Stephen Doughty Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth has used the schoolboy incident to attack UKIP

Stephen Doughty – the Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth – has stepped into a controversy involving an Essex schoolboy who was punished by his teacher for “supporting UKIP“.

The incident apparently happened during the 2017 General Election campaign but has only emerged in the last week in a phone call to the digital news radio station LBC.

The incident emerged on a phone call to LBC Radio broadcaster Nick Ferrari

It throws a disturbing light on entrenched left-wing bias amongst school-teachers in Britain’s state schools.

The school issued a formal apology to the three boys and their parents – and the teacher involved was also made to apologise and was reprimanded.

A caller from Loughton in Essex named “Paul” told LBC listeneers that his 15-year-old son was in a class taking part in a pre-election Question Time-style debate supervised by a teacher. The sequence of events seems to have been something like this:-

  • A boy in the class said that he would “vote for UKIP”.
  • The teacher retorted “All UKIP voters are racist.”
  • “Paul”‘s 15-year-old son then challenged the teacher’s assertion and said  “I’d vote for UKIP and I’m not racist.”
  • “Paul”‘s son – and two other boys who also supported UKIP  – were then immediately given detention by the teacher and told they would be kept in late after school.
  • The father of the 15-year-old, “Paul”, told LBC that as soon as he heard about it he called the school and spoke to his son’s “Head of Year” and complained  about the punishment.
  • The controversial detention was subsequently dropped.
  • The school issued a formal apology to the three boys and their parents  – and the teacher involved was also made to apologise and was reprimanded.
  • LBC Presenter Nick Ferrari described the treatment of the UKIP-supporting boys as “outrageous”.

UKIP leader Gerard Batten

The new leader of UKIP, Gerard Batten took up the cudgels on behalf of the schoolboy and  saying : “This kind of thing used to happen in Nazi Germany when Jewish children were singled out for vilification. It’s happening because the teaching profession is under the domination of the extreme left who are the real fascists in modern day Britain.”

Matters might have been left at this point – but then into the row waded Stephen Doughty (Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth).  Doughty decided to try to turn the story into an attack on UKIP .

Doughty said  : “People should be free to back whatever political party they like. But regardless of what happened in this case – and the rights and wrongs of the teacher’s alleged response – it’s simply absurd and offensive for the UKIP leader to have made this comparison. It’s also utter hypocrisy coming from the mouth of a man who has been happy to associate himself with far right extremists in recent weeks, and continue dragging UKIP even further into the absurd and offensive.”

The ever politically-correct Stephen Doughty’s comments  however have not changed the UKIP Leader Gerard Batten’s mind one iota.

Mr Batten says  “Sadly this is not a unique occurrence. UKIP people have told me that teachers have told their children that their parents ‘belong to a Nazi party’. One parent told me his son, the only white boy in his class, was singled out and the class was told, ‘this boy’s father belongs to a party that wants to send you all back where you came from.”

“Parents are often frightened to complain in case their children are victimised even more. Thank goodness the parent, in this case, did complain. Parents must insist the law is upheld in schools and teachers are not allowed to promote political agendas. “
“We have moved to a dark place in our national life and it has been possible because of the promotion of extreme left views by the educational establishment and the demonisation of those who do not share their dogmas.”

The LBC radio interview can be seen by pressing the arrow on the link below

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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    The teacher has every right to free speech and opinion in a free society but not to punish the student for disagreeing — if you do not agree consider this statement.

    “Universal education is the most corroding and disintegrating poison that liberalism has ever invented for its own destruction.”
    Adolf Hitler

    • Anne Day says:

      The teacher certainly does not have any right to express his own opinions while in a classroom. The fact that his opinions are stupid, illiberal and undemocratic is nothing to do with it … he is bound by professional standards to avoid expressing his own opinions in a classroom. In fact, he has a professional obligation to avoid doing so.

  2. Peter Church says:

    I am no supporter of UKIP but yet another example of the so called liberal minority who are anything but.
    As for Doughty, if there is a band wagon moving along he just can’t resist hopping on it.
    Result is a lot of damaged band wagons out there!!!

  3. Peter D says:

    I doughty will ever back anything important. Meanwhile the nuclear mudlark continues but he shows no interest in it.

  4. Mike Miggs says:

    Whilst who could disagree that teachers have a right to free speech as are th e rest of us, they must not in any way promote their political views on to school children.

  5. Ocobblepot says:

    Fascism is alive and well in the Labour party, under their leader.

  6. Anne Day says:

    It’s a good thing that Doughty has said this. It seems there many of us who have forgotten that people who do not share our views about politics are not our enemies; they are our neighbours, colleagues and fellow citizens. We live in a democracy. It’s normal to encounter disagreement about policies and so on.

    • jm says:

      No, they can be our enemies too. A liberal society tolerated everything, and therein can lie the seeds of its destruction if good people do nothing. The current mailaise is because much of what is done is daft. I was very right wing as a child but grew out of it!

      • David Day says:

        I understand your point – that’s why I used the word ‘policies’, really, If the disagreements are about basic values (equality of opportunity, freedom of speech, individual freedoms, religious freedom, democracy itself, and so on) then they certainly are enemies. The difference between conservatives and (pre-Corbyn) Labour is not really one to do with basic values, I think; it’s a difference about how best to achieve those basic values – means not ends. Corbyn is different.

  7. Le Compte says:

    Roll on boundary changes. I find Doughty offensive.

  8. Pete says:

    Happy to pipe up about someone expressing their freedom of speech in essex, ESSEX (!!!) but not a peep about the sludge dumping on your doorstep?!?! Get a grip with your priorities you fool.

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