From Sunday October 14th Penarth trains will be operated by Keolis Amey Operations under the banner of “Transport for Wales” . It’ll be some time though before these new trains illustrated here arrive in Penarth. The existing Arriva rolling stock will continue to be used

On Sunday October 14th (i.e. next Sunday) rail services throughout Wales and Borders are being formally handed over by Arriva Trains Wales to the new franchise holder – Keolis Amey Operations (which will be branded as  as “Transport for Wales Rail Services”).

Arriva Trains Wales – which is owned by the German Railways (Deutsche Bahn) is warning passengers this week that it will no longer provide ticket buying facilities on its website (

The existing elderly green Arriva Trains Wales rolling stock will continue to operate out of Penarth for some time yet

The Arriva Trains Wales website will close at  midnight on October 13th  – but  any train tickets which passengers have already purchased from Arriva Trains Wales will continue to be valid  and “ticket exchanges and refunds will still be possible as normal.”

The new Transport for Wales website is on – and this will display train time-tables and provide ticket purchase facilities . From October 14th passengers can set up new customer accounts on this site.

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  1. Jessica says:

    and not a moment too soon. I’ve not met one helpful Arriva member of staff in the 12 years I’ve had to put up with this awful service.

    • You must travel in a parallel universe. I find the ATW staff polite, friendly, and helpful.

      • Po says:

        Really? I travelled daily for 22 years and I could count on one finger the number of times ARRIVA staff were polite,well turned out, conscientious or customer focused.

    • Richard Phillips says:

      It will be the same staff, just paid by a different company & in a different uniform…….

    • Philip Rapier says:

      This is the Arriva train travelling the Border.,
      No sign of a tea trolley and loo out of order
      Seat reserve total disorder,
      Can’t stow your luggage the rack it is too small.
      Can’t buy a ticket in their closed Booking Hall..
      No through train to Tenby a total disgrace.
      Timetable is fiction and all over the place.
      No longer an Arriva train crawling the line.
      Maybe at last we’ll reach Manchester on time.
      Miss your connection when changing at Crewe,
      On an overpriced ticket for trains far too few
      Farewell Arriva train scourge of the Border.
      We shall not miss you or your loo out of order

      (After Night Mail WH Auden)

  2. Penarthur says:


  3. All in the Detail says:

    What I want to know is this: will they be repainting those turquoise bricks at Grangetown station? And will the existing chairs and signs etc in the Arriva Trains livery become red, white or black?

  4. Ian Perry says:

    It’s a French government owned company (70%) – although partly French-Canadian owned (30%) with profits going to the pensions of Canadians, as well as the French government.

  5. George says:

    Nothing much will change for some time, look out for lots of future promises. New trains etc will be along in a little while………………..
    In the meantime I am sure the outgoing lot will state how great they have been. Rail passenger growth is a byproduct of poor road networks or other deficiencies and not all down to great management as they may lead you to believe. Personally having used the trains a lot I am glad they are so frequent because if you have to rely on them you have to get the one before the one you need incase the one you want doesn’t arrive and it won’t when you most need it. Still with me, well done ! 😉

  6. George says:

    Forgot to mention, new colours look better !

  7. David Mathew says:

    Just to be clear the train depicted is not one of the new trains;it is one of the existing Class 175 units that work along the North Wales coast and between Holyhead/Manchester and South and West wales.They are due to be replaced by Class 195 “Civity” diesel sets in around three years time

  8. brian williams says:

    Sadly your picture of the “NEW” train is actually a Coradia unit built in 1999 tarted up with vinyls for transport for wales ,so nothing new there !

    • George says:

      It is new(ish) at nearly 20 years newer than the pacers that still chug around the valleys. I think TFW had to change something and they couldn’t do a lot as all trains in service and new ones not yet built. Done the job though, got people talking……….

  9. GWR says:

    Thank the lord Arriva will be history ….a third World train service …..

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