Bearded Welsh Labour Government First Minister Carwyn Jones is determined that all 320,000 tons of nuclear mud from Hinkley Point WILL be dumped off Penarth – no matter what the public say.

The scandal-ridden and law-breaking Welsh Labour Government is pulling out all the stops to defeat a motion in the Welsh Assembly tomorrow aimed at stopping  the deliberate dumping – off Penarth –  of 320,000 tons of potentially contaminated mud dredged from the Hinkley Point nuclear power site in Somerset.

Rhun ap Iorwerth (Plaid Cymru AM for Anglesey)

Darren Millar Conservative AM for Clwyd West

The anti-mud motion has been tabled by Rhun ap Iorwerth (Plaid Cymru AM for Anglesey) and Darren Millar (Conservative AM for Clwyd West)

Their motion proposes that the Assembly  notes the “widespread public concerns” about the mud dumping and calls for Natural Resources Wales to suspend the marine licence which allows the dumping to take place.

The heavyweight Labour AM for Swansea West  Julie James has been given the task of wrecking the anti-mud motion

However now the Labour Party – determined at all costs  to quash opposition and over-ride public protests about the mud-dumping  –  has arranged for their chief whip Julie James (Labour AM for Swansea West) to table an “amendment” which will castrate the Plaid/Conservative motion – and allow dumping to continue.

Patronisingly, Julie James’s motion suggests that the thousands of people who are protesting and complaining complaining about the mud dumping – and who signed a 7,000-signature protest petition –  are ignorant thickos who are making a big fuss about nothing.

What Labour AM Julie James AM says about herself on her own website seems to stretch credibililty.

On her personal website, called “All About Julie”,  Julie James declares – somehat surprisingly – that that she is a “committed green campaigner”  and anenvironmentalist”  – and goes on to claim that she is also akeen swimmer and skier”.

Ms James wants the Welsh Labour Government’s tame regulator  to “carry out further public engagement to explain the process and evidence”  to “reassure the public” – so that dumping off Penarth can continue.

The territorial water boundary between Wales and England. Englilsh mud is being dumped in Welsh waters

Earlier this month lawyers conceded that the mud dumping is illegal because the firm doing it – the French energy company EDF which is building the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station  –  did not carry out the legally-required Environmental Impact Assessment for the dumping site – the Cardiff Grounds, a mile off-shore from Penarth.

The debate takes place in the Welsh Assembly tomorrow – and already campaigners are organising a mass protest outside the building.

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  1. Christopher David says:

    Ah yes well most of us are “ignorant thicos” in the eyes of the fascist Labour ruling party in Wales. The info suppressing dictators will win. This proves that the Labour WG can break the law and nothing will be done about it.

    • Lesley says:

      See you at the protest tomorrow?

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Are these people in Cardiff Bay in the right Party.
      They certainly disagree with the Leader of the Labour Party.and would be sacked from the front bench in Westminster

      In his 2015 “elect me” leadership policy document, Corbyn said:———————-
      “I am opposed to fracking and to new nuclear on the basis of the dangers posed to our ecosystems.
      “New nuclear power will mean the continued production of dangerous nuclear waste and an increased risk from radioactive accident and nuclear proliferation.”

      “. In May (2015), Sellafield nuclear waste site in Cumbria was granted permission to exceed legal limits for the amount of hot radioactive waste it can keep in tanks, following an accident that has led to a backlog of waste. The government plans to subsidise new nuclear power plants to the tune of £77 billion, despite the cost of cleaning up the existing nuclear waste reaching £100 billion. Instead we should be looking at more sustainable solutions to the ways in which we deliver answers to the transport, heating, cooling and power needs in a society that must live more lightly on the planet. It is the only one we’ve got. We must clean up our act, clean up our air and clean up our mess all at the same time. Internationally, differing standards of emissions and pollution regulations have led to the effective out-sourcing of pollution and emissions to countries with more lax environmental enforcement. We as an international community must bring an end to this practice and work towards universal standards of pollution and emissions regulations in order to protect our planet. This also means rejecting the “————————
      Jeremy Corbyn 2015

  2. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Walking Barry Island Beach yesterday it was covered in thousands of mud splats deposited by the tide.

    Whether there is a natural explanation for this I’ve no idea, but as I walk the beach virtually every day I’ve never noticed such a concentration of mud on the golden sands there before and naturally wonder if this is linked to the dumping of the Hinckly point mud.

    Putting to one side any radiation fears if there is a link to the mud deposits then what on earth are we / the incompetents in the Assembly, allowing to happen to our areas enjoyed by residents and tourists alike?

    • Richard Phillips says:

      When we used to holiday in Penarth in the mid to late 70’s the beach was very muddy between the stones & the water, but when we visited a few years ago it was sandy.
      I’m guessing all this extra mud being dumped will get washed away & have to settle somewhere. I know the dumping grounds receive occasional dredger visits to unload their sediment, but surely these huge quantities of mud that are currently being offloaded will have an effect on beaches up & down stream?

