The Smile dental studio has come under inspection by the Health Inspectorate Wales

The Health Inspectorate Wales has this week published a report on its assessment of the Smile Dental Surgery in Plymouth Road, Penarth.

The report lists the good points of the practice as follows: –

  • The Smile Dental Studio in Penarth

    There was evidence of strong management and leadership from the Practice Manager and practice owner

  • All the patients who completed the HIW questionnaire rated the service provided by the dental practice as excellent or very good
    Appropriate arrangements were in place for the safe use of X-rays
  • Clinical records were maintained to a high standard as were staff files and practice information.

However the Health Inspectorate has also identified a list of points on which the surgery could up its game . It says:-

  • Areas where wear and tear were identified need to be addressed
  • Undertake an environmental risk assessment
  • The practice should store its local anaesthetic and emergency drugs in accordance with manufacturers’ guidelines
  • Put in place a programme of clinical audits

There were no “areas of non compliance identified at this inspection” but the inspectors “identified regulatory breaches during this inspection regarding the practice information leaflet and the practice’s policies and procedures. “

These breaches have not resulted in the issue of a “non compliance notice”  but there is an expectation that the person who runs the surgery will take  “meaningful action to address these matters, as a failure to do so could result in non-compliance with regulations”.

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  1. PB says:

    Environmental Risk Assessment?
    At a dentist…
    But a government that allows potentially toxic mud to be dumped just off shore…
    Time these people got real jobs in the real world instead of wasting our money, I’m fed up of working so any politician or their lackey can act like my superior.

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