Penarth Lifeboat re-configures the tow to bring the crippled yacht into Cardiff Bay (Photo S Jones)

Penarth’s Atlantic 85 lifeboat was called out this morning to go to the aid of a yacht in difficulties about two miles South of Lavernock Point.

The yacht – with a crew of three on board –  had suffered engine and power failure and –  with the wind from the North – was not able to make any progress against the ebb tide.

A member of the lifeboat crew was transferred to the vessel to help set up the long tow to the Penarth Outer Harbour.

The yacht has now been brought safely into Cardiff Bay.

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  1. The Tax payer says:

    They are called yachts for a reason. They use the wind and as far as I know and yachts have been sailing up and down the Bristol Channel for over 100years so why do they need to call a lifeboat out to tow them in. And looking at the photo and the weather off Penarth it’s hardly blowing a force 8 with 6m waves. Total waste of money and the crews time. This makes me so mad when people go to the trouble of raising money for the RNLI for people to treat as a taxi service as and when they THINK they need it.

    • Albert A says:

      Tax Payer, out of curiosity, could you sail a boat though the locks and in to the bay? Somehow I feel you haven’t got the faintest idea about sailing…or wind direction..or the strength of the tides and just like to complain about everything.

      • The Tax payer says:

        Albert. Yes I have sailed the Bristol Channel for a long time. And they don’t need to sail into the locks as they can anchor off in the outer harbour which is a sheltered area or just outside. And then pay for One of the boat yards inside the bay to send out a work boat to repair the engine or tow them in.
        As for the wind direction being a problem to sail up Channel is a joke as if you watch the club racing most weekends they don’t just go in one direction and then motor back. Looking at the photo above I notice the main cover is still on the boat. So have they been sailing or just motoring from A to B I ask myself ?
        Lack of training and experience spring to mind and yet again the RNLI being used like the AA or the RAC breakdown service.
        As for complaining all the time please don’t mix me up with someone else 👍😎

    • Ralph says:

      It’s ridiculous to suggest that you would be able to sail easily up to the outer harbour against a Northerly wind and against an ebb tide. Even if you did manage to get anywhere near you would have to tack up the Wrach Channel and then the Barrage approach channel.
      Club racing in the Bristol Channel is racing under sail, it’s not a “passage”. When the racing is over no-one sails back to the barrage if the wind and tide are adverse.

      • The Tax payer says:

        Bet they would if they didn’t have a free tow off the RNLI. And the word tack gives you a clue what sailing is all about. Also the word anchor and I can recall a number of times having to anchor and wait for the tide to turn or for the wind to pick up. The RNLI should Not Be used as a free get you home quickly Number and you you are late and miss the locks that’s life.

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