    • Lesley says:

      Looking forward to seeing you at the protest tomorrow

  3. Le Duc de Westbourne says:

    Why is the Labour Party and its elected representatives so pro-dumping of the ‘hot’ mud? It isn’t logical.

  4. Lesley says:

    “Julie James’s motion suggests that the thousands of people complaining about the mud dumping and who signed a 7,000-signature protest petition are ignorant thickos who are making a big fuss about nothing.”
    Well, she is right

    • Put a lid on it Lesley says:

      How are you so sure?
      Are you a nuclear expert?
      Or do you – apparently such a shining, superior intellect – simply do as you’re told by your Labour associates?
      Your uninformed, know-all attitude is tiresome and dangerous.

      • PB says:

        Don’t engage with Lesley, it’s either trolling for a reaction or it’s the usual “Labour can do no wrong”attitude that made us one of the poorest regions or it’s an EDF or assembly employee doing a bit of PR.

    • Le Duc de Westbourne says:

      Rudeness is not the way to make your point Lesley.
      Electricity from nuclear energy is not the way forwards, the power stations last but a brief moment in time, the waste remains for a long time afterwards. You may be happy living close to the mud, many are not.
      Are you a proponent of dictatorship / Labour in the Bay? The two seem very similar.

      • draw your own conclusions says:

        Indeed. Lesley appears to possess all the dictatorial charm of one unaccustomed to being challenged.

      • Scootergirl says:

        She’s already been told – she’s simply a trouble maker

    • Rosemary Knights says:

      TROLL ALERT! ( Lesley )
      How to spot a Troll – Regurgitates what someone else has said or written , adds nothing to the discussion, resorts to insults & is repetitive!
      Too bloody right we’ll be demonstrating tomorrow & will be watching the debate closely.
      The fact that you don’t have the courage of your convictions & omit to put you full name to your comments makes me wonder if you’re Lesley Griffiths , Environment Secretary who clearly knows nothing about radiation risk to health & little about Welsh Environment Rules. GO & DO SOME HOMEWORK LESLEY .

      • Pete says:

        If it is her and she has such contempt for the public as to brand them thick then we truly are being ruled by fascists. Hinckley had some of the largest cracks (3m) ever discovered at such a facility and as such it’s not a push to think the mud may be contaminated with something.

    • Po says:

      Let us hope that she – and you – are right. The only difference is that we know who she is if it doesn’t – who are you Lesley?

  5. mr ed says:

    I wonder how willing Ms James would be in taking a mud bath from the stuff dredged from Hinkley?
    If she is convinced it’s safe to be dumped, then she, and other proponents, should have no qualms about taking part in such a stunt.

  6. Bill Sutton says:

    Why do they lie so? EDL were not asked to do an imact assessment, that was the Governments job. They issued the license without one. It IS therefore illegal. Do the fucking imact assessment and get back to us you slack bastards.

  7. iamwalkingwolf says:

    Regaif an EIA was not completed work should not go ahead until it is carried out. There are many possible cenvironmental impacts that must be considered

  8. Beyond Belief says:

    And so the mysteries keep on coming…what exactly does the mud contain…how can it continue to be dumped without the correct legal documentation…where will the tides take it…will the beaches be affected…will tourism suffer as a result of any suspicions…why are advocates, like the gobby poster ‘Lesley’ on here, so damn keen such a damaging – whichever way you look at it – process is completed…and then you get the biggest mystery of them all.
    Why, in the name of all that is good and holy, would the Welsh Government allow 320,000 tonnes of mud – radioactive or not – to be dumped off the coast of Wales?
    Plenty of questions, no answers – just ‘Lesley’ telling us we’re thickos…

    • Scootergirl says:

      The only reason that it can be is that Carwyn Jones wanted a big boost to his already enormous pension before he jumps ship, oh and has dangled a carrot in front of Julie James.

  9. Shirley Hodges says:

    I’m extremely disappointed by the proposed Labour amendments.

    Barry Town Council were unanimously concerned and wanted the dumping stopped pending more tests. We’ve asked Jane Hutt to represent our views in the assembly debate and asked all AMs be copied into the letter sent.

    • jpo says:

      We so wish Penarth town Council had done the same. Still, people do remember when politicians make a choice between personal ambition and party or community and constituents. We are watching!

  10. Home and Dry says:

    just imagine the indignant, scornful flapping going on at the Assembly.
    labour must be beside itself that the rabble ever dared to protest.

  11. Peter D says:

    We haven’t heard from “Lesley” for two hours, an extended lunch maybe?

    • Saving the Starving says:

      Zuppa del giorno and spaghetti carbonara at Demiro’s washed down with two bottles of Chablis 1er Cru. Bottoms up!

    • Scootergirl says:

      Let’s hope she’s choked on it hope she’s choked on it

  12. as bold as they come says:

    That Julie James has got a nerve. On about the environment and water sports on her website and now standing up to ease the dumping of Hinkley mud in Welsh waters. So much for a greener wales.

