Former Penarth schoolboy Dom Rushton is now being overwhelmed by the demand for his genuine British-style sausages – in Hanoi – capital of Vietnam

A former pupil of St Cyres School –  Dom Rushton – is being overwhelmed by the demand for his British-style gourmet sausages … in Hanoi, the capital of  Vietnam.

Dom – who’s the 28-year-old son of well-known Welsh film director Chris Rushton –   left home at 19 and is now a teacher at a top private school  – and a part-time food entrepreneur.

Former St Cyres student , teacher – and now food entrepreneur in Vietnam – Dom Rushton with his fiance Sophal Thach

Just a year ago, as a sideline he and his fiance Sophal Thach – a dental assistant – set up a small gourmet sausage  business in Hanoi producing hand-made sausages. They proved to be just what British expatriats had been looking for.

Now however, the local Vietnamese population have also discovered Dom’s artisan British-style bangers –  and business is booming.

This weekend Dom Rushton has been invited by the British Ambassador to a join a select group of retailers and set up a stall at a massive street party in Hanoi organised by the British Embassy to promote Britain and British food in what is now the thriving capital of the once war-torn communist country.

On the menu are Dom’s classic British-style sausages alongside his specially developed varieties made with local ingredients and flavours, with his innovative lemongrass-and-chilli and chicken-and fresh basil ranges being some of the hottest sellers.

Once the big Hanoi street party is over  Dom and Sophal will be enjoying a well earned cuppa … afternoon tea with the UK Ambassador at the British Embassy.



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  1. Peter Church says:

    Sausages 🙂 they look very nice!

    While searching on Google I found a Vietnamese dictionary defining what Dinas Powys means!

    Intrigued, I put the Vietnamese text into a translation tool online.

    “The exotic dormitory town near Cardiff in South Glamorgan includes the village with a great variety of pubs, village shops and post offices. It has spread to Murch and is spreading to Sully and Penarth. \ R Welsh Meaning – Powis City (after a fortified hill fortified by an ancient head for a daughter as a wedding gift). Castle ruins are still found in the Twyncyn forest. Dinas Powys is a town of Cantref – one hundred towns. Dinas Saus is full of old inhabitants of Grangetown. Once you have earned some money in Grangetown, you have been upgraded to live in Dinas Powys. \ R Even now you see the women look like part, as if they belong to a good rural society, But then they opened their mouths and went out – Pure Grangetown. New Year Eve spent the Village on the Square where locals drunk, walked together and then throwing glasses and all sorts of clothing and items. at the War Memorial.”

    I wonder is there a Vietnamese definition of Penarth too somewhere?

    • Peter King says:

      Maybe, but it doesn’t seem a worthwhile use of my time finding it.

      • Peter Church says:

        But you do like to use your time ranting at every other poster who does’t share your left wing liberal view of the world.
        Strange that isn’t it 🙂

  2. Peter King says:

    My “left wing liberal view”. Where do you get that from? Although I do suppose that, in the context of the prevailing far right raving mob on here, some might see it that way. By the way, you haven’t yet taken up my invitation to point me in the direction of the “Labour rants” which I have, allegedly, posted. Probably because there aren’t any.

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