      Boot camp , I hate anything American but think this is a good idea , pussy footing around and look where we are.

  8. shaun says:

    I know the story behind this, the girl who took the knife had been teased and tormented about fancying a boy she didnt fancy for weeks non stop. Luckily nobody got stabbed but bullies can push the wrong people sometimes. Personally I think stanwell should look at both sides as the girl was obviously mentally abused to a point of sheer anger and stupidity. Not everybody responds to bullying by cowering down.

    • Fiona Whitfield says:

      My daughter went to St, Cyres was bullied as was in , WE didn’t not take to bringing in knifes but the bulling was awful we both suffered and my daughter has needed counciling so please don’t use this as a excuse

      • Sally Green says:

        Honestly i think it is absolutely ridiculous to try to compare your daughter’s situation to a girl who you don’t even know. Every bullying case isn’t the same and you have no idea what this girl was going through. To assume that (1) your daughter has had the same bullying experiences as this girl and (2) that this girl has enough support and help to not feel desperate enough to bring a knife to school, is completely ridiculous. You don’t know if this girl was receiving threats or felt that she was in danger of being attacked and therefore felt she needed to be able to protect herself.

    • Eyes and Ears says:

      You know “a story” behind this.

  9. Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    So it was a white girl according to the pupils. Well when I went to school in Cardiff 40 years ago no kid, boy or girl, would ever dream of carrying a knife, period. Aren’t you parents ashamed of yourselves for continuously voting for people who would let this happen to your country, your society and your children. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say you have been brainwashed and you would not have recognised or understood this process even while it’s being done to you. How to reverse it, that is the question.

  10. Fiona Whitfield says:

    My Daughter has and had suicidal thoughts which we are still dealing with 2 years later so don’t just don’t my world and hers are in constant struggle until hopfully her assessments on the 19th of this month , weve had to wait for appointments that hopeffuly will lead to the right help , also wev found she is autistic , this has taken us 2 years and tests , she was happy at primary so please this isn’t helping as Im 60 and trying to hold us together. She struggled collage and pasted was hoping for uni this year but shes been declared sick by doctor , she couldnt face it ,so with treatment , next year fingers crossed.

  11. Sandy says:

    Everyone is still waiting on a response from the school. The school have made themselves look shady. I’m finding it difficult to put complete faith in them with regarding my daughter’s and every other pupil’s safety.

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