South Wales Central AM Andrew RT Davies joins residents of Hayes Road, Sully – to campaign against the plans. These are the people who are being expected to put up with having gipsies living immediately behind their homes. 

Penarth Conservative Assembly Member Andrew R T Davies says the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s plans to develop a £2,300,000 gipsy site at Hayes Road in Sully are “wholly inappropriate” .

Mr Davies says, “The proposals for this site are wholly unsuitable” – and reminds the Vale Council that io had originally zoned the proposed gipsy camp area  for conventional bricks and mortar homes in its Local Development Plan. 

The proposed new permanent gipsy camp would be developed immediately behind this row of ordinary homes – whose residents are not at all happy about the plans

Mr Davies – who is the Assembly Member for South Wales Central [which includes Penarth and Sully] has been visiting several of the local residents this week.

The homes of the householders all back directly onto the proposed traveller site at Hayeswood Road which, at the moment, is an undeveloped green field owned by the Vale Council.

The site in Hayeswood Road, near Sully selected for the controversial new £2,300,000 permanent gipsy camp. Behind the line of trees are scores of ordinary homes

Mr Davies says  “Residents are rightly concerned by the plans for a travellers’ site backing onto their homes – and the impacts this will have on the area. It is vital that we think again and come up with an alternative – since these plans are completely unsustainable and must be shelved.”

Many concerns were raised – with residents pointing out that the site was earmarked in the Council’s Local Development Plan for 55 residential units.

The proposed new gipsy site is behind a terrace of existing houses

It is also an area earmarked for economic regeneration and industrial development – something that Mr Davies say would be put under threat by the plans.


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  1. jm says:

    What does Penarth’s AM day about the Hinkley reactor sludge dumping?

    • NewsNet says:

      Penarth’s Conservative AMs (Penarth is in thje South Wales Central constituency) Andrew R T Davies and David Melding voted AGAINST mud dumping OFF Penarth as did Gareth Bennett (UKIP South Wales Central) and Neil MCEvoy (Plaid Cymru South Wales Central)
      Penarth’s Labour AM Vaughan Gething (Cardiff South and {Penarth) voted FOR mud dumping
      The Labour AM for the Vale of Glamorgan Jane Hutt also voted FOR mud dumping

  2. Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    Wot about Samson Lee and Tyson Fury, my heroes? Bloody racists that wot u lot are! Just because they’ve got a different way of life.

  3. Presumably it’s “wholly inappropriate” because it’s not in Penarth!

  4. Chris Franks says:

    Another Tory civil war. This time Tory AM v Tory Councillors. Where will it end?

  5. Kevin Mahoney says:

    No mention of Mr Davies condemning his own Conservative party led Vale of Glamorgan adminstration who have proposed this then?

    The site is owned by the Welsh assembly not the Vale and at a time of continued austerity and budget cuts would have to be purchased. Which raises several points.

    1) Why isn’t the land on general sale as it is incumbent on the Welsh assembly lsand disposal apparatus to get the best price for the land ….even more so given the much highlighted land sale scandals in Cardiff.

    2) Why is a cash strapped Vale of Glamorgan considering purchasing land when it claims to have no money when forcing budget cuts on all departments which of course should dictate the use of land it already owns, not situated in a flood plain of course?

  6. cogan nomen says:

    Why not build flats on it ?
    No trees to knock down
    As in the Northcliffe development .

  7. The Tax payer says:

    I must say I really for sorry for the residents in the area as they will soon have trouble giving there home away never mind put it up for sale. You can guarantee one thing. And that’s no MPs or councillors live near this area 😢

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