  13. Dis gruntled says:

    Our first minister would not look out of place if he was the the head of North Korea, this man has a got a serious case of delusions of grandeur!!

  14. Po says:

    It is extraordinary that there is a Welsh Lab leadership contest on and yet notnone – none – of the candidates have mentioned this shambles. What is going on, it’s such an unlikely thing for Labour to grit its teeth and push on with regardless.

  15. George says:

    Nothing thick here except the mud and and some of the AMs. In case they don’t get it, we don’t want it.

  16. Andrew Worsley says:

    The first MInister is a ‘head case’ one look at him and his behaviour tells you all you need to know ..…………..if its not resorting to crying to get his own way its something else he does not ,did not ,never will have the abilities or skills expected of his position. Apart from Doughty and Vaughn (who are in the same boat )ive never witnessed such a yellow belly . pathetic , delusional and unskilled trio . Gentlemen please get the message, YOU ARE SELF SERVING USELESS INDIVIDUALS WHO BECOME MORE OF AN EMBARRASMENT TO THE PEOPLE OF WALES THE LONGER YOU ARE IN OFFICE SELF INDULGENT NEIR’DO WELLS.

  17. Frank Evans says:

    Carwyn the caring looks even less trustworthy with a beard.

  18. Rupert Delaney says:

    If you are all unhappy with the current government in Wales why do so many voters keep voting for Labour in Wales ?🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    • jm says:

      Err – no credible alternative? And yes, we know how low that bar is set.
      But, that said, Labour’s vote share keeps going down, but the opposition to them is so fragmented …

  19. Fed up says:

    I walked on Barry Island beach today more mud than ever. Also all the work done to make the sea clear it was thick brown. This wasn’t like it eon the spring. Thanks Assembly for ruining Barry Island by your disgusting decision- and you should all be made to walk our beaches and see what you have caused – disgrace is not strong enough for you lot.

  20. John64 says:

    I will be at the protest tomorrow. Not that I am against the dumping off our coast, if it is safe, but the fact is we just do not know and the Welsh Assembly Government is hiding its head in the sand (if there’s any left) along side our elected representatives who are taking the electorate for granted. And that is the point of my protest tomorrow. Whether or not the dumping is right or wrong, legal or illegal the people of Wales have not been listened to. For that reason alone every one that possibly can should be at the Senedd. I look forward to seeing you all.

    • Pip says:

      Gieger Gethin’s very own letter to NRW refers to a plutonium leak in the 60s at Hinkley. n light of that I think it’s a fair assumption that the mud at lower levels should definitely have been tested prior to digging it up and depositing it all over the channel.

      There’s a serious lack of common sense in the WAG and NRW and they should be held to account.

      • jpo says:

        Gosh, it gets worse. The only thing is, am not sure the toxic heap will stay where they put it – one big storm and Hinkley reactor muck will be all over South Wales and north Devon. I predict EDF will either vanish or put the blame on the give and regulator that permitted the dumping!

  21. David Mathew says:

    Why on earth can’t the Welsh Government together with EDF provide FACTS about this muck;if it really is classified as Low Level Waste,then it should not be dumped within a mile of Penarth but should be taken to Drigg in Cumbria where LLW is stored;the public not politicians should then be able to understand fully what dangers [or not] there really are.

    • Penarthur says:

      There are plenty of facts on the EDF website. The waste has been classifies as non radioactive. So there should he no danger apart from the slimey mud itself.

      • Pip says:

        And your take on the documented leaks from Hinkley in the past are?

      • jpo says:

        Which of course we really appreciate having dumped all over pur seaside resorts – great for tourism!

      • Scootergirl says:

        They’re bound to say that aren’t they – especially on their own website.
        You seriously don’t believe that do you.

  22. Lesley says:

    Look forward to seeing all you keyboard warriors at the protest. Although, there’s still plenty of time for you to come up with your excuses for not being there

    • Le Duc de Westbourne says:

      Lesley, have you every been happy?
      I doubt many on here would want to bump into you.
      Many people work and may not be able to attend a physical protest, it doesn’t make their opinion less valid.

  23. Christopher David says:

    Hey Les- love to meet you there at the protest. So who are you coward? Give us your full and real name. Perhaps you could wear a red hat so we can spot you and come over for a chat. So Lesley. C’mon yellow belly, what’s your full name?

  24. jpo says:

    ‘Lesley’ seems to be a very sad and lonely troll, trumpian almost, in castigating others for its own flaws.
    What little pleasure the Lesley troll derived from life is found in annoying people who don’t want to risk an environmental disaster in their little seaside towns. Sure, it’s a pitiful life, but that’s all the Lesley troll has, so poor thing will just carry on.

  25. GWR says:

    A scandalous series of events ….for shame on Labour ! For shame

  26. Cllr Nic Hodges Plaid Cymru says:

    Labour dumped on Wales today

  27. Tog says:

    Reblogged this on sideshowtog.


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